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From the NW Forums ... good stuff here, they all worked for me

[h=2]3 Things You Wish You Found Out Sooner, In Neverwinter![/h]
Let's keep it Short & Sweet! Genuine, Helpful Posts Only Please! This thread was inspired by a young Trickster on Beholder who tipped his hat to me after sharing these very same tips to him.

I will start us off with my personal favorite. It amazes me how many people are not using these options.

#1 Fast Launch - This is an option that can be selected from the Launcher "Options" Screen Only. This will make it so that after patching, your game will start up immediately (no more having to click that PLAY button). This is great for those of us who like to try and save every click that we can. We are not lazy, we are trained to Min/Max!

#2 Disable On-Demand Patching!!! - Probably the most important tip. My girlfriend/ gaming partner for life experienced lag and "Server Not Responding" messages in-between zones (only new ones). Well, this game will attempt to download each new map as you are entering from that loading screen, and this was wearing on our patience. Well, it did not take long to find a fix online and that fix was to "DISABLE On-DEMAND PATCHING!" This is done from the same Launcher "Options" Menu. This will then have you install the remaining map files for Neverwinter (1890MB and roughly 30 mins for us), but upon completion, she has instant loading between zones. Gameplay is much smoother without the constant loading and leveling is going much better!!

#3 Zoom-out!? - In-Game... type /gfxsetdefaultfov 75
BREAKDOWN 2 BASICS: GFX = short for Graphics!
set default speaks for itself
FOV = Field of Vision!!!
Use any # Value, but 75 will work best
Try fov 100 and prepare for a migraine

Try them, post your own, show some love.​
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