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Guild Meeting: BWL Point Discussion and Poll 1/27/2020


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TLDR: There is no TLDR this is important and you need to actually read it. Do not vote in the poll without reading this.

Part 1: BWL loot priority

Alright gang, thanks to everyone that was able to make the guild meeting last night. During the first half of the meeting or so we went through BWL loot priority and were able to have some great discussions about both specific items and also our goals and strategy in gearing out the raid in general.
During that discussion we addressed almost all of the points that were brought up about why priority was set a certain way.
However, there are a few things we marked as pinned meaning we have yet to make a final decision on. So there is still time to give input if you either weren't able to make the meeting, or you still have things that you want to discuss.

If you still have a loot question or concern you want to bring up please see the phase 3 loot priority sheet:
and mark the check box underneath Question? and respond here with your question.
At the end of the week (or maybe early next week) the officers will be finalizing the loot priority sheet and no further changes will be made. So put in the effort now to sit down and make sure there isn't anything incorrect for your class.

Part 2: Phase 3 point structure

Time for the fun part. As you all know we previously sent out a poll asking for feedback and opinions on how we want to structure points going into phase 3. By extension this will likely also set how we handle points when future phases are released as well.
In the original poll we wanted gauge how people felt about a split points system vs a pooled points system, and the voting was split right down the middle.

Based on the text feedback from the poll we set out to define more explicitly what each of these systems would look like as many of the comments were tied to specific aspects of each of the systems.
In doing so the officers have come up with two systems that we think are the best two options available to us. They each have benefits and drawbacks and we are opening up for a guild vote between these two specific implementations on which people prefer.

During the meeting we had an extended discussion between the two systems and I HIGHLY encourage everyone to listen to the meeting before going further.
The recording can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OvUlLaF3PHMQsQhy0erYgMAzVrOhRp8p/view?usp=sharing
System 1: Pooled Points
  • There is no change in how points are accumulated. Attending any raid gives you 1 weapon and 1 armor at the beginning, and 1 weapon and 1 armor at the end.
  • Points are spent equally on phase 1 and phase 3 gear according to the loot priority assignments
  • There is no adjustment or reset of points when phase 3 is released
Benefits of this system:
  • Consistency with previous method, and original loot structure announcement
  • Simplicity
Drawbacks of this system
  • Awkward gear progression for many players.
  • Specifically players with MC weapons may find themselves behind in the "queue" of players who don't have an MC weapon but are saving for new BiS BWL weapons
  • Those players without the MC weapons are also in the tough spot of having to make that decision of spending points they've been saving for months on a now non BiS weapon, vs saving for the new one.
System 2: Split Points
  • There are now two categories of points. BWL points and MC/Ony points
  • Attending a BWL raid grants BWL points at the same rate as before (2 weapon, 2 armor for full attendance)
  • Attending a MC/Ony raid grants MC points and BWL points at the same rate as before (2 weapon 2 armor BWL points, 2 weapon 2 armor MC/Ony points for full attendance)
  • BWL points are spent on gear dropped in BWL, and MC/Ony points are spent on gear dropped in MC/Ony
  • There is one exception: Dagger rogues can use their BWL weapon points to obtain MC daggers only. This is a special consideration made as Dagger rogues literally have 0 use for their weapon points in BWL, and still have a strong need for MC daggers
Benefits of this system:
  • Points are a reflection of raid attendance, and with new content a split points system starting from 0 points values everyone equally in their attendance for that that phase. People who joined late in phase 1, or had other reasons for low attendance aren't permanently behind.
  • Gear progression is significantly better because people can spend their MC points on items that are still upgrades and will help progress the raid without gimping their BWL loot progression.
  • Obtaining BWL points from attending MC raids encourages participation in MC raids after a character is fully geared in MC
Drawbacks of this system:
  • People who are currently "saving my points for BWL" will not be able to do so, and in some cases may have made different gearing decisions in MC if they'd known a split points system would be implemented
  • This does change the system from the original proposal when we started raiding

If you've made is this far, congratulations you are an outstanding member of the guild and have obtained one gold star (see LedMojo to redeem your gold star).
Now please fill out the following poll with you're preference on the guilds loot system. We'll keep it open probably through the week/weekend and announce the results during an upcoming raid night.
Friday if people respond quickly, otherwise probably Monday.


Thanks again for the great discussion last night!
We are looking forward to progressing BWL with everyone, and continuing to grow as a guild and community!
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