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    Rank 0
    Loremaster (LM)

    • The Loremaster rank is reserved for the two founders of Tenacious, @Zawr @Falfouran
    • Access to Triad forums
    • To ensure that the direction and progression of Tenacious both honor and celebrate the original foundation upon which the community was founded, the authority of a Loremaster will supersede all other authority
    • By self-proclamation, the Loremasters will operate in the shadows, delegating the day to day management of Tenacious to the elected Mythic Gamer. Only in situations where the integrity and/or direction of Tenacious is threatened will a Loremaster deploy their authority
    • The Loremasters will review and approve/disapprove all matters of official policy change. Approval results from an affirmative vote from either 1 or both of the LM's, or an absence of votes from either. Disapproved changes will be returned to the Mythic Gamer, with recommendations on the changes needed to be ratified
    • In all matters of gaming, a Loremaster will operate with all permissions of the ranking of Legendary Gamer
    • A Loremaster retains the sole authority to approved officer removal recommendations from the Mythic Gamer. The Mythic Gamer retains authority to move officers between officer ranks, but must have approval to remove one altogether
    • Uphold and enforce community charter and ethics at all times
    • Authority to moderate or quarantine any and all posts made using Tenacious resources that Loremasters believe may be damaging to the reputation, progression or overall wellbeing of the community. This will include, but is not limited to; call out threads, threads or posts laced with insults, degradation, or images/verbiage that violate the social standards laid forth by the Charter. The author of moderated posts/threads will be notified via website PM as to the nature of the modered actions
    • The term of service for the Loremaster does not expire, is not subject to activity level, and can only be abandoned voluntarily
    • Hold first right to refusal on leading a gaming chapter. They can lead that chapter in any manner they see fit (hardcore/midcore/casual/factions for all). If not the Chapter Lead, a Loremaster will hold a high ranking officer position in any game they play, regardless of core designation

    Rank 1
    Mythic Gamer (MG)

    • The Mythic Gamer rank is reserved for the elected community leader of Tenacious
    • Access to Triad forums
    • The term of service for the Mythic Gamer does not expire and requires a high level of visibility, participation and activity level. Requirements are monitored and addressed by the rank of Loremaster should the become questionable
    • Can only be removed by the Loremasters or abandoned voluntarily
    • Uphold and enforce community Charter and ethics at all times
    • Governs the day to day operations of Tenacious, the officers, the gaming chapters and the Tenacious resources (website, VOIP, digital assets)
    • Can consult with the Loremasters on all matters involving the community, though not required to do so
    • Has the authority to make all final decisions that are not directly related to matters of policy and/or the charter and ethics
    • For matters of policy & charter changes, the Mythic Gamer will submit said changes to the Loremasters for ratification, following the procedures outlined in the rank of Loremaster
    • Is authorized to select and appoint an advisory council of current Legendary Gamers, with whom he/she can consult on matters involving the Tenacious community, officer promotions and gaming/member issues. While advice and consultation may be solicited, and are encouraged, voting is not necessary for the decisions of the Mythic Gamer to be final. The appointment of, and the requirements for, the Advisory Council are set at the sole discretion of the Mythic Gamer
    • Has the authority to promote members into officer ranks, as well as current officer to higher ranks. Active participation in discussions by current officers regarding promotions is encouraged, but not required, for final promotion decisions
    • Will hold Loremaster level moderation authority with regards to community resources, as outlined in the rank of Loremaster
    • Eligible, with 2nd right of refusal, to lead a gaming chapter. They can lead that chapter in any way they see fit (hardcore/midcore/casual/factions for all). If not the Chapter Lead, will hold high ranking officer position in any game they participate in, regardless of core designation
    • If life circumstances should arise that require time away from the community for an extended period of time, the MG shall maintain contact with the Loremasters, who will assume all MG duties during such an absence. So long as the lines of communication remain open, the MG can freely address real life situations without fear of reprisal or loss of rank
    • In the event that the Mythic Gamer is removed from his/her position, or if the position is voluntarily abandoned, the rank of Loremaster will assume MG responsibilities until such a time as a new MG can be appointed or elected, the decision of which will be made by the Loremasters

    Rank 2
    Legendary Gamer (LG)

    • Uphold and enforce community Charter and ethics at all times
    • Access to Legendary Gamer forums
    • Must be the rank of Epic Gamer for one year to become eligible to become Legendary Gamer
    • Expected to be active, visible and participate in the community. Elongated periods of inactivity will result in a ranking adjustment from Legendary Gamer to Honored Gamer, with no loss of community or ranking status
    • Expected to visit and check officer forums a minimum of once per week to maintain awareness of community activities, officer consultations, member issues and Mythic Gamer bulletins
    • Eligible, with 3rd right of refusal, to lead any gaming chapter. They can lead that chapter in any way they see fit (hardcore/midcore/casual/factions for all). If not the Chapter Lead, they will hold officer positions in any game they participate in
    • Forum moderators with authority to move questionable posts, threads and media (images and videos) into the LG Burned in Furnace forums for Mythic Gamer review and author communication
    • No limit to the number of LG ranks available
    • Advisors to Mythic Gamer

    Rank 2
    Honored Legendary Gamer (HLG)

    • Rank reserved for Legendary Gamers with longer than normal periods of inactivity, as determined by Mythic Gamer, but generally equal to a period of 30 days or greater
    • Access to Legendary Gamer forums
    • HLG rank is fluid, as Legendary Gamers control their own officer status with their activity level
    • Does not lose ranking of Legendary Gamer or status in community, but rather is honored for their service to the community and afforded time needed away from Tenacious without question. Communication with fellow officers is encouraged to quell concerns about general well being
    • No requirements or expectations to check forums and participate in officer discussions until such a time as they can return to LG activity level
    • A return to normal community or gaming activity reinstates Legendary Gamer ranking and advisor role in community management
    • Not eligible to be gaming chapter lead until reinstated to community LG status
    • Not automatically appointed in game officer status until reinstated to community LG status
    • The HLG rank does not expire, as members who have faithfully dedicated their time and efforts to the community as Legendary Gamers will always be recognized as leader of Tenacious.
    • HLG can only be removed by a LM, and can only abandon the rank voluntarily

    Rank 3
    Epic Gamer (EG)

    • Dedicated members of the community who have deservedly been promoted to their first post as an officer of Tenacious
    • Access to Epic Gamer forums
    • Must be a member of Tenacious in good standing for a minimum of one (1) year to be eligible
    • Uphold and enforce community charter and ethics at all times, reporting directly to Legendary Gamers any violations or concerns
    • As a first time officer, Epic Gamers are expected to maintain consistent visibility in the community and participate in forum discussions
    • Expected to visit and check officer forums a minimum of once per week to maintain awareness of community activities, officer consultations, member issues and Mythic Gamer bulletins
    • Unlimited amount of EG ranks available
    • Eligible to become gaming chapter lead if chapter is not lead by Loremaster, Mythic Gamer or Legendary Gamer, or if any of the aforementioned step down during an active game chapter
    • Will hold officer type rank in all game chapters but not on the community forums (not moderators)
    • Once appointed or granted the position of Chapter Lead, an Epic Gamer will not be removed if a higher ranking member joins the game at a later time. We do not believe it’s right to take away a chapter once it’s established

    Rank 4
    Heroic Gamer (HG)

    • HG is an in-game officer appointment, made by the Chapter Lead during an active gaming chapter
    • HG is a designation by the Chapter Lead to recognize outstanding teamwork, participation and gamesmanship in support of the gaming chapter and the Tenacious reputation
    • Responsible to upholding the charter, the ethics and the directions of the Chapter Lead for the game in which she/he was appointed
    • Does not hold an officer position in the community or in Tenacious resources
    • HG is not a guaranteed position in any sanctioned game, it is completely assigned at the discretion of the Chapter Lead
    • Once the HG has left the game in which she/he was designated, they will return to the rank of Tenacious Gamer

    Rank 5
    Tenacious Gamer (TG)

    • The dedicated members of Tenacious that make up the general population of our great community
    • Adhere to and uphold the community charter and ethics
    • Safeguard our reputation as player members in gaming chapters and the gaming world
    • Wear the tag with pride, always looking for quality people to join our ranks

    Exceptions to the in-game officer appointments outlined above

    • The Mythic Gamer recognizes new and emerging guild restriction dynamics that play a part in the strategy and guild progression in some games in the modern MMO world. Regarding the exceptions to the officer hieracrchy in gaming chapters, as they relate to the rankings listed in the structure above, we refer to the following circumstances:
    1. A limited guild capacity (guild member cap) that falls within a range lower than the current Tenacious population in the game
    2. A guild capacity progression system in which the guild cap starts small and expands gradually, over time, as the result of active guild participation in quests and progression based objectives
    3. Officer ranks are limited (if officer ranks are limited, active community officers will always have priority over equally active Heroic Gamers or less active community officers)
    • In the event that any or all of the above circumstances occur, it is at the discretion of the Chapter Lead to designate the officer ranks as she/he sees fit to best serve the player base. It is permitted when the game launches to designate officer positions based on activity level commitment until such a time as the guild capacity is raised to the point that it exceeds the player population in the game. When sufficient guild space is available, officer designations will revert to the order of hierarchy listed in the official ranking structure.
    • While in-game structure may be altered to accommodate these special circumstances, community officers will always monitor the gamesmanship, adherence to the charter and our reputation in any game they play
    • The Chapter Lead is required to adhere to official ranking structure at such a time as special circumstances are no longer prevalent
    • It is recognized that this exception exists only for the benefit of the player members playing the game, and the exceptions no longer apply when the restrictions listed above no longer apply
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