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    Currently 10k gearscore Ranger. I have done lots of pvp+pve and i'm here to share my knowledge to the community. The game is still new so there will be lots of changes in the future. I'm still experimenting and testing things out but I have a very good understanding and knowledge of the class. Come back and check up on the guide after a ranger patch and i'll try to update as fast as I can on the changes.

    Current Version



    I use this set up for all PvE/PvP content. The crt damage is a must to make that snipe skill do as maximum damage as possible. I also go for dodge instead of resistance because rangers have such high dodge rate adding more would make you able to maintain your chain and overall dps at certain situations. For PvP instead of getting the increase damage 3% you can opt to go for the magic defense for more survivability. But that depends if you're a solo ranger or a ranger that follows the group and want to dish as much damage as possible from the back.

    PvE Single-Target
    Non-Chain Skills
    I'm going to be explaining the skills from left to right in order.
    1)Rangers stun skill that's very strong if you combine it with the marksman stance binding arrow. This makes the mobs stun for 3 secs. You want to start off with binding arrow then stun for 3 secs.
    2)This is a party buff skill that boost the movement of you and your teammates by 35%. Very useful in the Migras dungeon last boss.
    MUST HAVE active when dpsing at all times. This skill is a damage steroid that permanently boost your damage by 35%. The downside is you lose movement speed + armor so be careful!
    4)Regenerate your concentration when you need to.

    Swap out stun for movement when you need it.

    Start off with Marksman Tactic using the first chain going down the right side. Swap to Sniping Tactic and use middle all the way down to get snipe charged up and do full damage. Swap back to Marksman Tactic and use the 3 right chain again. Swap to Sniping Tactic and use Poison arrow into the left chain. Once you're done just repeat. This combo does the most damage in pve. Of course certain situation requires different use of the combo. You can swap around from poison first then snipe. Remember to have High-Angle active. (The number 3 Non-Chain Skill)

    Bow: Make sure it has dodge move on it. 10 cool down reduction on your cc break/immunity roll goes a long way.
    Armor: Full medium armor for the passive buff. 3 Wolf Pieces (2 if you have epic rune). Make sure to have 100% hit rate. That's a must. Rest of the gear
    BEAR is best in slot rune piece to have for your armor. If can't get bear then any other land animal is fine. (Lion/Leopard/Wolf)
    PvP - Soon
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    You say to start your rotation with the Marksman 3 right chain, but the image highlights the 1 right chain, but I do agree with the rotation.
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    Need more rangers

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