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Carpentry 101


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May 31, 2014
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This profession is probably the most diverse of the higher crafting professions. It is needed to convert logs to lumber which is used in many professions, as well being able to craft the very high end weapons that will be sought after greatly. This profession uses sunlight archeum crystals just like weaponry, but can be leveled by simply converting logs into lumber.

Besides lumber and weapons, this profession also has the ability to not only craft subcomponents for other professions, but also to make their regal crafting station.

Lumber (5LP) 3 logs
Bamboo Fishingpole frame (10LP) 10 bamboo 2 fabric
Regal Cooking Pot (25LP) 3 archeum ingots 2 silver ingots
Regal Alchemy Table (25LP) 3 archeum ingots 2 silver ingots
Regal Handicraft Kiln (25LP) 3 archeum ingots 1 gold ingots

Supportive Profession
Logging *****
Mining/Metalworking ****
Alchemy ***
Tailoring **

Supports Professions
Handicraft ****
Fishing ***
Construction **
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