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Discussion in 'General' started by LoanWolf, Aug 11, 2017.

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    Just an update for people who has me added under RabidUnicorns. Switching my stream to TGLoanWolf as I will be solo streaming on this channel a bunch. Finally have my computer to the point where I can stream and record seemlessly where it is not a detriment to my game play. I should have this stream up most days from 8pm est to 12pm est and will be making the journey in a 24 hour stream Saturday.

    Thank you @Zeklomontu for helping me fix my audio last night.
    Thanks @Averie for working on the gifs and generic setup.

    If I am streaming I will be in a Streaming channel. The reason is not to discourage people from entering my channel, but to let people know that anything they say will be put into stream. That doesn't mean you need to censor yourself but in case you dont want any personal information on the internet.

    Games I will be streaming this month:
    BDO journey to 61
    BDO node wars Sunday Weds Friday 9pm est with a 30 min delay. So the start of the wars will begin at 9:30.
    Path of Exile

    Support and follows are always appreciated, always fun to see a Tenacious buddy drop by and say hi.

    If you are also streaming, shoot me a message and I will add you to my list so when I am offline I can stream your channel from mine.
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