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    I have had the wondrous opportunity to level a TR all the way to 60, and I have come up with a comprehensive build for players. I have seen a few of the other builds floating around but I do not 100% agree with the theorycrafting behind them, so I am offering my own version for players who want something a bit different.

    The theory:

    The other builds, although great and full of information, seem to suffer from the same flaw time and time again: AoE and ranged dps. Each build I have seen has tried to incorporate AoE based talents in order to "compete" with the other 2 (currently) dps classes. Every build I see will waste an encounter slot on a poor AoE attack that hardly ever gets used on bosses. I disagree with this philosophy. These talents will help us keep up on AoE at best, but trickster rogues will never do competitive AoE dps. I prefer to leave that to the other classes and instead focus on massive single target damage. I find that this strategym, due to the health pools of AoE mobs being so low, will out dps the play-style that hamstrings single target to make room for some mediocre AoE dps.

    This being said, the other half of the flaw I am noticing is builds focus too highly on ranged dps attacks. These attacks are weak and should be avoided. Once you have developed the necessary skill to play a competitive high level TR, you should come to the realization that it is often better to roll in-and-out of combat to avoid heavy attacks and use your powers to close gaps (more on this below) than it is to simply sit back and use talents that ONLY support range. The point of a striker class like a TR is to use your agility and nimble movement style to close gaps and do massive melee damage. This build focuses on that play style. You will need some playing skill to pull this off, but the benefits outweigh those of the mediocre ranged style.

    My build:


    This really is up to you. A lot of people say human because of the bonuses to their talents. Some people prefer Halflings because the + rolls favor TR while gaining some defensive stats, but I prefer the Half Orc. It is hard to compete with +2 dex +2 str +5 crit severity and increased movement speed.


    A lot of the guides are doing breakdowns on every single power available. I am just going to list the must haves. Any excess points will either be spent on utility talents, or pointless fillers to unlock necessary powers.

    Sly Flourish (3/3): your standard auto attack. Useful on low health pool mobs, or encounters that have a lot of moving (bosses that have no agro tables, or phase shift).

    Dazing Strike (3/3): Your second hardest hitting strike. Can be used on bunched up mobs for AoE dps as this attack is a cone. Use this on every CD on bosses.

    Lashing Blade (3/3): Your primary encounter. Use this on every CD, especially when stealth is available for the guarantee critical strike.

    Lurker's Assault (3/3): Boss and Dungeoning Daily #1. Use this at the start of the encounter on trash or the boss. Stop using this on bosses when they are at or under 20% hp.

    Whirlwind of Blades (3/3): Dungeoning Daily #2. Use this when pushing through the dungeon. Use it for AoE damage on large packs. If there are champion mobs I prefer to still use LA, but if there are several little guys in one pack then WoB will shine due to the +pwr buff.

    Duellist's Flurry (3/3): Bound to the right-mouse button, this at-will attack is actually your primary DPS ability. Never interrupt the rapid strike portion of this attack for an encounter. Note: you can time your Lurker's Assault to start right before the 3rd phase of Duellist's Flurry to maximize dps while in ultimate form.

    Tactics (3/3): Passive #1. The AP regen on boss fights is unbeatable.

    Skilful Infiltrator (3/3): Passive #2. Movement speed and critical strike are a must on all encounters. This outshines the other DPS passive due to you not relying on proccing. The static bonus to movement helps you get in and out when you need to, and the bonus to crit is pretty obvious.

    Shocking Execution (3/3): Boss Daily #2. The damage output on this ability is too high to ignore. I see players saying it is PVP only and I disagree. Use this on the boss when he is at 20% hp and he won't have any HP left for anybody else's attacks. Lurker's Assault is great on the boss up until he is nearly dead, because LA relies on your rotations to do actual damage. The boss may die before you even finish LA. Shocking Execution will often do 30k+ damage in a single cooldown to eat up the remaining precious HP pool of the boss.

    Every other talent is either filler or situational.

    A note on AoE dps: When dungeoning trash mobs I recomend Path of the Blade over Blitz. The reason being that Blitz is a once and done CD that you must repeatedly spend over and over during an encounter. Blitz competes with your single target cooldowns as you will constantly have to decide to either Blitz or use dualists flurry on the high HP mob. The second reason is that Blitz is the opposite of a gap closer, which is exactly what you DO NOT want. If you are aware of your situation in combat you shouldnt have to resort to a gap widening ability. Path of the Blade is an encounter that will do some AoE dps during your regular single target rotation on heavy mobs. It serves to add a little fluff dps to AoE packs without you actually having to think about it.

    A note on Wicked Reminder: This is usually my go-to 3rd encounter for all bosses, but it doesn't suit the playstyle of a lot of players. Practice managing the cooldows of your other abilities first, and once you can manage the 2 primary encounters without clipping your Duellist's Flurry then start to weave in Wicked Reminder. The downside to this ability is many bosses do not let you sit on them for long, and you only have time for 1 or 2 Duellist's Flurries + your encounters, and you don't want to sacrifice the stealth crit of the Lashing Blade (until your crit gets so high that it no longer benefits you) for 3 stacks of this ability. I still consider this debuff very powerful...just make sure you practice weaving it in to your rotation before you prioritize it. If the boss is impossible to stick on for long, you will likely see a dps increase simply by dodging away and deft striking back to him/her to maximize your up time.

    Under 50% Crit Feats:

    The theory behind Feats is the same as the theory behind Powers: massive single target DPS. The feats listed below are for players who hit 60 and want to do as high damage as possible with their current gear. These feats will result in the best possible single target dps if your crit % is under 50%

    Heroic Feats:

    Weapon Mastery (3/3): Pretty obvious crit increase.

    Action Advantage (5/5): You will always be dealing Combat Advantage damage so you might as well reap the benefits.

    Toughness (1/3): Filler point.

    Cunning Ambusher (3/3): Mediocre Talent. This build essentially ignore stealth unless its for the insta-crit strike, but this will ramp up the dps every time you do this. Don't expect huge gains because we are not wasting time with dancing in and out of stealth.

    Endless Assault (3/3): Pretty obvious on this one, but this will actually help your Path of the Blade on trash should you care about that.

    Scoundrel Training (3/3): You should never be the target of a high HP mob as tanks love to hold agro on them.

    Executioner Feats:

    Dazzling Blades (5/5): Your Duellist's Flurry will shred the seconds off your 2 primary encounters.

    Devastating Shroud (5/5): This makes Shocking Execution an absolute monster. Near one-shot high HP mobs and then enjoy +10% crit chance and +10% severity on the garbage mobs that follow. Who cares about AoE when you can just nuke the primary target and auto attack the additional mobs for the majority of their hp pools? I see other guides saying to go with the reduced threat on crit but as of now it is NOT NEEDED.

    Critical Teamwork (5/5): Another obvious crit buff.

    Deadly Momentum (5/5): The best feat available for Rogues, This will be up nearly 100% of the time should you focus on single target dps and you won't even have to THINK about it.

    Overrun Critical (1/1): This should apply to every second attack as once you are in heroics your critical strike chance is going to be over 50% with decent gear and these talents. This now means that on every non-crit you are closing in on doing near critical damage.

    Scoundrel Feats:

    Underhanded Tactics (5/5): Due to you always positioning yourself to do Combat Advantage damage, this is the best choice when branching out to a new tree.

    Nimble Blade (4/5): This rounds out your dps, remove the burst component to your attack cycle, and turns you into an unstoppable killing machine. If you crit your target takes huge damage. If you don't crit you still get a bonus from Overrun Critical and you have a chance to do an additional 20% damage from Nimble Blade. Duellists flurry strikes so many times that you are going to shred the enemies HP pool when using this feat.

    Over 50% Crit Feats:

    Once the majority of your attacks become critical strikes, the quality in the Nimble Blade Talent drops way off. This talent shifts from an amazing increase to a ho-hum 3.5% increase in damage for 5 points. Your points will be better spent elsewhere. You can either add to Disciple of Strength and Cunning Stalker if you do not like to focus on stealth, or, you can redistribute your points and go 5/5 Cunning Stalker and 5/5 improved Cunning Sneak to get bigger AP regen on your duelist flurry (completed in stealth) to have a higher Daily uptime.

    Note: the theory behind 5/5 Cunning Stalker and 5/5 Improved Cunning Sneak will hold to be true in a vacuum. In theory, if you are able to stay on a boss long enough to reap the benefits of 2x Duellist Flurry then you should be generating enough AP to overcome the loss in DPS from losing Disciple of Strength and Scoundrel Training and Nimble Blade. But if you find that the scenarios that your group encounters are more complex than simply standing on the same spot and holding Right-Click (to each their own) then I suggest avoiding this redistribution.

    What To Do:

    This build is easy. Attack the biggest HP mob you can find. Open with duellists flurry, stealth, lashing blade, dazing strike, and duellists flurry their hp away until your encounters are off CD. Use your third encounter as a utility ability. The dungeon has lots of trash mobs? Path of the Blade will round out your damage without even thinking about it, and it lets you stay on that precious high HP mob. Enemies have powerful AoE attacks? Consider en evasive ability like deft strike simply so you can dodge out and teleport back in to continue your rotation. Seriously, don't waste your time with hilarious ranged attacks. Use Whirlwind of Blades if you must. Use Shocking Execution to 1-shot high HP mobs while the other classes compete to kill low hp minions. Use Lurker's Assault to rip very high HP mobs to shreds. Simple.

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