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Tenacious Charter


Tenacious is a long tenured, multi-platform gaming community of friends and like-minded gamers from around the world. We are large enough to have a presence in multiple games, yet small enough that we get to know each other on a more personal level.

Born in Aion Beta (August of 2009), Tenacious has grown to become the premier destination for casual, accomplished, and active gamers. Other guilds may form for a single game and disband. Yet, Tenacious has stood the test of time! We are blessed with a roster full of awesome people who spend their time together both inside and outside of gaming. We pride ourselves on a rage & drama free community experience.

For years, many of us dearly loved our motto, "Hardcore at Heart, Casual by Nature.". Yet, as we've grown, we've broadened our minds to accept that not all games lend themselves to totally casual gaming. Some of us have hardcore pasts, yet choose to game more casually these days. On the other hand, some members are online every minute they can spare from their daily lives. Therefore, no matter your gaming style, we believe that you can find a peer group here. However, just to be clear, we understand that family, responsibility, and real life come first.

Tenacious is primarily made up of mature adults, although mature doesn't always go hand-in-hand with age. Therefore, we do not have any age requirement to join. However, please be aware that we do not ask our members to cater to young ears. So, our Mumble discussions and general chat may get rowdy, and we don’t employ any social monitoring to filter sexual references or foul language.

If you are a "L337 Do0dZ0r" or concerned with "phat lewtz" we can assure you this community is not for you. We are not here to force a play style on any member so remember to relax, have fun and enjoy the game for what it is. However, each chapter lead has the option to run their game as casually or hardcore as they want. In other words, no casual player will be kicked from a hardcore style chapter because they don't participate in everything, but be aware that chapter heads can and will run their chapters as they see fit.

Our Rules:
We will not tolerate douchebaggery:
  • Racism, sexism, discrimination, ninja looting, kill stealing, griefing, spawn camping or anything that damages our reputation in general.
We will not tolerate cheating.
  • This includes but is not limited to utilization of: hacks, cheats, bots, or anything that manipulates the core programming of the game.
  • If you can be banned from a game for doing it, you may also be banned from Tenacious.
  • We take this very seriously and greatly value our reputation as fair and true gamers.
  • All cases will be reviewed by the CoF, and punishment can range from warnings to community banishment.
Chapter creation is performed by officer ranks.
  • If you are interested in a game please contact an officer or post in the general section of Upcoming and Future Releases.
  • If the CoF or LG's buy the pitch and the game has promise, a thread will be started in our Upcoming & Future Release forum.
  • At such a time that it is right to move a game from the Upcoming & Future Release to Active Chapters, a thread will be started in the Epic Gamer forum to choose a Head for the game.
  • All who are interested in leading the chapter will submit their intent in this thread. If no Legendary Gamer or Council of Five member is interested in leading the chapter, an Epic Gamer may apply as leader.
  • If more than one eligible leader steps forward, a vote will be called which will take the form of a closed poll in the Epic Gamer forum. The result of this vote will effectively become the chapter lead of said game, and the other interested parties will be encouraged to support and assist him or her in the duties and responsibilities of leading the chapter.
All Tenacious chapters are required to have a chapter head.
  • These chapter heads can only be from the Epic Gamer, Legendary Gamer, and CoF ranks.
  • All official Tenacious chapters have full access to our community forums and our Mumble server. Chapter heads can establish and run their chapters however they like, be it casual, hardcore, or anywhere in between.
  • Chapter heads will utilize the current community rank structure when possible and applicable.
  • Tenacious will not allow for unsanctioned chapters. If no Epic, Legendary, or CoF member is willing to become chapter head for a game, then neither that game nor any established chapter will be recognized as an official Tenacious entity.
A forum post or thread may be removed from public view.
  • If it becomes non-productive, argumentative, or harmful to the community in general.
  • In such circumstances, an officer may escalate the post or thread to 'burned in a furnace', which will effectively remove it from public view.
  • There will be a 'burned in a furnace' type thread at each level of officer forum and an item will generally escalate one level.
  • If an officer performs such a move, it is required that he contact the member in a private message or individually on mumble to explain.
  • He or she will also have to post an explanation as a part of the escalated thread so that other officers understand.
Mumble installation is necessary to be an effective member of this community.
  • In the past we have had people who install Mumble to listen and don't use a microphone.
  • This is the minimum of acceptable VoIP that we expect from our members. No one is saying that you must be logged into Mumble at all times.
  • Mumble may be required for events or raids as outlined by the event or raid leader.
How Do I Become Tenacious?

There are no real restrictions to joining Tenacious, we only expect that you be a good person. We do not enforce an age minimum or geographic requirements. There is no skill audition or gear requirement to join Tenacious because we are a community that is more interested in who you are as a person rather than what you can do online. We ask that you match your forum name to your most common in game name so that it's easier to make a connection. All applicants must create an intro thread HERE and copy/paste the following information to let us know a little about your play style.

  1. Please tell us a little about yourself.
  2. How did you hear about Tenacious?
  3. What chapter(s) are you interested in joining Tenacious with?
  4. Did you read our charter?
  5. Do you have any questions related to it?
  6. You are in-game and ready to rekt it in a 5-man dungeon. You are a DPS and the dungeon requires (2) DPS, a tank, support and a healer. There's only one healer online and they are from Texas. The only support classes are a Canadian and a Unicorn. There are (6) DPS players online ... 2 of them are a married couple, two are from England and two have names that you can't pronounce. You don't speak Texan, Canadian, or British ... what do you do?

The chapter that you are joining may or may not have a separate application process. This is at the discretion of the chapter head. Simply joining the Tenacious community does not guarantee admission into the guild, corporation, company, pantheon, or whatever it's called in the game in question.
How We Play:
Tenacious is a Gaming Community with an emphasis on forum participation and VoIP. We support and promote out of game interaction just as much as we do in-game interaction. First and Foremost, Tenacious is a family and like any family we are there for each other through all types of weather. We will not dictate the play style or class choice of any Tenacious member. In fact, we are famous for taking on a dungeon or boss with 5 healers and a DPS. We will fight the extra length of time to do it together, and get all the glory!

We promote the progress of your forum account with trophies for everyone to see. We recognize number of posts, likes, years of service, etc...

These forums, our Mumble, calendar, and other resources are for use by Tenacious for Tenacious, therefore it is necessary to have permission from the community as a whole before you use them for personal reasons or to promote anything outside of the scope of Tenacious.

For a list of Tenacious officers, please see Officer's List post.

Published June 6, 2015

General Community Information

Website URL:
Founded date: Tenacious was founded on 08/10/2009 by Zawr and Falfouran.
Play style: Tenacious runs the gamut from hardcore to casual, depending on the game and our frame of mind at the time. We are hardcore at heart, casual by nature.
VOIP: We currently have a 200 person Mumble server open to the public.
Platform: Multi-game, with a focus on MMO settings
Time zone: We have players and members from all over the world. The most 'normal' activity peak
we guess would be in the US evening hours.

What is the difference betwen Legendary Gamers & Epic Gamers?

Great question!

While the 'Council of Five' (CoF) manages the community by posting bylaws and legislation, there are two operating groups of officers that operate to actively manage the community, uphold the Charter and tend to the needs of the membership.

Legendary Gamers are the longest tenured members of Tenacious, founded on August 10th, 2009. Legendary Gamers have laid the foundation for this great community and continue to strive for improvement each and every day.

Epic Gamer is the first officer rank that a Tenacious member can be appointed to. Working closely with Legendary Gamers, this groups is charged with the management of our community as a whole.

The system has been instrumental in developing Tenacious into one of the premier gaming destinations for the multi-core, accomplished and casual gamer and the great person.


What are the requirements to join Tenacious?

The requirements to join are simple. We don't require you to play "x" number of hours a night or sign up for 4 outta 7 raids a week. We don't require you to be a certain age or send us pictures of your characters equipment with a supplement spread sheet portraying your attributes. While we ask very little there are some things we do expect from interested members. We expect you to enjoy the game for what it is while respecting the community members.

We are exactly like retired porn stars. Have you ever meet a retired porn star? I have. Retired porn stars like to tell hardcore stories about their hardcore past. They have amazing stories that will raise the hair on the back of your neck. They are extremely passionate about what they do but they no longer want the stress that comes with doing porn full time. They had their hardcore fun, now they just wanna enjoy the occasional rimjob with friends and family without it feeling like a second job. What I'm trying to say is we are just like porn stars. Seriously. This analogy works 100%.

If you came here looking for a list of requirements then I am sorry to disappoint you. Simply said, we are looking for hardcore gamers who can enjoy gaming with us at the casual level. We are looking for members with a sense of humor and a stronger sense of loyalty. We are looking for members who will stick together in the best and worst of times. Most importantly, we are looking for retired porn stars with epic stories to tell us. Videos are a plus, also.

Mumble Server Information

PORT: 63593
No Password

How do I apply?

You don't see an application form because we don't have one. We don't require you to fill out a long, grueling application or anything like that.

Honestly, we are far to lazy and busy gaming to read them. The easiest way to join our ranks is to register on our website and join us on our forum. You can find several different game related forums so just look and see if a Tenacious chapter is already started in the game you play.

If it is, just introduce yourself on our forums or message a member in game and they will direct you to an officer. As long as you agree with our community ethics and charter and enjoy gaming at the casual level with us, who are we to deny you?
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