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Greetings Tenacious Gamers!

What a truly unbelievable thing all of you did in participating in our first annual 24-hour charity gaming marathon. What an amazing community this is, giving back in such a profound and 'together' manner. I couldn't be prouder to be a part of it.

All participants in the marathon, no matter if you finished or not ... just that you gave the effort and made a personal deal of the cause ... will receive a custom designed Tenacious wristband (pictured below). Simply PM me here on the site (click on my avatar just above this thread, then click on my name, then start conversation. Or just go to your inbox and start a new conversation) and give me your name and address and I'll mail it to you.

There were many give aways and prizes awarded along the way. If you won a Tenacious Mouse Pad, or a Tenacious T-Shirt, those orders will go in this week and will take a couple of weeks to be mailed to you, as they are custom made. A picture of the T-shirt is shown below.

In all, we raised:

  • $818 in Paypal donations from Tenacious members and direct donations from @Mizzvaine's twitch viewers
  • $1,900 was raised during @Mizzvaine's Twitch Stream Event (AMAZING!)
  • $1,900 of Mizzvaine's donations were matched by the sponsor
  • $2,000 will be donated by the sponsor on behalf of all Tenacious members that finished the marathon


Copies of the ceremonial & promotional check (as well as the actual check) will be posted in this forum in a week to 10 days when everything has been processed. The presentation to the hospital will also be...


Simply post in this thread when you've finished the marathon ... please note in your post whether or not you were part of the competition group.

You can send your entry to the link below ... be sure to put your forum name in the notes section. To compete in the competition group .... you can send your entry fee anytime during the marathon







Welcome my friends to the 1st Annual Tenacious Gamers Charity Gaming 24-Hour Marathon. My company, in support of The University of Iowa Children's Miracle Network Hospital, will sponsor and donate $50 per Tenacious Gamer that finishes the marathon, up to $2,000 ... and a weekend of BMW Shuttle Service for each Tenacious member that finishes above that.

It is free to join the marathon for Tenacious Gamers. You are welcome and encouraged to seek sponsors yourselves if you choose to donate aside from the marathon. However, there is no cost to you as the gamer.

There will also be a competition group .... those gamers competing against each other to see who can game the longest. Entry into the competition group and the prizes awarded are listed below.

First - sign up by posting in this thread that you will be participating
Second - To join the marathon, simply log into Mumble by 5:00pm EST on Saturday, April 1st. Game as long as you can, with the ultimate goal being able to make it 24 hours straight to earn your donation. When the marathon starts, your Mumble ID will be changed to include (24hr Marathon) after your name.

It doesn't matter what games you play, as long as you're playing games. Organized Movie Night will also be an acceptable distraction, as long as it's in Mumble and as long as it's on the first night

Having started @ 5:00pm EST on...

Thanks everyone for reading, commenting, and submitting content! :)
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2016 was a great year here. Looking forward to the surprises, laughs, and good times in 2017 with another big chapter on the horizon and a lot of new members who will soon become friends.
Greetings Tenacious Gamers!

Please note that we are migrating today to a NEW Mumble VOIP server. The new server will offer more bandwidth per person and a better gaming experience. All channels have been imported from our old server, so it will look just the same.

We'll be closing the old server tonight at midnight EST (Sunday night, 11/20/16, @ 11:59pm EST)

Officers need to be in Mumble for me to renew their access to admin functions from the old server. If you are not gaming , just hang out in the AFK channel


Thank you all for the H.U.G.E. turnout for Gamer Night last night, what a great time!

As tradition held, we announced the latest round of Tenacious officer promotions, so please help me and the Legendary & Epic Gamers welcome to the new members of our management circle ...



They've all put in the time, the presence, the visibility and the positive influences on this community to earn an opportunity to help us make the decisions that shape the present and the future of Tenacious

Well Met!

Extra Message from Rainedance:
"Now for updates on this campaign, a list of items that are still on our Troops request list, as well as more information on opportunities of contributing to our Holiday Care Packages for Our Troops go to this link: http://tenaciousgamers.com/index.php?threads/christmas-care-packages-4-soldiers-drive.8650/
For questions as well as my mailing address, you can contact me by PM on the forums or emailing at Raine1010@gmail.com .
As a reminder, this year’s campaign will end on November 30th, 2016. This is also the date that any items that are being sent to me should arrive. Our Care Packages will be sent December 1st – 3rd, 2016."

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server password: tg2016

Link for more information about Tenacious Cares: [CLICK HERE]
Link directly to the GoFundMe for Tenacious Cares: [CLICK HERE]

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Chapter 2 of the Heidel Chronicles (continued from the story posted in the newsletter)
LINK: http://www.tenaciousgamers.com/index.php?threads/the-heidel-chronicles-by-andra.8962/
Congratulations Tenacious on your collective 100,000th forum post!

Post #37 in the Movie Night? (Making a Comeback) thread by @Amelia Nitsah/cotemaxime was the 100,000th post on our forums.

Tenacious thanks each and every poster for helping make Tenacious the forum driven community that it is.

A bit of history as well ... we don't actually know what the count is for all 7.1 years that we've been together. While the forums migrated without issue when we switched from VBulletin to Xenforo a couple of years ago, they did not fare so well when we originally left GuildOMatic for our own domain back in 2010.

The actual number of posts since our founding is probably in the 110,000 range

Greetings Tenacious Gamers!

We hope this finds everyone doing well and prospering. Please pardon the interruption to your gaming. As we embrace the evolution and the mind blowing expansion of our great community, please enjoy the State of Tenacious address!

From the shadows of Atreia …

Hard to believe my friends that it’s been over 7 years now since the dawn of a new age in gaming began. Who would have guessed that a small, local guild of 3 known as the Wrath of the Phoenix would evolve so brilliantly into the Tenacious community that we all love today. What was once a single guild family in Aion back in the summer of 2009 is now the premier destination in gaming for a true community experience. By the masses, others have tried and failed to accomplish what we practice every day.

What is it about Tenacious that makes it so difficult to mirror, so challenging to reproduce? Easy. It’s the people. It’s the tireless pursuit of the ideals we were founded upon. It’s the determination to build an arena that transcends gaming, bound by principles that, collectively, we are unwilling to sacrifice.

Along the way we’ve been tested and we’ve been challenged. We’ve approached the brink, seen the abyss. We’ve experienced death and heartbreak and heartache, weathered storms and high winds and deception. We’ve experienced marriage and divorce, painful endings and new beginnings, new children and new friends, lost jobs and new careers, new roots and long pilgrimages, blue skies, sunshine and rain.

And oh yes, we’ve played some games. We’ve played some small games and some big games, and some epic games. We’ve played them and we’ve won, we’ve played them and we’ve lost. We’ve crafted theory and lost our sanity, found our path and lost our way. We’ve fought on land, in the water,...
Greetings to all! Hope this message finds everyone doing well and gaming to your hearts desire! Just wanted to make an official announcement to all the members.

We (Tenacious Leaders) have decided to re-structure the upper leadership structure. We have disbanded the Council of 5 and we have elected a new Community Leader (title forthcoming).

The new Community Leader will be @Paradigm!!! Congrats to you sir!

Tenacious is moving to a modified Triad rank structure. @Zawr and I will move into a Founder rank, with day-to-day Tenacious endeavors being led by our new Community Leader.

I personally look forward to working in this new structure, and I look forward to @Paradigm's role as he has more than proven to be one of the most dedicated people in Tenacious.

Thanks to all for your time and efforts and for letting me take part of your day for this announcement.