STARTREK meets EVERQUEST -- in the New Borg Queen (Mini-Series)

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    To all of those who came before, and to all of those who will come after, this one’s for you.


    (a reconstructed mythology)


    part one


    Tactical Sub-commander Owdak’s eyes shot up to the bridge screen, his normally deep blue Andorian skin a pale blue.
    “Captain, there’s a rift forming just ahead of us; I’m detecting a Tritanium signature!” he announced; the rift opened a moment later. The Borg sphere emerged before the Scimitar-class Dreadnought Warbird—R.R.W. NORRATH.
    Tallon Zek shot forward in his chair. “Red alert—raise shields—all hands to battle stations!”
    “We are the Borg. Lower you shields and surrender your ship. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your captain will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.” Tallon raised a curious eyebrow. Your captain?
    “Captain they’re hailing us!” added Owdak.
    Tallon lept from his chair. “On screen!”
    “Permission to come aboard, Captain?” The Borg captain winked a smile.
    Tallon’s jaw muscles flexed. “In my ready-room!” He turned heatedly and moved a hand across his throat. Owdak discontinued communication with the Borg sphere. Ready-room doors hissed open as Tallon rushed through them. The Borg captain was already there and smiling, as an angry Tallon marched toward him.
    “Hugh, how many times have I told not to . . . you’re giving my crew premature hair loss when you do that! I told you this the last time you . . . and what’s this nonsense about—‘Your captain will adapt to service us?’”
    Hugh’s human hand shot forward seizing Tallon’s throat; he yanked him forward. Hugh pierced Tallon’s lips with his tongue; they kissed warmly, longingly. Hugh backed away from the kiss. “You will adapt to service us,” he said, clear blue eyes ablaze with fiery desire for the man he loves.
    Tallon gulped, “Oh that kind of service us . . . .” Hugh’s smile was big, and sexy. Tallon chuckled, “I see . . . well for Romulan's sake at least stop scaring the hell outta my crew from now on.”
    “Why that’s all the fun in it, besides, you need to be at red-alert these days.”
    “Why, what’s happening?”
    Hugh sighed. “Tallon, the collective has a new Borg Queen, and it’s your sister from your ancient world of Norrath. Unlike the previous Queen, your sister’s infinitely more destructive with the use of her magic. She touched the forbidden Nexus Stone, the same stone you touched to come here to learn more about how the Borg invaded your realm. Star Fleet Intelligence informs us she’s mounting an all out attack on the United Federation of Planets. It’s been indicated she will use the other four remaining Transwarp Hubs to carry out a devastating intergalactic incursion—simultaneously attacking all four quadrants, and then she intends to invade Norrath. I was personally sent by Chancellor Paradigm to find you. Tallon, you are desperately needed at the Fortress of Tenacious. We must leave at once for the summit meeting.”
    Tallon immediately tuned on his heel. The doors hissed open to the bridge.

    “Yes, Captain?” asked Owdak.
    "Set a course for the Fortress of Tenacious—best possible speed.”
    Tallon seated himself; his knuckles turning white gripping the arms of his chair.
    “Course laid-in and ready Captain—warp factor 12.5.”
    Tallon steadied his nerves and raised a hand in the air. “Engage!”


    part two

    (The Fortress of Tenacious; where experimental and advanced technologies are designed and perfected. The fortress also houses the most safeguarded library vaults in the universe where records of great battles are stored.)
    A great hush fell upon the Great Hall as Tallon and Hugh walked the red carpet toward the summit table. All of the races are present in this classified meeting—Tallon’s race classification: Alien. Tallon and Huge seated themselves. Chancellor Paradigm touched a consol button; a miniature hologram of Tallon appeared on the table.
    “Warlord Zek,” the Chancellor shrugged, “or would you prefer Vice Admiral or Ambassador Zek?”
    “Tallon—suits me," he replied, and then added. "While achievements are necessary, titles are rather cumbersome.” A respectful smile was shared between them.
    “Tallon, your accomplishments and your intelligence has not gone unnoticed by this council,” said the Chancellor, as he opened the intel-file. “I see you joined the Romulan Republic on Stardate: 91913.04.” He flipped the page. “Tallon has been promoted to rank of Vice Admiral on Stardate: 91951.34.” He rubbed his chin. “Vice Admiral in less than two months, impressive to say the least. Nemesis of the Collective on Stardate: 92290.5.” He raised an eyebrow. “Spy on Stardate: 92317.68. Military Rank of Number One on Stardate: 92336.91. Diplomatic Ambassador on Stardate: 92375.86. Science, Engineering, Military Strategy and Espionage Development; all of them and others, Rank-Five. The highest rank one can achieve in all of them.”

    Captain Kathryn Janeway appeared cross-eyed over the rim of her dented coffee cup; she grimaced at the taste of cold black coffee. She waved a respectful gesture at the Chancellor, and then she turned to Tallon.
    “Your achievements are duly noted Tallon. Suffice to say; this magic wielding Borg Queen, Sullon. If she’s originally from your realm, then how do we defeat her?”

    “While it’s true; we defeated the Borg who invaded our realm, our mission to defeat Sullon will be the greatest challenge and battle in the history of your universe. She is unlike any other; she is a Goddess of Norrath, as I am a God of Norrath. We are immortals, birthed in the Age of Elders at the cost of our mortal Diaku mother. There are three other Gods; my father Rallos Zek, my brother Vallon and my sister Sullon Zek. In our realm, my sister is also known as The Mistress of Rage; here she will be written down in your history books as something far worse than ‘Rage’.” Tallon stood up from his chair. “Chancellor Paradigm, Data, Janeway and Seven-of-Nine, you will assist me with tactical strategies. I have devised a plan for my sister.” Tallon turned to Hugh. Hugh stood and moved to him. “Hugh, I need you to go to my realm, to Soulbinder Jera, and place your forehead to hers.”
    “But how do I get there Tallon, I’m not you.” Tallon took Hugh’s face in his hands, their eyes closed and their foreheads met. Tallon imparted unto him a small measure of the magic he possessed, and when their eyes opened, Hugh understood his mission.
    “She will try to kill you Hugh because you are Borg, but you must convince her.”
    “I understand, Tallon, I will not fail you.” Hugh closed his eyes and whispered the magic words, “By the grace of Jera, Bind- My-Soul.” He vanished from the room.


    part three


    Hugh materialized in front of Soulbinder Jera.
    “Stop creature!” she commanded, and then she began to wave her epic staff.
    “Jera wait! Please Jera; I bring word from Tallon Zek, he—he needs your help!”
    “The great Warlord Tallon Zek—and it’s you of all creatures who bring me his request?” She punched him in the gut with her epic Staff of the Serpent. “Speak creature!”
    “He told me we must touch our foreheads, and then you would understand.”
    “Then we must do this creature, and quickly,” said she. A brief moment later her eyes flew open.
    “Hurry creature, make haste, we must fashion this magical broach Tallon has requested of us. First, we must find a Memory Pearl from the depths of Lake of Ill Omen. Then, finding the Great Necromancer in the Plane of Hate will be a hazardous journey for us. He posses the Scythe of the Shadowed Soul, he and only he can enchant the pearl. Our best blacksmiths can fashion the broach to hold the pearl, and then our High Shaman can bestow Veeshan’s Favor upon the completed jewelry.
    “You know, my name is Hugh by the way!” he shouted behind her as they ran for the nearest portal Stone.” Jera spun around and raised the end of her staff to his face; the serpent flicked its black tongue.
    Hugh gulped, “Uh, creature is just fine with me!”


    part four


    (The Great Hall: a private meeting...)

    Captain Janeway smiled at Tallon, “Are you sure you want to do this?”
    Tallon rubbed the ache in his neck. “No, but I’m not getting any younger you know.” They smiled at each other. “Hugh and Seven-of-Nine, are they ready?”
    She placed a steady hand on his shoulder. “They’re ready. For what it’s worth, Tallon, I’m glad I got to know you. If this doesn’t . . . .”
    He placed his hand on her arm. “If this doesn’t work, is there room on the grounds of the Presidio for my ship?”
    “Well, if there isn’t, there will be when I'm finished with the museum curator.” She smiled one last time. “Tallon, we’ll be ready, when you get there with her.”
    “I have little concern with you there leading the armada. I don’t know when this happens how much of the Central Nexus Hub will be transported to Norrath or how many tactical cubes will come through with it.”
    “Then, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.” She touched her com-badge. “Warlord Tallon Zek is ready to beam aboard his ship.”
    A moment later, he appeared on the bridge of his ship. He bounced the enchanted broach on the palm of his hand, and then he gripped it tightly. Thank you Hugh, he mused with a smile and settled into his chair. He tapped a few buttons on a console. A rift appeared dead ahead. “Computer, lay in a course for these spacial coordinates.” His Scimitar Dreadnought Warbird shot into the rift.


    part five


    Tallon gazed up into his sister’s rage filled eyes. “Sullon, you have fought many great battles in our realm, what do want of this world, more of the same? Will you never rest—will your heart never find peace?” The upper half of Sullon descended from the rafters of her Unimatrix- Zero alcove―hidden well within the sixth Central Nexus Hub location. Her exposed spine withered like a snake into her Borg lower half. Borg clamps emerged from her armor and sunk into her skin securing her together. Coal black hair fell upon her shoulders.
    “Why are you here, are these mortals your collective now brother?” Her false smile raked his heart as she approached him.
    “I only sought you out to give you this gift. I’m returning to Norrath.” Tallon opened his hand. The broach was breathtakingly beautiful. Tallon smiled, “Only a Goddess could wear this.” He pinned it on her black leather. She looked at him square in the eye, searching, questioning.
    “LIES!” she suddenly shouted, and then her assimilation tubules pierced his neck. Unnoticed by her, the pearl in the broach began to spin. “I will not be deceived Tallon!”
    “There is no deception,” he said, grabbing the tubules to prevent them from retracting out of his neck. “We are one now, Sullon.” His eyes narrowed at her. “And we are going home.”
    Her eyes widened with fear. “No Tallon, why would you do this to me?” she screamed.
    He had just enough strength left to utter these words. “I’m here my dear sister to bring a little order to chaos,” and then he said the magic words, “By the grace of Jera, Bind-My-Soul.”
    They vanished from the alcove, and then a moment later the entire Central Nexus Hub vanished.


    the conclusion


    When they appeared in front of Soulbinder Jera, Hugh lunged forward ripping Tallon away from Sullon. Sullon shot forward, with black claws reaching for Jera's staff. But it was too late; Jera was ready for her. The eyes in Jera's Staff of the Serpent glowed and the pearl in the magic broach spun faster turning molten red.
    “By Veeshan’s Favor!” Jera shouted. Sullon became immobile—forever entombed in living Memory Crystal. Jera waved her staff one last time and Sullon vanished, exiled to the Citadel of Anguish where the great gargoyles of Norrath will guard Sullon for an eternity.
    Seven-of-Nine rushed to Hugh bent over a fallen Tallon. They each stabbed Tallon's neck with assimilation tubules. Seven looked worried. “Only time will tell, Hugh, if our encrypted nano-probes will safe him.”

    Captain Janeway stood on the bridge of Voyager, with an open com-link to 10,000 intergalactic warships ships awaiting her command. The Central Nexus Hub suddenly appeared in the brilliant skies of Norrath. Thousands of Diaku and great Orc Centurions astride magic breathing dragons took to the skies. They raced to the Central Nexus Hub and with powerful dragon claws they ripped it apart.
    “Fire all weapons!” Janeway shouted when the last of the mighty dragons where clear of the hub.
    The skies of Norrath became something of legendary stories that day. And for two moons or two hundred years in Norrath (two earth days) Captain Janeway reined hell down on the Borg.

    And so was ushered into Norrath and recorded in the Tenacious history vault—this greatest of all battles.​



    Captain Janeway took Hugh by the elbow, purposefully holding them back when Tallon was ushered into the Great Hall for a victory celebration. “So tell me Hugh, is Tallon as good in bed, as he is good looking?”
    Hugh leaned to whisper in her ear. “Actually, he short-circuits my Borg implants.”
    She sighed, and clutched her dented coffee cup to her chest.

    The end

    (Or maybe it's just the beginning; there are several Transwarp Hubs remaining, and Sullon is immortal after all.)​


    Written by: Tallon Zek (STO) Siafu (TENACIOUS) Dottle (EVERQUEST)
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    Thank you Siafu, that was fun reading. Galactic adventures are always in high demand.
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    It was fun writing it! ;)

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