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The Onslaught Incident!


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Oct 12, 2019
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I wanted to take a minute to share my thoughts on last night, that aren't hidden away in secluded whispers.

I wanted to let those that care, know that yes, I'm annoyed, I was pissed, I was a newt for a bit, but I'm better now. I'm not g-quitting, nor would I over a lost piece of gear.

I would like to address some things, and just get my voice out there.

Grab, congratulations on your new belt. I'm sure you will put it to good use. Although...with your new shiny pants retainer, if Angry, Cane or Zid pull threat. I get YOUR next drop! Sure hope its not bindings! :)

I was contacted post event by Rashuna & Stafoo. Again this morning by Moxei & Cane. Thank you for taking the time to reach out.
Moxei informed me that there was a discussion in Mumble post raid about the situation. (One that both and Rashuna and Stafoo invited me to, although I declined). A "deal" had been struck to deduct my current armor points (11) to 1. As a pre-reserve for the next Onslaught Girdle. (That will be reserved for DPS). In the mean time I could re-amass AP's from 1 and roll for any other items that drop.

I declined this offer with Moxei, requesting that my points remained untouched.

I have been told by a few that my decision is not ideal. I'm aware and sticking with it. I'm not a fan of this solution for a number of reasons, that could boiled down to "Well, thats uh....just your opinion man."

The Belt will drop again. When it does, I will still have the points to take it. I could lose out on bracers in the mean time, so be it. I would like this to be over, solved, no longer an issue and we can move on. Instead of in a month when it drops again, the next person in line who missed this doesn't watch their prize get handed away.

In the moving on part, I have somethings to say on to that.

The decision to alternate the drop priority for that piece was posted "last minute". Although this decision had been in the works for a while (per my discussions with others). If a decision like this is posted hours before raid, maybe wait till the next raid to actually implement it? I mean imagine NYC saying at 10pm hey we're moving NYE to Jersey and it will be that way for every. Good luck with travel. Hopefully there will be a more complete list created so that we are all aware, with our new strategy and itemization in place.

I know that there has been a circle of officer hand slapping the way this went down. I hope that lessons are learned and its not something we have to deal with again.

I don't necessarily agree with this flip flop priority. Make a decision and stick with it. If you really feel that our tanks NEED it. Give it to them, and be upfront about it. Like I told Moxei, and I hope others know this as well. I'm all for Tank & Healer priority! Without them DPS doesn't get gear period. I was even talking with Moxei and a few others days prior to this in mumble, about how I would gladly step down to let Grab have the Belt, if they really thought he NEEDED it. Our success relies firstly on them. Hell I think Gbank should be paying tanks repair bill, the guild should be group farming mats for Thunderfury etc. So don't think this is "OMG WHY DAT DUM TANK GIT MUH DEEPS!!!"

If we're gonna start really focusing on this min max itemization stance to get ready and through BWL. Then I think we need to really focus on it, make it transparent.

We changed drop priority to maximize our MT threat, at a pretty dramatic cost at the time. Yet I struggled to keep myself in a group with WF, just thrown in an off group. I asked to be moved to a WF group for Rag, only to be removed again so that a 4 or 5th tier OT could get FR totem. (Explanation from one person was that I went because I was lowest dps) Well its only getting better without WF. I'm not trying to be a superstar here. Just want my hand to be seen, I'm out there grinding, showing up, and trying to put the work in. Don't want to get lost in the confusion. This game is Community first Loot second for me. Losing loot isn't fun, but losing community is worse.

What other plans are planned/in the works to make this machine better, run more smoothly?


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WoW: Classic Chapter Lead
Jul 29, 2019
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Thanks man, and super glad to hear your thoughts and overall I can say much agreed.

So some things to look forward to in the near future, once the officers finish our draft of the BWL loot prio, we will be presenting it to the guild for review and comment. Once we have a version we are happy with then BAM that's our phase loot priority.
More frequent guild mumble meeting are planned, we are also more officially organizing our tank structure so those looking to fill that role have clearly defined roles, goals, and checklists for making the most of a difficult role.

You brought up grouping and that is a valid concern. We obviously want to do as much as we can to maximize dps on every fight, so something like that falling through the cracks is not great! We will be re-assigning an officer to the "Raid time communication officer" role now that temu has stepped down, and things like grouping concers we definitely want passed on to them!

Again, so sorry for the trouble, and I can't Express enough how much we appreciate your openness and trust that we will do better moving forward.

Edit: Oh! We are also looking to remove F*ll H*g from our vernacular. Look forward to some catchy replacements, written by yours truly next raid!


Tenacious Gamer
WoW: Classic Heroic Gamer
Jul 28, 2019
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Calgary, Alberta
First I would like to say I appreciate you making this post as it forces the issue and allows us to address this a little more publicly. I respect that you're not a fan of the proposed solution and your concerns here are completely fair. To summarize my feelings on what happened I agree that based on how recent the changes were and the fact that they weren't addressed in mumble beforehand it was completely unfair to just blindside everyone with a "loot-council" decision like that. After talking with you I believe you are aware of that, so I'm mostly just reiterating it for anyone reading this post.

Besides the fact that we just made a poor decision I believe the main source of this issue is, like you said, the lack of transparency. Situations like this can be avoided if we start to include people outside of the officer circle into discussions more, this will be something we do when we revisit loot for P3 and in general we're hoping to have more guild wide meetings about important subjects as opposed to just discussing them among ourselves. We will be releasing the first draft of the phase 3 loot sheet soon and will have a subsequent formal guild meeting, similar to how we did before we started raiding, to welcome discussion about our decisions and any other interpretations or ideas about how P3 loot should be decided. This, as well as not releasing new info just hours before raid are probably the two main ways we can "make this machine better", but if there's any other ways you think we could do better feel free to let us know on this post or anywhere else.

I also want to say that I personally appreciate the effort you put in, you run dungeons for people often and tanked the tribute run before raid per the officers request so I understand how all of this can feel very betraying. As for the being moved out of WF that had more to do with having battle shout in each group than it did with your DPS and I'm sorry that that remark was made even if it was meant in jest.
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