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    Hype is real for Retail WoW! The time to start playing or returning to Retail WoW has never been better!


    That’s right! It’s WoW’s 15th year anniversary…WoW Retail is better than ever and going to keep getting better.

    Visions of N’Zoth introduces a ton of new features, including a new raid, Old God assaults on two new zones, new allied race, and a new mode called Horrific Visions inspired by Legion’s ultra-difficult Mage Tower challenge. It will also put a final wrap on Battle for Azeroth’s story and sets the stage for Shadowlands.


    It gets better! One of the most exciting features in Shadowlands, Blizzard will be squishing the level cap down to the original limit of 60, completely overhauling how leveling a new character works in the process. Shadowlands turns WoW into a multiplayer RPG like the old Warcraft series! Updated graphics, Many New Character customizations…There is seriously so much stuff, I simply can’t list them all!

    Want to hear something cool? Of course you do!!!!! Pre-Purchase Shadowlands Heroic or Epic pack and get a 120 boost. Most of us boosted so we can get in and start doing Mythics and Raiding! We have not begun raiding yet because we are waiting for YOU! So hurry and do a 110 class trial to find the right class for YOU before you boost! Don’t have WoW or missing expansions! That’s ok too! World of Warcraft®: Complete Collection is on sale now with lots of goodies!

    Going forward we are going to have a major spotlight on having fun(WOOOOOO!)

    That includes competitions, contests, tournaments, raid progression among other things!!
    The events will be announced on discord and in game so stay tuned for the announcements!

    To ensure we have the most fun with raiding we have to continue killing new bosses and getting better gear.....AND MORE CORRUPTTIOONNNNNNN~~
    To help all those bosses go SPLAT, bring consumables to boost your numbers in raid, try your hardest to do a Mythic plus each week, it is the FASTEST way to get high level gear and to make progress towards new ranks of essences, know the fights before the raid, we will always explain if needed but the videos on youtube do a way better job of showing you the stuff you need to run out of! if you ever need help or guidance reach out to the community. We wear the mantle of Tenacious on our backs much like our characters do with Ashjra'kamas, we are a tight-knit group of fun and helpful individuals and will assist anyone who needs it to increase our success!

    Our Council for this chapter includes:


    Message anyone of them for further information or if you would like an invite to the guild <Tenacious Gamers> See you in Azeroth!

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