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Patch notes Update 1.13.3 : Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley and Invasions


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Mar 30, 2020
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The Update 1.13.3 for Classic will be deployed on Wednesday morning in Europe, during the maintenance. Get ready for wow classic gold Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley, Invasions and Keyring!


The battlegrounds are open: the Alliance and the Horde are set to clash over Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley!
Warsong Gulch is a 10v10 game of capture-the-flag, with each faction attempting to carry their opponents’ flag back to their own base, while preventing the other faction from doing the same. You can enter from level 10.

Alterac Valley is a large 40v40 tug-of-war zone, with many quests, objectives, and areas of interest to capture. You can enter from level 51. You will be able to earn rewards directly from this battleground thanks to the quests and the reputations.

Note that Battlegrounds are cross-realm, which means you will meet players from all realms in your regions, whether in your team or as your opponents.

Check out our guides:

Warsong Gulch
Alterac Valley (WIP)

Elemental Invasions

Across Kalimdor, Elemental Invaders now occasionally appear in Un’goro Crater, Azshara, Winterspring, and Silithus. The elementals appear to be seeing just how far into these territories they can penetrate before being beaten back by the forces of the Horde or the Alliance.

They are very useful to farm the Essences of the various elements, very useful for your professions if you want to craft the best gears out there. You will also be able to earn some very interesting rewards. Go for it!


The famous Keyring, with 32 slots available to free space from our bags. You will find it in a special location near your bags.

Additional Updates WOWclassicgp

The LUA API has been modified 153 to prevent some addons from using communications channels in ways that are contrary to the spirit of the game.
This patch includes client support for the Paid Character Transfer service, which may be enabled at a future date. Note that it may not be enabled at all in the future.
The World of Warcraft Classic executable file on your PC has been renamed.
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