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    Okay, ya'll Namru and I found an awesome game.

    We played it the night of the 24 Hr Gamer Marathon and I haven't been able to walk away from it since.

    It is called Raft, and as silly as this game sounds it is SO. MUCH. FUN!

    The game starts with you on a tiny little raft in the middle of the ocean and there are "resources" (its garbage lol) floating all around you. You have one item on you, it is a hook made of garbage. You throw the hook and try to catch and gather as much resources as you can. Once you obtain a sufficient amount of resources you can build things, like a bigger raft, cups, a food grill, a bed, etc. It is very similar to Minecraft in that regard.

    Why can't I just jump off the raft and go swim to the resources you ask? Because there is a big shark out there and he occasionally eats pieces of your boat if you don't build a spear quickly enough to stab him in his big dumb eyeballs to keep him off your raft.

    There are also islands that you can find and they have trees, fruit; and diving goods such as metals, sand, and clay.

    There IS a story to the game, but you kind of have to discover it on your own as you go. To give even a small piece away kind of gives away the rest of the story.

    I can't tell you how fun its been, please let me know if anyone is interested in joining and playing. Right now it is $20USD on Steam. Its a blast!

    That's all, just wanted to gush about this game.

    The Biggest of Hussies xox
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    If anyone is interested too, let us know - unfortunately there's no server-side game to run, it is only peer to peer, but we can have up to I think 8 people on a single raft. Come be sharkbait for us =D
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