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  1. Sanch

    Best way to go?

    Heya. I've start playing this for a month now. I wounder are expansion adventure worth spending time or cash. Or should i just collect gold to do arena?
  2. Sanch

    leaving this game

    Just to confirm ill be leaving this game. No longuer holding interest for me. I still hve a month premium on it. Might log to finish monk but i think that pretty much it. Been fun but unless there changing i wont spent more time on this game. For now ill play witcher 3 and fallout. I...
  3. Sanch

    bug chat

    Heya, i know lot of people have buggy chat... particulary you write something and nothing happen. Here a work around.. just change the chat to vincinity, write something than go back in guildchat and it will work again. Also if your quest ui disapear.. ive try this once before go in...
  4. Sanch

    wish list

    rank skill like in starcraft or ladder.. whatever you want to call it. So i dont have to suffer anymore.
  5. Sanch

    quiting archeage land to give

    heya, ill stop paying for archeage subscription. I got 3 16x16 to give all around the same spot wich 2 of them are one near the other. If you are intesrest let me know. All of them are in lilyut.
  6. Sanch

    Gear drop by instance

    List of type of gear we can get from those dungeon higher than BC level. Also ill try to get picture of all type and quality of the gear that drop. That should help people realised how good they are. If people have other gear just catch me in game and link then to me so ill be able to update...
  7. Sanch

    Dungeon crawler

    Hello, i would like to know how many people are interest in running dungeon every night. HA and GHA and more not for token but to gear up (hopefully). My personnal play time during week are between 7pm to 9-10pm eastern time. Weekend is mostly free for all. If we could get 5 people we could...
  8. Sanch

    daily consumable

    Hello everyone,. This is a list of ingredient you'll need for your daily consumable. (those are for level 50) Hearty soup (1 stack of 10 units Level 6 food) Give mana 180x Ground grain 20x Barley 10x tomato 5x Pumpkin 3x Rosemary 1x Jujube Deluxe Sandwich (1 stack of 10units Level 6 food)...
  9. Sanch

    hello tenacious

    Hello Tenacious, im a player from archage (name Sanch) after reading info of your guild it seem i would like to join. If you have time to send me either a invite or a whisper me in game to chat more with me i would appreciate.:)
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