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LST: 6/3/19


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May 13, 2016
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7:03p est
Missing Chief?

Lt. Pyle was interviewed regarding the Chief of Police, Suhail Seriff who has been MIA. Chief Seriff has been missing since 5/28/19, last seen at the LSPD police department as he was clocking out for the evening. Lt. Pyle indicated there have been significant resources utilized in an attempt to locate the missing chief. Chief Seriff has had an outstanding record during his time on the LSPD, with the most arrests on the police force, especially among the drug peddlers in LS. This is an impressive arrest record for the young chief, who is no stranger to the seedy underbelly of a struggling city. At a young age, Lt. Seriff watched his beloved city become corrupt to drug overlords, terrorists, and prostitution rings. He has kept his promise to reform the city, no matter the cost. Chief Seriff has been quoted to being a great chief and someone to aspire to. At this time, there are no plans to elect an interim or new Chief of Police; Lt. Pyle denies any desire to be chief of police.​

Come back to LS Chief, we need you.​

~Lucy Lane

7:45p est

What's being hailed as "Armageddon" started near the apartments in Los Santos. Explosions, trucks falling from the sky, anarchy in the streets.
We'll continue with the breaking news.​


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9:16p est

Lt. Pyle is starting to provide various indications via Twitter, that he may, in fact be running for chief of police. Attempts to get a story from Lt. Pyle remained unsuccessful.​


10:30p est

Officer Sugarbottom was kind enough to have Lucy Lane on a ride-along throughout the city of Los Santos. While surveying the city, Sugarbottom provided insight in to his history and reasoning for becoming an officer for the LSPD. Officer Sugarbottom was nothing but gracious, while driving and pointing out various sights of interest. As the drive went along, Officer Sugarbottom received calls of robberies and stolen vehicles. Remaining, calm and professional, he attempted to get to the scene to apprehend the criminals. Even though some slipped through, Officer Sugarbottom remains optomistic and geared to success in the future of Los Santos.
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