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PVP - THeory Crafting For A Gimp


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May 4, 2014
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Raleigh, NC
I added this to the warfare channel but know many of you don't look in there so posting here also.

Just throwing together some things to think about when going into a planned PVP situations (arena, war areas, but mostly for castle sieges). We may not be able to handle some of the elite guilds in mass PVP as we are now...but fret not, we can be transform any gimp equipped (still me for the time being) or care-bears into formidable opponents!
These are items our opponents will likely have all, if not at least part of, during a siege. I would like to make this an all encompassing list so please do add any other items you know of that I have not included (such as table food stats or any other nice combos). I am approaching this from a casters perspective but while the item name may differ, there is another item that provides the same stat you are looking for (i.e. STR/AGI buff).
Tangy Liquor - +1040 mana
Tangy Soda - +1040 health
Kingdom's Heart - +2400 to physical defense
Ancient Library Relic - +2400 to magic defense
Bright Spring Morning - heals 6810
Cyclone's Eye - restore 4100 mana
Unstoppable Force - +86 to melee/ranged atk
Brick Wall - Prevents 60 damage from each atk to you
Wild Ginseng - restores 20K life (basically a full heal to most)
Honor Consumable
Goblets of honor - (cost 300 honor points)
  • Grey - increase magic atk/healing 15%
  • Pink - increase Melee/ranged atk 15%
Available but too expensive IMHO...
Freedom Cloak - 3k honor - Removes snare/slow/bubble/telekinesis/restrain/silence
Ambitious Cloak - 3k honor - removes stun/trip/impale
Honor Items
  • Resilience Lunagem: (+320 one - 500 honor) - goes into your chest piece - Decreases your attacker's critical hit rate against you, as well as the additional critical bonus damage you take.
  • Toughness Lunagem: (+220 one - 500 honor) - goes into your legs - Decreases damage taken during PvP.
  • Can't find the name but for the shield users - +260 to defense - this applies to melee and magic so it is cheap and a huge bonus. Can only apply one to the shield.
  • Lunafrost - for %damage increase - amount varies between 1H/2H
  • There are various lunafrosts for your armor that provide things like +20% to detect stealth area (head), + to speed (feet), + to swim speed (feet also - but would use on fins if you have them), and you always have the option to add standard gems for plus to healing/atk/etc... that can be obtained through honor or created.
  • Many of these items are not bind on equip and can be purchased on the AH. ALSO - for people with gold to spare (not me lol!) you can also find people that sell their honor points. The way that works is they advertise or you find someone selling honor - they buy what you want from the honor points vendor and trade it with you for the agreed upon amount. This tends to get you a better deal in my experience.
So...using these stats - a person using the absolute basics quest gear (using a caster in this case), easily has 550 base physical def and roughly 3100 magic def (rounding down), casts insulating lense for 1100 to melee def, equips a quest line shield (720 physical defense with lunafrost adding 260 to physical and magic def), with Kingdom's Heart and Ancient Library Relic (+2400 to each) can become a very formidable foe totaling;
Physical Def - 5030 until insulating lens wears off then 3930
Magic Def - 5760
And this does not include passive bonuses you may have (+600 to magic or physical for example in Witchcraft and Defense) - but the point being - not bad for a gimp dressed player given I believe the cap is at 6K.
Use the goblet to increase your atk 15% - I need to verify this does or does not stack with unstoppable force. I don't see why this would not since the book increases your atk 86 and the goblet increases your overall % but more to come on that. Based on this being theory, and quest items, your base is 225+86=311X15%=46.65 for a total of 357.65. That is a VERY nice weapon now...
If you have the honor point items (have I mentioned in several posts already how VERY important the honor points are and how they are THE game changers?) and the books, depending on how many you have socketed you can reduce the damage to you (using my alpha character which had 3 toughness in the legs as an example) by 660 from the basic attacks, plus the 60 damage reduction from the book for 720 damage off each attack. Those basic attacks are no longer as much of an issue.
Using 12k as a base health you have (as a caster) - add 1040 from the tangy soda and you are at 13K. With the damage mitigation from toughness and Resilience (you can add to your chest for critical damage reduction - as well as a 3% damage reduction honor point lunafrost that is available), taking you down is suddenly much more difficult...you get close to half life and pop a potion, back to full, right when they think you are going to die...wild ginseng and poof - your back to full.
Look at your set bonuses also - If your 4 piece gives you the basic stat you want, think about switching out for something else. If I have a mismatch set of armor I could switch out a piece of cloth for a piece of leather or even plate to get more Physical defense/stamina - as long as it does not hurt my INT much. Even some low level items can be helpful - there are BC 2 piece sets that provide an additional 14% to critical damage which is huge if your talking about an 6-8K crit. If you have a crit build this alone can account for 2K+ free damage per engagement.
Please add any comments or anything you see missing!


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Sep 19, 2014
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Montreal Canada
you miss your favorite songcraft singer.... best compagnion to bring into PVP and MASS MURDERER. How much fun to kill while someone play beautiful funny music behind to support you to do more killing.

Honestly songcraft is a Under love class... people do forget us.

Bulwark Ballad(rank 2)
Increase physical/magical defence by 1600-2400 for all allies within 20m (or 25m if skill up)

Bloody chantey
increase Attack +16-24%
Increase attack speed +20% for caster and allies (20% affect cooldown and not cast speed)

And my favorite
Ode to recovery (rank 3)
Healz people around no number but as my caractere it heals between 180-220/sec (im standing on 392 Healing power)
Now i would like to experimente this with more than one songcraft in a raid to see if they Stack... if they do just do the mats and it cant become really really interesting.

Quickstep (rank 5)
Increase movement speed 28-42%

All those can be up at the same time with 1 person. Bloody, bulkward and quickstep cannot stack.. the more powerful will overwritten the lowest version.

As forRecovery i would like to know if they stack.


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Sep 16, 2014
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*Note to self: Run around with Sanch in PVP. Keep the jams coming man.
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