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Setting Guild Goals and Raid Expectations - Guild Meeting Notes - Friday May 1st


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Jun 2, 2017
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Howdy Everyone,

I'm putting together this post as a summary of what we discussed during the guild meeting before raid last Friday.

Looking back over the history of the WoW Classic chapter in Tenacious we've made huge strides. For those of you who weren't here we started raiding a bit later than some of the more hardcore guilds, starting off once we had ~35 or so level sixties and most people were still gearing up and getting settled in. We progressed through MC over the course of a month or so and eventually got Ragnaros cleared!

During that time there was quite a bit of motivation, but at the same time the approach to raids was very much a "come as you are" kind of policy. There were certainly times when it was pointed out that certain consumes, world buffs, etc. were very strong. But there were never any requirements or expectations that everyone would be using consumables, or bringing buffs. As mentioned above this strategy worked in the sense that we were able to clear the content and start getting loot out to all our raiders. However, this policy i think also has hurt us in the long run. We've now been doing MC for month and month and months, and still if we have a low attendance night Ragnaros can be a struggle, and our clear times are significantly longer than they could be. As much as we all enjoy hanging out together, spending more than 2 hours to clear the content I think wears on people. We all know that we are capable of clearing MC efficiently and with little stress, just a few weeks ago we cleared in an hour and 30 minutes, by handing out consumes being motivated to move quickly. Encouraged by this the officers have been discussing strategies for how we can move raid performance towards how we performed that night. After discussing we've landed on a few changes we are going to implement going forwards

1) Setting the expectation that raiders will be using basic consumables.

To preface this, I want to make explicitly clear.
We are not going to be preventing people from raiding, shaming them, or anything like that. We totally understand that sometimes people don't have time to get things together, and there will be support from the guild bank if this is the case! I don't want anyone to feel like they aren't allowed to come to raid if they don't have consumables, we always love to play with everyone and want to support you.

The goal of setting an expectation for consumable usage is that it is one of the easiest ways to immediate increase the efficiency of the raid. By efficiency of the raid there are 3 parts. By increasing raid dps everything dies faster which means we can immediately move more quickly. Compounding on this, when things die faster the healers have to spend less mana healing which means we have to take fewer or no mana breaks. And thirdly, by not having to take breaks between pulls it means the tanks can carry rage more efficiently through the run, making threat much more reliable and causing fewer deaths.

Ok so Stafoo, what do you mean by "basic" consumables? The setup we're proposing is similar to what the guild bank provided a few weeks ago.

For physical dps: Food buff (squid/dumplings), Elixir of the Mongoose, and Elixir of Giants
For caster dps: Food buff (rum tum tuber?), Greater Arcane Elixir, and Elixir of Frost/Shadow Power depending on class
For Healers: Food buff (nightfin soup), Major Mana Potions

And when are we expected to use them?
In MC dps should basically have their buffs running the entire run. At this point apart from freak occurances we aren't wiping and it isn't unrealistic to expect to carry the elixirs to their duration. In BWL things are a bit different due to progression and danger throughout the run. I would like people to be consumed up before we start on Razorgore, I'm not asking everyone to re-pop elixirs on every death. Ideally we can carry those elixirs at least to broodlord, but things happen and waiting to put them back on until broodlord I think is a fine idea. TLDR - please don't make yourself broke trying to keep things up during progression. Once we get to the drakes, having consumes is a huge help because those fights get much easier the faster the bosses die. So at that point, unless we're wiping like crazy it would be nice to have everyone popping stuff.

For healers what this means is not being shy about popping mana pots, even during trash. We are asking dps to spend quite a bit of money to provide more dps and we owe it to them to support them from the healer side. Whenever you are out of mana and watch a dps die a preventable death that could have been saved if you popped a single mana pot, think about the gold that we're wasting as a guild. Our consumes are significantly less expensive, so this is what we can do to support the raid.

As a point of reference. Simply using a food buff, Mongoose, and Giants on a warrior can provide a 10% damage increase over not running any consumables. There are obviously many more buffs out there, but again we are not looking to make this a huge burden. For an MC run you would expect to maybe use 3 of each of the elixirs, which puts the cost at ~20-30g or so, which I don't think is a huge investment.

2) Bringing the numbers

The other big difference between our super fast MC clear and some other raids is that we easily pulled in 40 people that day. I don't know about everyone else, but filling up a raid is immensely satisfying and made me extra motivated to perform well and have fun.

This is something that's a little harder to directly address. While the officers haven't been spamming world chat with recruiting messages we have been recruiting. Keeping forum and discord advertisements up to date generally brings in a few recruits a month. However, generally this has matched the general attrition rate that we expect from any MMO. Ultimately I don't have the answer here. I think we're in a tough spot for recruitment because many people looking for a raiding guild at this point expect the guild to be clearing BWL. For anyone that has tried talking to potential recruits this is often a sticking point in the recruitment process.

This is definitely something where we need to improve and we are all open to ideas. This past week, with the idea of helping progression, we tried pulling in pugs into BWL to see how that felt. And, despite getting trolled once by one of the pugs I think overall the raid went extremely well. We one shot 2 bosses, and got Firemaw down very quickly to end the night and looking back I know that we can go even further when we get back in there!

In conclusion,

The guild is at a bit of a crossroads, we've been trying to be the super casual no requirements kind of guild and the officer core feels like we'd like to step things up one notch. The alternative is to continue to struggle doing things the way we have been. By putting this little bit of extra effort into raid preparation we can be much more successful, and provide a much more enjoyable raid night for all of our members. You are all amazing, and thanks for being a part of this group as we continue to progress and grow together.

Be on the lookout for more updates related to raid progression, and the officers have other ideas about how we can succeed at a group (and i promise they don't require spending money like this one).
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