What are the requirements to join Tenacious?

The requirements to join are simple. We don't require you to play "x" number of hours a night or sign up for 4 outta 7 raids a week. We don't require you to be a certain age or send us pictures of your characters equipment with a supplement spread sheet portraying your attributes. While we ask very little there are some things we do expect from interested members. We expect you to enjoy the game for what it is while respecting the community members.

We are exactly like retired porn stars. Have you ever meet a retired porn star? I have. Retired porn stars like to tell hardcore stories about their hardcore past. They have amazing stories that will raise the hair on the back of your neck. They are extremely passionate about what they do but they no longer want the stress that comes with doing porn full time. They had their hardcore fun, now they just wanna enjoy the occasional rimjob with friends and family without it feeling like a second job. What I'm trying to say is we are just like porn stars. Seriously. This analogy works 100%.

If you came here looking for a list of requirements then I am sorry to disappoint you. Simply said, we are looking for hardcore gamers who can enjoy gaming with us at the casual level. We are looking for members with a sense of humor and a stronger sense of loyalty. We are looking for members who will stick together in the best and worst of times. Most importantly, we are looking for retired porn stars with epic stories to tell us. Videos are a plus, also.

How do I apply?

You don't see an application form because we don't have one. We don't require you to fill out a long, grueling application or anything like that.

Honestly, we are far to lazy and busy gaming to read them. The easiest way to join our ranks is to register on our website and join us on our forum. You can find several different game related forums so just look and see if a Tenacious chapter is already started in the game you play.

If it is, just introduce yourself on our forums or message a member in game and they will direct you to an officer. As long as you agree with our community ethics and charter and enjoy gaming at the casual level with us, who are we to deny you?
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