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    I. Introduction
    Hi all tenacious and sinister swarm member,

    First of all i want to introduce myself, My IGN name is Vahniel Pekehase ( i think my real name is irrelevant here) from the first time i played skyforge i loved it so much.
    The role i choose is the role that can tank boss/add/enemies and absorb as much damage as i can so i choose paladin class as one of my main class.
    II. Skills & Abilites

    Here is the link for my current build for my paladin.,2097658105,2097658108,2097691980,2097657913

    Removes all removable negative effects and control effects from the Paladin or their ally. Makes them immune to control effects for 2 seconds.
    Celestial Shield II
    Creates a shield that absorbs damage equal to 12% of the Paladin's health. If the shield is not destroyed within 5 seconds, it will explode and inflict 0.81x base damage to nearby enemies. While the shield is active, successful Punishing Bolt stuns the enemy for 1 second.
    Onslaught II
    You charge towards the target, attack it with the sword and inflict 0.79x base damage, knocking it down. The attack pulls all nearby enemies towards you. Consumes Righteous Anger.
    Massive Verdict
    Attacks the target from a distance and inflicts 1.39x base damage to enemies in a large area around the target, generating 10 times more threat than the usual attacks. The attack has activation time. Activates Impulse Charge.
    Waves of Holiness
    Inflicts 0.28x base damage to all enemies in a large radius around you. Makes enemies attack you for 6 seconds. Activates Impulse Charge. This ability does not require a target.
    Basic attacks inflict 120% more damage and apply an effect that increases movement speed by 3% for 6 seconds. This effect stacks up to 10 times.
    All your attacks generate 400% more threat, and all your shields absorb 60% more damage. Onslaught makes the monster attack you for 4 seconds.
    Shrine Protector
    During the first 12 seconds in a fight, the Paladin deals 25% more damage and takes 20% less damage.
    Unshakable Faith
    Restores 5 more points of Righteous Anger every second. While not in combat the amount restored is increased to 100 every second.
    All aspects of Verdict inflict 50% more damage.
    Restores 40% of your health if it drops below 20%. Can only be used once every 10 minutes.
    Aegis of Light I and Aegis of Light II cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds.
    Shattering Shield
    Celestial Shield I and Celestial Shield II inflict 100% more damage when they explode.​

    III. Equipment
    Main Weapon : give % bonus when in Holy Ground
    Secondary Weapon : give % extra shield when using Celestial Shield I or II
    Amulet : give extra damage for celestial shield I & II and Seal of light/ Punishing Bolt.
    Ring : Str & Spirit with Health bonus & Discharge Recovery.

    IV. Symbol
    1. Clever Manuver
    2. Impluse Shield
    3. Inertia
    4. Defender Creed
    5. Divine Intervention
    6. Shroud of light
    7. Balance
    8. Ultimate Strenght
    9. Impulse intensity
    10. Painfull spasm

    V. How To play/Rotation Skill
    The skill rotation for palladin
    Holy Ground & Massive Verdict => Onslaught (you can skip this if you want to reserve resource) => Celestial Shield => aegis of light => Seal of light/massive verdict/punishing bolt to get shield from impulse and then dash to get reduce damage & more shield from clever manuver (rinse and repeat)

    You need to watch the cool down and shield duration when you do the rotation because this is important to make the shield up all the time so pally can absorb damage as much as possible, in between the rotation you can use wave of holiness to get the agro that we miss, wave of anger to knockdown the enemy.

    When you have witch in you party (example, OI raid party) if they want to pop witch shield at start make sure spam seal of light as much as we can so we can hold boss agro and prepare onslaught and wave of holiness to keep boss agro.

    OK guys, that is what i want to share, if there any question regarding palladin class please feel free to ask.
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    Nicely done!

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