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Genesis Order Sponsored Crafters FAQ


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What is a Sponsored Crafter?

A Sponsored Crafter is an individual that has been selected by Genesis leadership for a particular profession. This crafter will be the one that will have been designated to receive donations of materials from Guild members in order to “power level” their profession.

What role does the Guild play for a Sponsored Crafter?

We are counting on the support of our Guild members to help our Sponsored Crafters reach their max level in their professions. This is done by donating materials to the Sponsored Crafters to help them gain their levels as quickly as possible. This will benefit the Guild as a whole by being able to provide our Guild members goods and services at a higher level. We are not asking you to empty out your pockets and donate everything you have to our Sponsored Crafters, we just ask that you send what you can spare. We also ask that non Sponsored Crafters not spam guild chat for donations of materials to level up their crafting. Does this mean that you are not to help out a fellow Guild member level their profession; by no means does this mean that, we just ask that you take it into a private conversation in order to avoid any confusion.

Will there be more than one Sponsored Crafter per profession?

There are professions that will require more than one Sponsored Crafter. In these cases leadership will appoint additional Sponsored Crafters.
How do I find out who the Sponsored Crafters are?

There will be an active listing of our Sponsored Crafters posted in Genesis Forums. This list will be updated as Sponsored Crafters reach their max level and are replaced with a new incoming Sponsored Crafter. We encourage you to check back on a regular basis not only for this list but for future updates, announcements and information.
Who can be a Sponsored Crafter?

Any member of Genesis Order can be a Sponsored Crafter. It is the goal of Genesis leadership to have each of our members as a Sponsored Crafter at one point. As a Sponsored Crafter reaches their goal of Master Crafter, another Genesis member will be selected to fill that position. Once all of our members have reached their goals, we will open up the Sponsored Crafter position to non-Genesis members.
What is the role of a Sponsored Crafter?

The first goal of a Sponsored Crafter is to reach Master Crafter. The second goal is to be able to provide end game goods and services to our Guild members. Having multiple Master Crafters in various professions will allow the responsibilities of that profession to be shared among the Master Crafters. The ultimate goal of Genesis is to have our crafters reach Master Crafter as soon as possible so that they will be able to provide what is needed to our other Orders and Guild members, such as weapons, armor and consumables at the higher levels.

There will be a list of Professions along with a list of Master Crafters for each profession. This list will be updated weekly. Please check back on a regular basis for the most current information.

To order an item, contact one of the Master Crafters of that profession. This can be done in the following manner; Contact the member of that profession’s Advisory Board, they will be able to give you a name of a Master Crafter. Check the Master Crafter listing of that profession in the Genesis forums. You can also contact a Master Crafter via in-game mail to make your request. If you have any issues in finding a Master Crafter to craft your item, please contact Genesis leadership.
What will it cost for me to have an item crafter by a Master Crafter?

Master Crafters who are members of Genesis Order are not allowed to charge Guild members for their services. However, when placing your order please have the materials for your item available. You will be expected to pay for or reimburse the Master Crafter for items that need to be purchased from the General Merchant or off of the Auction House, including Workmen Compensation Potions to complete your crafted item.

Master Crafters of consumables will be allowed to charge Guild members only for the cost of making the consumables items. While Crafters may have materials on hand, please keep in mind that these materials are obtained by the crafter either by purchasing them off the Auction House or by the Crafter personally growing, harvesting or gathering them. In all cases there is a cost to the Crafter be it gold for seeds, saplings, purchase of Worker Compensation Potions or the use of their Labor points. We encourage Guild members to help your crafter out by providing the materials in advance for your request.

Please keep in mind Master Crafters as well as other crafters in Genesis are not making any profit crafting for Guild members. Genesis crafters are charging Guild members only for the cost of the materials and items, to include the Worker Compensation Potions to craft the requested items.

Master Crafters will be able to charge for their goods and services from orders they receive from non-Guild members. They are also able to put the items they have crafted from their own resources up for sale. Using Guild resources for profit is strictly prohibited.
Am I required to tip a Master Crafter for their services?

Tipping a Master Crafter for their services although is appreciated is NOT a requirement.
I have a (task or item) that I need to have crafted right away but there are no Sponsored Crafters in game at the moment, what do I do?

While we have done our very best to take into consideration the various time zones and player times, we do understand that it is an impossible task to have a Sponsored Crafter available in game 24/7. We also understand that there are times when Guild members may require services right away. In these cases we encourage you to first ask in Guild chat if there is a Sponsored Crafter available, if there are none available, we recommend that you then ask if there are any available Genesis crafters, should there none be available or of high enough level to craft your item, than by all means put out your request to the Guild as a whole.

I want to help the Guild and our crafters but I also have my own in game goals. Do I have to send all my materials that I collect or grow to the Sponsored Crafter?

No, not at all. We all a have our own in game goals. Build our houses, build a ship, and make trade packs. We are not demanding that everything you have be sent to a Sponsored Crafter, just what you can spare.
I am in a family, we kind of have our own thing going on, are we not allowed to do this?

Of course you are “allowed” to do your own thing! Tenacious has always been “Play the game the way you want” and will continue to do so. Much like the families our goal is to have our Sponsored Crafters reach their goals as fast as possible. This benefits our Guild as a whole! Genesis is doing much like what the families are doing, just on a much larger scale!
What if we have a sponsored crafter in our family?

If a Sponsored Crafter is a member of your family, resources that have been donated to them by Guild members are not to be used for personal gain or personal gain of other family members.
Materials and resources that are produced by a Sponsored Crafter leveling their Profession, that are of use in leveling another Sponsored Crafter’s Profession, are required to be sent to the designated Genesis Sponsored Crafter.

The use of personal and family resources to help level up a family members Profession is of course allowed. A non-Sponsored Crafter should not use donated Guild resources to level their professions.
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