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Loot Update: How to Include guest Raiders


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Jun 2, 2017
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Howdy Yall,

I mentioned this last week and here it is. The past few weeks we've had a few people hopping into BWL to help fill out numbers and it's time to formalize how we want to handle loot if we're in that kind of situation. In my opinion this is the simplest and most logical way to handle loot in this situation, but if anyone had ideas I'm open to feedback.

Goals: Preserve the point system so that attendance is still valued the same way as it has been. At the same time give out of guild participants the appropriate chance at getting some gear.

Raiders outside the guild: The system is simply MS +1>OS. This means they can win one piece of gear for MS, and can roll and win any number of OS pieces if the gear is going to OS rolls.

Raiders in the guild: There will be one additional step to distributing loot apart from the normal system. All raiders eligible to roll or spend points on a piece of gear will roll first. This roll is guild vs. non-guild, meaning if a raider outside the guild wins it goes to them. If anyone in the guild wins the roll it proceeds to normal in guild loot distribution via points. In the case of point ties the initial rolls we be used to break ties. If the loot that passes to a non-point roll members will be asked to re-roll to avoid people making decisions about spending points after already knowing what they would roll if they didn't.

That's it. Should be short and sweet. Unless there are major objections we'll start using this system this week.
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