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  1. Kivex
    Kivex Paradigm
    Hey Para. We had a death in the family, and have been out of town for a while. Life is backed up a little now, so may be a bit before I hop back in game. Thanks, and keep up your good work.
  2. Bobuko
    can't trust me.. you'd be better off with the sharks
  3. Bobuko
    bitch I'm chillin'
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  4. Sojiro Seta
    Sojiro Seta
    Very excited about Ashes of Creation, building a new beast computer for this game. Want to be a focused crafter.
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  5. Jowell
    Playing RO in (Sinister Swarm)
  6. Tria
    Where is my beer and pizza
  7. Serenaelia
    Serenaelia Splint
    Gangsta!!!! :)
  8. Dotskie
    Alive & Kicking!
  9. Itcantbehelped
    Itcantbehelped Alanna
    hey was it you i was talking ot in mumble while playing RO about vacations??
  10. Itcantbehelped
    Itcantbehelped Aers
    hi was it you i was talking to on ro about vacation a few weeks back???
  11. Macflynn
    Macflynn Serenaelia
    How you feeling, Hope your getting better and we will see you soon =))
  12. Serenaelia
    Serenaelia Shukrat
    Love that phrase.
  13. Shukrat
    It Had to start somewhere, It had to start somehow, What better place then here, What better time then now
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  14. colorful
    aw yis<3
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  15. Blodgharm
  16. Averie
    Averie colorful
    i just wanna rub that kitty belly
  17. PaHealin
    PaHealin: "A little Healing to break up the Pain" PaHurtin: "A little more Hurt to break up the Pain"
  18. PaHealin
    PaHealin "A little Healing to break up the Pain"
  19. Zawr
    Zawr CrimsonEclipse
    "I miss the touch of your skin on mine."

    Zawr 2014
  20. Ayakuuu
  21. Ayakuuu
  22. PaHealin
    "A little Healing to break up the Pain"
  23. Ninja
    Fully engaged in questionable motives.
  24. Wish
  25. PhoKing
    Baked fresh right out of the oven.
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  26. Yrroth
    I Came, I Saw, I Conquered
  27. Lilystar
    Lilystar twimine
    So glad you are joining us for Revelations Online. Grats on losing so much weight. That's a huge achievement!
  28. Tainted
    Tainted Paradigm
    1. Paradigm
      Heya, thanks for the heads up. I had seen it ... and actually, it's a shame they missed my comment as I left the server 3 nights ago. There were groups getting impatient and other groups trying to take over, so I left, wished everyone well and told them all that I would make decisions with Tenacious and we would do what's best for our community. We'll discuss more in the meeting
      Feb 24, 2017
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    2. Tainted
      I found this vid on RO forum, you want to post something in there to clear it up?
      Feb 24, 2017
    3. Paradigm
      Not really ... we don't get involved in drama like that stuff. There's actually probably a dozen discord servers like that set up of everyone watching everyone to see where everyone is going. That's why I left. I thought it would be a cool way to meet other communities, but ended up being toxic. The forums community at RO can have that kind of stuff. ... we'll do our own thing and be Tenacious
      Feb 24, 2017
  29. twimine
    twimine Averie
    hey I am applying for membership - If I get in can I join "The Biggest Loser" contest?
    1. Averie
      Yeah, sure :)
      Post your starting weight in the thread and I'll add you to my sheet
      Feb 18, 2017
  30. Lilystar
  31. twimine
  32. TrueHull
    Kami, it means God now bow!
  33. Wish
    Skyforge: Hermione Granger| BDO: Martel | Revelation: Wish
  34. Tria
  35. Drudge
    Drudge Vyke
    Today is 1/27/17 Friday. We are changing the Scroll run to Saturday, 1/28/17 due to node war Sunday.
  36. Arious
    really busy life.. will be around when i can :)
  37. Serenaelia
    Strong people don't put ppl down; they lift them up.
  38. Draco
    Im tired and I wanna go home.....
    1. Averie
      Feb 8, 2017
  39. Noaz
    Finally hit 55, so close to 56 :3
  40. tennon matthew
    tennon matthew Thermopyle
    hey is the minecraft servers still up ?
    vanilla or any others