Spinach Dip, the BEST !!

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    Best Spinach Dip

    16 oz mayo, use a top quality. These days the jar and 15 oz or so but that ok

    16 oz sour cream

    16 cream cheese

    1 pkg Norse Vegetable dry soup mix

    4 dices green onions

    ½ cup Parmesan cheese

    2 10 oz frozen chopped spinach

    1 minced garlic ( I use ½ tsp garlic power)

    Mix all the stuff in a large mixing bowl.

    I couple of helpers:

    I usually put the cream cheese on the kitchen counter in the morning and make the dip the night before I want to use it. Get the cream cheese and open the container and let it get to room temperature. Also put the frozen spinach on counter to thaw out then squeeze all the moisture out.

    Make sure you squeeze all the moisture you can out of the frozen spinach.

    Don't use the Parmesan cheese that comes in packages. ALL of those packaged or canned Parmesan cheese have cellulose in them, and this is nothing but saw dust. Europeans don't allow this is their Parmesan cheese. Just break down and get the brick of Parmesan and grate it yourself.

    You want to make sure you make this a day before you plan to use it. Just put in frig and cover with tin foil or something.

    You might find it hard to find the 10 oz boxes of chopped spinach. I just get the bigger bags and eye ball it out.

    The popular way to serve is to get a large round loaf of french bread, cut in half the make a plate size item and scoop out the center to put your dip in. Get from good sour french bread. You can cut up the unused into bit size for dipping. But I stopped doing the french bread thing, I just get a big box of Ritz crackers and use them for dipping. They are easier to use and you can always add more crackers or have crackers to use for the next few days with the left over dip. I have use the dip 4 days at least after it is make. I just keep it in frig and use it when I want a snack.
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    I LOVE spinach dip! Will have to try this. Thanks!

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