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BWL Post Guide Thingy


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Jul 28, 2019
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Calgary, Alberta
Holy moly it's done. Here's a BWL post. We will be playing whether we raid on Friday by ear though I think there's a decent chance we will based on survery results. Anyway a quick disclaimer, specifics for each encounter will likely change down the road or even maybe tomorrow (who knows) but I think a lot of the info and resources linked here can be helpful to get to know the fights and understand the mechanics, at least I hope so :p. If there's anything I missed let me know because I was definitely burning out a lil bit trying to get this done haha.

Recommended BWL Consumables:
- Greater Fire Protection Potions
- Greater Shadow Protection Potions
- Stratholme Holy Water
- Free Action Potions (Melee DPS/Tanks)
- Limited Invulnerability Potions (DPS)
- Restorative Potion

For anyone who's unsure what is available as far as their class specific consumables are concerned here's a little list of commonly used consumes.

Melee DPS
- Elixir of the Mongoose
- Elixir of Giants/Juju Power
- Grilled Squid/Blessed Sunfruit
- Winterfall Firewater/Juju Might
- Ground Scorpok Assay
- R.O.I.D.S.
- Mighty Rage Potion (Warriors)
- Flask of the Titans (if you can afford)

- Elixir of the Mongoose
- Grilled Squid
- Ground Scorpok Assay
- Major Mana Potions
- Demonic Runes
- Flask of Distilled Wisdom (if you can afford)

Caster DPS
- Greater Arcane Elixir
- Elixir of Shadow Power (Warlocks)
- Major Mana Potions
- Demonic Runes
- Runn Tum Tuber Surprise
- Cerebral Cortex Compound
- Flask of Supreme Power (if you can afford)

- Major Mana Potions
- Demonic Runes
- Nightfin Soup
- Gizzard Gum
- Flask of Distilled Wisdom (if you can afford)

- All Melee DPS Consumes
- Elixir of Superior Defense
- Greater Stoneshield Potion
- Major Healing Potion
- Flask of the Titans (if you can afford)

Flasks are always encouraged but not mandatory, except maybe for the main tank. We're willing to get some more lotus hunting parties organized as well if that's something people are interested in.

For an exhaustive list of all the consumables for each class check out Taladril's Consumables List here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MsDWgYDIcPE_5nX6pRbea-hW9JQjYikfCDWk16l5V-8/pubhtml.

Resources Used/Other Recommended Resources:
  • https://imgur.com/a/NI77OPy A series of maps showing positioning for each encounter. I used a few of these in the guide. Some differ from how we intend to do the fights but they at least help visualize how the fights are supposed to be handled.
  • Skarm's playlist for all the BWL encounters. Definitely takes a long time to get through but is very thorough and enthusiastic, in a sense.
  • There was a guide "Zealous" linked but I didn't watch it because he linked it.
Razorgore the Untamed

Before the Pull:

The raid will be split into two with each group defending one of two ramps leading to the platform where the orb is located. Each side will have 2+ tanks 4-6 Healers and DPS should be split evenly. As soon as the orb is used by the dedicated mind controller phase 1 begins.

Phase 1:

Once phase 1 starts mobs will begin spawning near both ramps as well as from the opposite corners of the room and if not dealt with will overwhelm the raid. There are three different kinds of mobs: Mages, Dragonkin and Legionnaires.
  • Mages: These guys do a lot of AoE damage to the raid and will be focused first, however they are very squishy so as long as they are picked up and focused properly they shouldn't be too problematic.
  • Dragonkin: Have a lot of HP and do a lot of damage so if they stack up they can blow up the tanks pretty quick. They will be focused second, save DPS cooldowns for these guys.
  • Legionnaires: Easily the least threatening of the three, and thus will be focused last. As long as they're picked up they shouldn't be too hard to deal with. They do cleave so it's important they're faced away from the melee.
Once the mind controller has destroyed all but one egg they will call it out and a pre determined tank will pick up the orb and destroy the last egg, the reason for this is whoever destroys the last egg gets infinite threat. After the last egg is destroyed phase 2 begins.

Class Notes:
  • Warlocks and Druids: If the Dragonkin become overwhelming it might be called for to fearlock/hibernate them so be prepared for that!
  • Mages: If the mages are in an awkward spot or there are too many for the tanks to pick up it might be called for to polymorph one or more of them.
  • Tanks: Make sure the Legionnaires are faced away from everyone else, call for polymorphs/fears/hibernates if you need them and they haven't been called for.
  • DPS: Pay attention to who the focused target will be and try your best not to pull! The Dragonkin slap especially. Save cooldowns for the Dragonkin, particularly if there are two or more.
  • In General: If one side is being overwhelmed but the other is doing fine it may be asked for some members of one group to swing over to help.
Phase 2:

There are three mechanics to this phase but they're all pretty simple or even familiar! Razorgore has three abilities to watch out for: Warstomp, Conflagration, and Fireball Volley (I think that's what it's called anyway).
  • Conflagration: Same ability used by Drakkisath in UBRS. Disorients the tank, wiping their threat and leaves a big DoT on them. It's extremely important that the offtank in this fight stays second in threat since, unlike Drakkisath, Razorgore is not tauntable.
  • Warstomp: As you would guess, this is just an AoE stun. Free Action Potions are required for the offtank so they can maintain second in threat. Melee DPS should use them also. Since the MT has infinite threat after breaking the last egg they can instead use a Stoneshield Potion if they'd like.
  • Fireball Volley: Shoots a bunch of fireballs at everyone in the raid, ranged will want to break line of sight when this is cast. The ranged will stack right beside the corner where one of the ramps and the orb platform meet with Razorgore being tanked near the other ramp so that the ranged can quickly duck out of line of sight in order to reduce the amount of raid healing needed.

Class Notes:
  • Offtank: Make sure to pop your Free Action Potion as soon as you start hitting the boss. Remember you don't have to wait for the Main Tank to build threat since they have infinite threat. The offtank in this phase has to be Fury Prot.
  • Ranged: Stack tightly just outside of the corner you will use to break line of sight from Fireball Volley. Fireball Volley has a cast time so you should have plenty of time to avoid it.
  • DPS: As long as the main tank is alive and not conflagged you won't be able to pull at all. Keep an eye out for when conflag hits the maintank as you will have to mind your threat when the offtank gets aggro. Melee DPS should use a Free Action Potion.
  • Maintank: Equip your shield and pop a Stoneshield Potion.
  • Healers: The Maintank should be equipping their shield so consistent incoming damage shouldn't be too high. The tank will take a lot of damage when they're hit by conflag and Razorgore will switch to the offtank who will generally take more damage than the maintank. Melee will take a lot of damage from Fireball Volley but other than that there should be no raid damage.
  • Shamans: Make sure to place your fire resistance totem!

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

Before the pull: After tagging the goblins the raid is safe to move into Vaelastrasz's room. Upon entering the room Vael will be friendly and taking a nap. In order to start the encounter you have to talk to Vael so everyone has plenty of time to get into position. Melee DPS will stack right beside Vael's back foot while all the Ranged will stack on the balcony behind the melee. The main tank will stand on Vael's nose. The off tank can stand with the melee or between the melee and the main tank if they choose, but they need to be careful since Vael does the typical dragon stuff; cleaving and breathing fire. Once everyone is ready the main tank can talk to Vael and the fight will start.

Vael is a one phase fight with a few unique abilities and mechanics: Essence of the Red, Burning Adrenaline and Fire Nova.
  • Essence of the Red: As soon as the fight starts the entire raid is given this debuff. Essentially what it does is gives everyone infinite resources.
  • Burning Adrenaline: Every 15 seconds Vael will apply Buring Adrenaline to a random mana user, with every third cast instead being used on his highest threat target. Lowers the target's max HP every second by 5 percent, increases their damage by 100 percent and makes all spells instant cast. Upon death the target will explode killing almost anything that is caught in the explosion.
  • Fire Nova: Deals consistent fire damage to the raid for the duration of the fight.
  • Like all Dragons Vael breathes fire and cleaves, only Vael has a special 'chain cleave' which will proc on nearby members of raid for every person hit. Because of this if DPS pulls Vael the raid will most likely wipe.
Class Notes:
  • Warriors: Don't pull. You will be able to queue Heroic Strike on all of your auto attacks due to essence of the red so maybe consider binding it to your mouse wheel. There are no mechanics for you besides watching your threat meter and mashing your buttons.
  • Rogues: Because of Vanish you should be able to push your DPS as hard as you can. For sword rogues I would highly recommend speccing into improved backstab and bringing some daggers for this fight specifically, the energy regen from essence of the red allows you to cast backstab constantly and makes it so daggers outperforms swords by a large margin.
  • Caster DPS: Threat should be a non issue on this fight unless you have Burning Adrenaline so give it your all! If you get burning adrenaline run to the designated spot.
  • Healers: Go nuts. You can't run out of mana even if you wanted to. Really pump the tank when they get burning adrenaline. If you get burning adrenaline run to the designated spot.
  • Shamans: We will probably ask for you to twist either Grace of Air or Tranquil Air depending on if we need to reduce threat or increase DPS.
  • Maintank: Popping reck and deathwish on the pull is probably a good idea so you can get a good threat lead. Use a Stoneshield pot and trust your healers :).
  • Offtank: As off tank you need to stay second in threat for this fight so that if burning adrenaline kills the maintank you can immediately pick up and move to where they were positioned, even just 1 second of Vael facing the raid can result in a wipe.
Edit: Will probably just have melee and ranged stack so chain heal is more effective.​

Deathtalon Packs

After defeating Vael we will head up the ramp and around the balcony until we reach the next room which contains 2 "Deathtalon Packs" each of these packs are comprised of an assortment of four different types of mobs, while always having at least one of each. These four mobs are: Captains, Seethers, Flamescales and Wyrmkin.
  • Captains: Death Talon Captains have four abilities: Aura of Flames, Mark of Detonation, Commanding Shout and Cleave. Aura of Flames is a thorns ability that also gives the buff to all nearby Deathtalons. Mark of Detonation is a debuff that is applied members of the raid and must be dispelled or it will explode doing hefty damage AoE damage. Commanding Shout will free all other Deathtalons from sleep or charm effects. Cleave is cleave.
  • Seethers: Seethers will cast a hefty flame buffet on the tank which will leave a debuff that increases the fire damage the tank takes. The debuff must be dispelled immediately. Additionally they will enrage, which must be dispelled by hunters.
  • Flamescales: These guys add a little extra damage through Flameshock but the important thing about them is that they charge members of the raid knocking them high into the air. As a result everyone in the raid will stack.
  • Wyrmkin: Wyrmkin cast Blastwave and Fireball Volley. Both do a lot of AoE damage and the former slows everyone hit. Luckily they can be hibernated and so each one will have a Druid assigned to spam hibernate on them.
The order for these is Seethers > Flamescales > Captain > Wyrmkin. On the pull the Captains and Wyrmkin have to be kited and kept asleep by Hunters and Druids respectively while the raid stacks the Seethers and Flamescales and cleaves them down, prioritizing damage on the Seethers. After the Seethers and Flamescales are dealt with the Captains will be brought over and focused down away from the Wymkin and then finally the Wyrmkin will be dealt with one at a time to finish off.

Class Notes:
  • Hunters: Hunters can have two different jobs for these packs, one hunter has to kite any Captains around the balcony and potentially into Vael's room. Any other hunters have to make sure they're dispelling the Seether's enrage.
  • Druids: You will most likely just be spamming hibernate on a Wyrmkin. The Wyrmkin are fairly resistant to hibernate so you'll have to spam rank 1 hibernate to keep them asleep without running oom.
  • Priests: Make sure that Mark of Detonation is dispelled when the Captains are brought around after the Seethers and Flamescales. Make sure that Flame Buffet is dispelled off of whoever is tanking a Seether. We might assign a priest to be a dedicated dispeller.
  • Tanks: Stack up on top of each other so that Seethers and Flamescales can be cleaved. Basic fire protection potions don't hurt.
  • In General: Everyone needs to stack on top of where the Seethers and Flamescales are being cleaved to avoid being charged by Flamescales. This trash is actually skippable via a hunter kiting both packs while the rest of the raid runs by, which may be necessary if there are too many Wyrmkin. We will try to get both packs though as they have some nice drops.

Suppression Room

After dealing with both Death Talon packs the raid must traverse through two rooms filled with Corrupted Whelps, Death Talon Hatchers and Blackwing Taskmasters while disabling a series of Suppression Devices. At the end of the second room is Broodlord Lashlayer which when taken down will result in all the devices being disabled and all of the mobs no longer respawning. The raid will only have a chance to completely pause in between the first and second rooms.
  • Corrupted Whelps: Each room is completely littered with four different kinds of Corrupted Whelps: Red, Blue, Green and Bronze. Each kind is weak to one element and resistant to another but it's generally unimportant as they will all be AoEd down anyway. These respawn super quickly so instead of handling them as we move through one tank will hold all the Whelps until we reach the end of each gauntlet where we will AoE the remaining whelps.
  • Blackwing Taskmasters: These guys have two abilities: Healing Circle and Shadow Shock. Healing Circle heals any other mobs near the taskmaster and Shadow Shock is just an instant cast shadow damage spell.
  • Death Talon Hatchers: Have two abilities, Growing Flames and Flamestrike. Growing Flames is a periodic AoE affect that will deal damage to anyone withing 10 yards of the Hatchers and Flamestrike is an additonal AoE fire damage ability.
  • Suppression Devices: In each room there are a series of traps called Suppression Devices which cover pretty much the entire room in gas which inflicts players with Suppression Aura. When afflicted with Suppression Aura players will have their movement speed reduced by 80 percent, their attack speed slowed by 400 percent and casting speed by 60 percent. Rogues will be assigned to disable these traps.
Navigating through the Suppression room: In order to reach the end of each section the raid will have to stick to one side of the room and individually pull any Taskmasters or Hatchers that are in the way while a tank holds all the whelps we run through. While this is happening we will have a rotation of 2-3 Rogues to keep the traps beside and ahead of us disarmed so that the raid can quickly move on afterwards. In the event that we pull two Taskmasters/Hatchers we may have to CC them. If there is both a Hatcher and a Taskmaster present we will sheep the Taskmaster. In the event that we have to deal with more than 1 the priority is Taskmaster > Hatcher.

After reaching the last destination for each gauntlet we will AoE all of the whelps and then move on to the second room/Broodlord. We will explain more specifically each spot we will stop to pull mobs during our first raid. It is extremely important that the whole raid, with the exception of the pulling Hunters and Rogue disarming traps must be stacked DIRECTLY on top of one another to ensure no uneccessary mobs are pulled and to make whelps easier to manage.

Class Notes:
  • Rogues: Rogues that are assigned to traps just need to stay stealthed and make sure that their trap is down for when the raid needs to move.
  • Hunters: No pet.
  • Healers: There are very few opportunities to drink so try to be conservative with mana and be ready to use potions of things get sketchy.
  • Whelp Tank: Items like oil of immolation and force reactive disk makes your job a ton easier. Healers can't pull off of you or things can go really wrong.
  • Mages: Be prepared to have to sheep a taskmasters if a taskmaster + a taskmaster/hatcher are pulled together.
  • Druids: Be prepared to sleep a hatcher if too many are pulled or if a mage can't get a polymorph off on a taskmaster.
  • In General: Stack. When we arrive at the corner before Broodlord make sure not to run around the corner to get a peak at him as he has an extremely large aggro range.
  • DPS: Feel free to trim the whelp herd with your downtime. Otherwise focus what the hunter pulls.
Broodlord Lashlayer

Before the pull: Immediately after the final corner of the Suppression Room is Broodlord Lashlayer who stands in front of the gated exit. Defeating him will open the gate as well as disable all the suppression devices and stop all of the mobs from respawning. However, if we wipe on him we will have to redo the entire Suppression Room! There is a trap where we would walk up to Broodlord so a Rogue and the Main Tank will have to coordinate the pull with the trap being disarmed.

As soon as Broodlord is pulled by the main tank they must bring him into the right corner where he will be tanked for the entire encounter. The melee DPS will stand wedged between the wall to the right of the gate and the gate itself until the tank has time to build threat, while the ranged will stand to the left of the gate. Broodlord has three abilities: Blast Wave, Mortal Strike and Knock Away. He also cleaves.

  • Blast Wave: A big fire AoE that damages anyone within 20 yards and slows them. Melee will use the little cubby in between the gate and the right wall to line of sight this ability while Ranged can simply outrange it by standing well left of the gate.
  • Mortal Strike: Absolutely wallops the tank and reduces healing by 50 percent. After the tank gets hit by this they need to be healed immediately. It's also a good idea for Priests to shield the tank before and after they get hit.
  • Knock Away: Reduces the tanks threat. Due to this ability we will have an off tank fighting for threat with the main tank for the duration of the encounter. At least on our first few go's at Broodlord we will give the tank a little time to build threat before attacking.
Class Notes:
  • Melee DPS: Biggest thing here is to evade blast wave and watch your threat, though having to move out of line of sight for blast wave will help the tank keep a lead. If you do pull now is the time to pop your LIP, stand where the tanks do and hope they can get him back.
  • Caster DPS: Since you can out range blast wave you just have to make sure you don't pull Broodlord. If you do pull you have to immediately run to the tanks and pop a LIP if you have one.
  • Healers: Biggest thing here is keeping the tank up through Mortal Strike. Shielding the tank before they get hit and shielding and using Nature's Swiftness after they get hit is probably a good idea.
  • Tanks: Two tanks will fight for threat on this fight so that if one gets knocked away too many times the other tank can pick up threat. This is important since like Razorgore and Vael, Broodlord isn't tauntable. You'll probably want Last Stand over Recklessness on this one.
  • In General: The room will still be completely filled with whelps so make sure you're hugging the wall
Lab Packs

The lab packs are some of the toughest trash we'll face. They contain: Warlocks, Spellbinders, Technician and Overseers.
  • Warlocks: The warlocks have two dangerous AoE damage abilities and will be the first priority to be killed. They also can open up portals to summon in an additional felguard enemy.
  • Spellbinders: Spellbinders also have an aoe flamestrike ability that will go out on the raid. They will be second priority to die, however may be immune to magic damage in which case only physical dps will focus them second.
  • Overseers: These don't do much apart from a basic cleave and fireblast ablility. they will be tanked off to the side and will die third.
  • Technicians: The technicians have group aggro, meaning the whole group will focus a single target based on the highest threat to any one goblin. They don't attack traditionally and instead through dynamite at whoever they're attacking. By continuously running this can be entirely avoided and therefore a hunter will kite these in the back of the room till all of the other mobs are dead, running big circles around the now empty suppression room
The order for these is Warlocks > Spellbinders > Overseers > (felguards) > Technicians. Warlocks will be tanked in the door they come through and focused down one after the other. Spellbinders are also picked up in the same area and focused by melee after the warlocks go down. After these 3 mobs go down raid damage will reduce almost entirely and the overseer and potentially two felguards can be taken down together. Finally we'll relieve the hunter who's been kiting this whole time in the back of the room and finish the pack.

Class Notes:
  • Hunters: A hunter will be in charge of kiting the technicians, keep moving and this shouldn't be too hard of a job.
  • Priests: Dispel polymorph effects
  • Tanks: If you are tanking a warlock you are in charge of picking up the resulting felguard if it gets summoned! stick around the portal.
  • In General: There will be a ton of AoE raid damage at the start of these pulls. everyone should spread as much as possible and burst as hard as possible ont he warlocks. Don't be afraid of pulling aggro as their AoE damage is much more significant than direct damage. Tanks be ready to chain taunts to keep these on you if you have to.

After the first lab pack we will encounter the first and easily the most challenging of the three drakes: Firemaw. Firemaw is a one phase encounter with four abilities: Shadow Flame, Wing Buffet, Thrash and Flame Buffet. This fight requires two tanks.
  • Shadow Flame: Frontal Cone that does a ton of damage to the main tank. It's on a timer so healers can pre cast big heals for when it lands and priests can shield to eat a chunk of the damage. At the very least tanks should wear their Onyxia Scale Cloak or they will take a bunch of extra damage.
  • Wing Buffet: Knocks the target back and reduces their threat. This is also on a timer so an offtank will taunt Firemaw right before it goes off to keep the main tanks threat high. Both tanks will be positioned with their backs to a wall so that Firemaw stays in the same spot.
  • Thrash: Firemaw will hit the tank with a couple extra autos every so often. Just needs to be healed through.
  • Flame Buffet: Firemaw casts this ability every few seconds. It applies a stacking fire DoT on anyone in Line of Sight of Firemaw and also increases the amount of fire damage they take. DPS will have to break line of sight to drop these at around 6 stacks or so. Tanks should wear a bit of FR to reduce how quickly the gain stacks, if they gain too many stacks the offtank will have to tank Firemaw until they drop. Healers will be positioned in a spot where they can heal the maintank without being in Firemaws line of sight.
Class Notes:
  • DPS: Make sure you don't pull when Firemaw is about to cast Shadow Flame or the raid will wipe. That being said once you drop stacks you should be ok threat wise. If you're getting high on threat you can actually stand on the offtank to eat Wing Buffet and drop some.
  • Off Tank: Taunt Firemaw around 4 or so seconds before Wing Buffet goes off. Equip Ony Cloak.
  • Healers: Pre cast big heals/shield the main tank right before shadowflame goes off. Make sure you aren't in Firemaws line of sight.
Positioning: Firemaw will be tanked right at the doorway where Broodlord stood. The main tank will position with their back on the left edge of the door with Firemaw in frame of the door. The offtank should stand a little more into the door so that when they taunt only they get hit by Wing Buffet. To the right of the door healers will position so they can see the maintank but not Firemaw, this is also where DPS should hide when they need to drop stacks.

Wyrmguard Packs

There are a few packs of three Wyrmguards before Chromaggus and in between the Drake fights.
  • Wyrmguards: The only noticeable thing they will do to tanks and melee dps is a 5 second stun. What this means is that threat will be especially poor unless tanks are popping free action potions for every pack. We will probably have three tanks separate the three to reduce how much of an annoyance the stuns are.

Class Notes:

  • Caster DPS: These will be heavily resistant to certain schools of magic based on their color. We should get 3 random colors each week so depending on the combination, caster dps will have to adjust their target priority. Be careful of hitting targets that are weak to your school as you will pull if the tank is stunned.
  • Tanks: If not short on free action potions, popping those on these pulls (just 2 of them i think) will make the fight much more stable. if you aren't popping one make sure DPS know so they can slow down.

All right folks get your party hats and your confetti out because we've got ourselves our first loot pinata!

The most important part of Ebonroc is the fact that he drops Rejuv Gen and Drake Fa - I mean Ebonroc has four abilities: Shadow Flame, Thrash, Wing Buffet and Shadow of Ebonroc. The first three are exactly the same as on Firemaw so we'll only give an explanation for Shadow of Ebonroc. This is a three tank fight.
  • Shadow of Ebonroc: Whoever Ebonroc applies this to heals Ebonroc when they're hit. To deal with this Ebonroc will be tanked in a corner with one off tank on each of the adjacent walls. In a rotation, the next tank will then taunt Ebonroc when the current tank has Shadow of Ebonroc.
Class Notes:
  • Tanks: Just fight for threat unless you have shadow of ebonroc. Taunt when another tank gets the debuff. If you get wing buffeted save your rage for when it's your turn to taunt. Ony Scale Cloaks.
  • Healers: Only the tank should be taking damage. Precast big heals/shields when shadowflame is about to hit.
  • DPS: Watch your threat.

And literally immediately after Ebonroc we get another boss that might as well just be a lootable corpse.

As with Ebonroc and Firemaw, Flamegor has Shadow Flame, Thrash and Wing Buffet. In addition, Flamegor also enrages so that has to be dispelled. We need two tanks. Yeah.

Positioning: Flamegor will be tanked in the corner of the ramp that he patrols down with the tanks side by side. Offtank needs to taunt right before Wing Buffet like on Firemaw. Everyone else can stand anywhere, though in front of Flamegor probably isn't the best idea.

Class Notes:
  • Off Tank: Taunt 4 seconds before wing buffet goes off.
  • Tanks: Ony Cape.
  • Hunter: Dispell Enrage.
  • DPS: Don't pull the boss. If you want you can eat a wing buffet to reduce your threat, like before execute if you're a warrior.
  • Healers: Pre cast big heals and shields before shadowflame.

Next up is easily the hardest encounter we have faced up to this point: Blue from Blue's Clues. Chromaggus is a two phase encounter, the number of tanks required depends on one of this fights mechanics: Chromaggus' Breaths. Each reset Chromaggus will have two of five possible kinds of breaths: Time Lapse, Ignite Flesh, Frost Burn, Corrosive Acid and Incinerate. Despite being breath attacks these hit everyone 360 degrees around Chromaggus provided they are in his line of sight. 4/5 of these need to be line of sighted by everyone in the raid except for the main tank. Chromaggus will also inflict members of the raid with 5 different kinds of "Brood Afflictions": Black, Blue, Bronze, Green and Red. Brood afflictions ignore line of sight and must be removed as if a member of the raid gets all five they will turn a drakonid will probably cause a wipe. Chromaggus also Enrages which must be dispelled by hunters. At 20 percent phase 2 begins where Chromaggus becomes permenantly enraged, though he can still enrage on top of that so he will still need to be dispelled. Lastly, Chromaggus will shimmer and become resistant to one element and weak to another. While the can allow casters to do insane amounts of DPS, for our first clear you should avoid dpsing with the element he is weak too as you will probably pull.

  • Time Lapse: Time lapse is by far the most important breath and changes how we handle the fight should we get it. It stuns and reduces everyone who's hit HP and Threat by 50 percent. Because of the threat wipe DPS will have to stay in line of sight and a second tank will have break line of sight. After it is cast the offtank who will now be first in threat will begin tanking Chromaggus and the main tank will begin building threat so they can take aggro again on the next time lapse.
  • Ignite Flesh: Applied a fire DoT to everyone hit. Everyone except the main tank should break line of sight before this is cast.
  • Frost Burn: Does a small amount of frost damage to everyone hit and slows their attack speed by 80 percent for 15 seconds. It is important for DPS to watch their threat while this on the tank especially since the tank will be wearing a shield for the entirety of this fight.
  • Corrosive Acid: Applies a nature damage DoT to everyone hit and reduces their armor by 4500. Tanks should make sure to have a Stoneshield running in phase 2 should we have this breath and save defensive cooldowns for when the debuff is applied.
  • Incinerate: Deals a bunch of fire damage to everyone hit.
Brood Afflictions:
  • Black: Curse that increases fire damage taken by 100 percent. It's important that this isn't on the main tank should we have ignite flesh or incinerate.
  • Blue: Magic effect that burns 50 mana per second, increases cast time by 50 percent and reduces movement speed by 30 percent. Priority for this being dispelled is on healers but it needs to be removed from everyone.
  • Bronze: Periodically stuns every 4 seconds. Can only be removed by hourglass sand, an item found within the raid. The order of who will be given sand is Main Tank (or both tanks if we have time lapse) > Healers > DPS.
  • Green: Poison that applies a small DoT and reduces healing by 50 percent.
  • Red: Disease that applies a small DoT and will heal Chromaggus if someone afflicted dies.
Positioning as well as how we will handle not knowing what the breaths are on the first pull will be explained during raid :). The encounter doesn't start until we pull a lever so we don't have to worry.

Class Notes:
  • Healers: Almost all of the damage will be on the main tank provided everyone is removing afflictions and breaths are being line of sighted. Chromaggus hits pretty hard however, especially after 20 percent and if the tank has been hit by Corrosive Acid.
  • Priests: Make sure to cure and dispell Red and Blue, though prioritize blue since you're the only class who can dispell magic.
  • Druids: Should one of our breaths be ignite flesh or incinerate decursing black off of the tank is a top priority. Green can also be cured by shamans, but since only the tank will be taking fire damage it's a little more important to get green off of the raid.
  • Shamans: There's no real priority to whether you should cleanse Green or Red. Plop down the right totem depending on what's on your group.
  • Mages: Make sure black is off of everyone before you DPS, especially the main tank if we have ignite flesh or incinerate.
  • All Affliction Removers: The most important any targets to dispell are the ones that are closer to having 5 as a member getting 5 afflictions will probably wipe the raid.
  • Main Tank: This is a shield fight 100 percent. Should we have time lapse you will have to build threat and then break line of sight for every second time lapse to gain threat. Use hourglass sand to break bronze. If we have corrosive acid make sure to have a Stoneshield pot going, especially during phase 2.
  • Off Tank: When you aren't tanking Chromaggus you will have to build threat on and break line of sight so you can pick him up after the raid has their threat halved. If there is no time lapse there won't be an offtank.
  • Hunters: Make sure to dispell the enrage.
  • DPS: Chrom isn't tauntable so be mindful of your threat, especially if we have Frost Burn. It's only critical to burn chrom down after 20 percent. That being said, with all the line of sighting the tank should have a decent threat lead. Casters should avoid using the element chrom is weak to for our first clears. You'll know if he's weak to it when your frostbolt hits for 10k.

And finally Nefarian.

Before the pull: The entire raid must have their Onyxia Scale Cloak on at the start of this fight. Next the raid will want to split into two even groups, each group will occupy one corner of the room. Once everyone is ready we will talk to Nefarian to start the encounter.

Phase 1: Each side of the room will have its own color of drakonid spawn. There are five possible colours and it will change with every lockout: Red, Blue, Black, Bronze and Green. While the classes will most likely be evenly split initially, what colours we get could mean we may have to swap some people out. Additionally, Chromatic Drakonids will occasionally spawn regardless of the week.
  • Red: Applies a fire DoT to nearby targets. Resistant to fire.
  • Blue: Apply a debuff with their autos that drains mana and slows the target. Resistant to frost.
  • Green: Stun with their attacks, resistant to nature.
  • Black: Resistant to black and red. Do AoE fire damage.
  • Bronze: Slow cast and attack speed. Resistant to Arcane damage.
  • Chromatic Drakonids: High HP and Resistances. Must be brought down by physical damage dealers.
The general idea is to use slowing effects to keep them under control while AoEing them down. The 2 tanks on each side need to wrangle them should they start to get too far away. If one side has blue however we may have to prioritize some melee onto that side while mages will just AoE whatever is on the other side. Healers and Hunters can stand between both corners in order to be able to reach either group.

Additionally, in Phase 1 Nefarian becomes untargetable and jumps around the room fearing, charming and casting shadow bolts at people. The charm isn't dispellable. A lot of this is just extra nuisance but whenever someone is charmed it's important to CC them.

After clearing 42 Drakonids they will stop spawning and Nefarian will fly around and will cast Shadow Flame on the entire raid. If you don't have your Ony Cloak on it will apply a DoT that will kill you. After that phase 2 begins.

Class Notes:
  • Healers: Standing between both groups is a good idea to be able to reach both groups.
  • Mages: Be ready to sheep whoever gets charmed. You'll mostly be blizzarding whatever spawns on your side. If you start on a side that's blue you'll probably move to the other side.
  • Priests: While you can't remove the charm that Nefarian casts you may have to dispell polymorph after the charm wears off of a member in the raid.
  • Warlocks: If you start on a side that's black we'll probably switch you over to the other side.
  • Hunters: Biggest thing for you is to keep freezing traps on the drakonid so they can be more easily controlled. You can stand in the middle to be able to assist with Chromatic Drakonids should they spawn.

Phase 2:

After Nefarian lands he will be picked up by the main tank and faced towards the balcony. As with most dragons he cleaves, tail swipes and breathes bad stuff the direction he's facing. In addition to this he also fears and has a special mechanic where every 30 seconds he will call out a class and every member of that class will do something bad and casts an ability called veil of shadows.
  • Veil of Shadows: Reduces healing by 75 percent, needs to be decursed off of the tank immediately.

Class Calls:
  • Hunter: Breaks your ranged weapon. Probably the easiest for the raid to deal with. Just means you have to unequip your bow everytime a class call is about to go out.
  • Druid: Forces you into Cat form. Since we only have a few Druids it shouldn't change healing up too much and the mages should be able to cover decursing the tank
  • Warlock: For each warlock in the raid two infernals will spawn. These need to be focused by DPS.
  • Mage: On the Mage class call all mages will start polymorphing everyone in their line of sight. Mages must make sure that they are not in range of the Main Tank or the raid will wipe.
  • Warrior: Forces you into Berserker Stance for 30 seconds. Tank will get rocked during this call and their threat will drop significantly.
  • Priest: Makes all of your heals except for renew apply a stacking DoT to the target. Basically just makes it so you can't heal.
  • Shaman: Shaman call causes corrupted totems to start dropping that aid Nefarian. These must be focsued by DPS. Priority is Fire Nova > Windfury > Everything else.
  • Rogue: Teleports you and roots you at a location near Nefarian.
Class Notes:
  • Druids: On your call you mostly just have to afk or auto the boss if you feel like it. The bigger mechanic is making sure that you keep Veil of Shadows off of the tank during the Mage Call.
  • Hunter: Make sure you unequip your bow before every class call timer.
  • Main Tank: Pop stone shield on warrior class call and hope your healers can keep you alive.
  • Rogues: Saving Vanish to break the root on your class call isn't a bad idea.
  • Priests: Only cast renew and shield during your class call. Dispell polymorph during Mage class call.
  • DPS: The tank will likely have to equip some mitigation for Nef so make sure you watch your threat. Pulling Nef can easily result in a wipe. Focus totems and infernals on shaman and warlock calls respectively.
  • Healers: Heals need to be pumped on the tank during warrior call. During Priest call Shamans and Druids will have to pick up the slack on the tank. There's very little raid damage provided Nefarian isn't pulled by DPS and class calls are handled well.
Phase 2 Positioning:

Phase 3 starts at 20 percent. It's important to make sure that an easy class call (Hunter, Rogue, Druid) is going off as we transition or else things could get dicey.

Phase 3:

Once Nefarian hits 20 percent he will revive all of the mobs from phase 1 as skeletons. The raid will stack behind a pillar to the right of Nefarian and wait for healer aggro to pull them and ranged to AoE them down. If you have sappers/holy water now is the time to use them.

Class Notes:
  • Off Tanks: Challenging Shout + Shield Wall if they start to get too close. Some healers will still have to heal the tank so make sure they're not being attacked.
  • Hunters: Traps.
  • DPS: Aoeeeee.
  • Healers: A few healers will have to stay on the main tank as they will still be tanking Nefarian himself during this.

After those are dealt with the fight resumes as it was in phase 2. All that's left is to finish off Nef and BWL is complete.​
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Thanks for Xtricity for putting together some thoughts as well!

Razorgore the untamed:

Its best to use 2 groups instead of 4. Its more manageable. Mage mobs are a priority.


Imp backstabs for rogues

Rogues can spam feint because of the abundant amount of energy + use vanish

Warriors should not use heroic strike (normal rotation) until 20% and execute spam

There should be a priest healer in as many groups as possible spamming poh

Our warrior tank popped reck on 1st global BIG heals on the tank

You cannot pull aggro and wait 1 global before dpsing

Tanks: use shield and more mitigation gear for the rest of BWL (don’t go overboard)

Suppression Room:

Use the right side of both suppression rooms (the left side is bugged)

Never pull 2 hatchers at the same time and move out of the flamestrike

Have 1 rogue stand on each suppression device and just spam the device (you don’t have to be stealth)

Mages can sheep the orcs walking around kill 1 at a time


Meele needs to run out and hide in the gate cubby to avoid blast waves

Imp demo shout on the boss and he will hit very hard

When boss dies don’t stand near the gate it can pull mobs


Tanks use ony cloak

The boss will aggro if you are at the gate. Don’t be there unless you are ready to pull.

Warrior tanks need to have full fire resist gear.

This is not a dps fight. Meele and range needs to LOS at 4-5 stacks and bandage yourself. When the debuff is done you can go back in and keep doing it repeatedly until its dead.


Technicians have a hivemind aggro table so if someone gets aggro on 1 they will all be on the same person. Have a mage get aggro and then bubble the mages to go in and aoe them down.

The big mobs with the 2h polearms have weaknesses. Assign 1 mage for ea school of magic to figure out what it is (fire, frost, arcane) and call it out. Locks will need to call out shadow and it can also be tested by shamans for nature. If you are a warlock and the fire weakness is up DO NOT CAST searing pain. It has a threat modifier and you will pull aggro.


Tanks use ony cloak

The boss will be tanked in a corner with 3 tanks in a triangle formation.

You want range to be directly behind the dragon. In a straight like from the tank in the corner. Otherwise when the dragon is tanked by one of the tanks on each side you can get clipped by the breath.


Tanks use Ony cloak

Hunters need to be on POINT. The boss has an enrage that will destroy the melee very quickly. We had 3 hunters and they cannot overlap their tranqs. Need a set rotation. DBM will not show it so keep a detect magic on the boss so you can see the buff when its up. It needs to be dispelled instantly because tranq cd is 20 secs and the boss will do it often.


Call out spell weaknesses like the trash.

LOS all the breaths other than time lapse. Time lapse will drop aggro on the DPS, so you want to be out for it.

Dispel and decurse are very important. We had a priest with full mp5 gear only dispelling.

Melee need to come to healers for dispels.

Nefarian: (I don’t know what all the class calls do so I am pointing out the stuff that I do know)

Everyone needs equip the Ony cloak.

You want 1 group in each entrance. Put frost traps inside the caves and kill the mobs inside the caves.

Mages needs to run very far away from the raid for their call so they only sheep each other.

Hunters have 2 bows.

All the healers/casters can range all the fears.

Tremor the meele groups for the fears.

There needs to be slowing traps down at the entrances of the cave for 20% when the mobs come out. AOE them down. Meele should stay on the boss unless you have holy water to help with. Mages frost nova and ae/blizzard.
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