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    In case anyone else out there plays Nioh 2, I'd like to drop this here. I posted this on reddit hoping it might help people out with their gear and playstyle. For anyone that doesn't play Nioh 2, heartily recommend it.
    I have been searching for anywhere online where people can post more definitive numbers to show how useful or not useful certain buffs or damage bonuses are. After finding a whole lot of nothing, I've done some of my own testing to help all of us out.

    These tests were done by smacking a skeleton warrior in the dojo 1 time with a mid stance quick attack with a switchglaive. The first quick attack always does the same damage if no factors are changed. Naturally, this means that these numbers will not be exact and will not be perfect representations of all situations and all weapons, but considering we don't have a lot of hard data out there, it is something more than nothing, and i hope it helps people with their builds and micromanagement in some way. I had my armor on as well as title buffs and small factors such as that affecting the numbers, so again these are not perfect tests, but they make good indicators when all of these factors are not shifting, and only changing 1 variable at a time such as a buff on the weapon.

    My stats are:
    Con- 27
    Heart- 21
    Courage- 13
    Stam- 23
    Strength- 7
    Skill- 41
    Dex- 48
    Magic- 99

    For the first set of tests I am using a lvl 160(+6) evil crusher switchglaive at full hp, agility bonus of (A) and ZERO familiarity unless otherwise stated. The attack for the weapon including my stat scalings is 1564. Again, this will be 1 quick attack in mid stance. Only 1 variable is being changed in each scenario unless specifically stated otherwise, so buffs added are REMOVED before the next test.

    Base damage w/o buffs= 416
    With 'Damage Bonus (Agility) (A-) = 429
    With 'Power Pill' = 692 (+66.3%)
    With 'Ki Pulse: Heaven' = 440 (5.8%)
    With Switchglaive mystic damage buff +1 = 585 (40.6%)
    With SG mystic damage +2 = 659 (+58.4%)
    With SG mystic damage +3 = 712 (+71.2%)
    With SG mystic damage +4 = 756 (+81.7%)
    With SG mystic damage +5 = 794 (+90.9%)
    With back attack damage = 668 (+60.6%)
    With 'Power Pill' AND SG mystic +1 = 793 (+90.6%)
    With enemy debuffed with weakness = 629 (+51.2%)
    With enemy debuffed weakness + saturated = 755 (+81.5%)

    Adding 'Attack bonus(Dex)(A-)' gave me 87 total attack on my weapon.
    Adding instead 'Attack bonus(magic)(A-)' gave me 161 attack on my weapon, and brought the base damage of my attack up to 591.

    Analysis: Damage bonus agility is trash considering it cannot stack with an attack bonus. Just grab yourself an attack bonus that scales off a decent stat and you will get MUCH more damage. We can also see Ki pulse:Heaven is also a pretty minimal buff for a 1 swing bonus. The SG mystic adds considerable damage, as well as the power pills and of course back attack damage. Bebuffing the enemy's defence also seems a rather considerable bonus. The most important thing though I am going to mention now before I've even put in all the tests, is that ALL of the 'Damage Bonus' buffs seem to be trash. All of em. You will gain SIGNIFICANTLY more damage just by getting your self an 'Attack bonus'. Don't fuck around with 'Damage bonus'. It isn't worth it since it CANNOT be rolled WITH 'attack bonus'.

    As a little extra test, I tried using as switchglaive that was lower level to compare damage a little. A switchglaive with 1150 attack did 271 damage, where my new 1725 attack SG did 591.

    The next tests were done with a different weapon with an attack of 1263.

    Familiarity damage bonus (B+) test:
    0 Familiarity = 301
    150 Fam = 306
    300 Fam = 309
    600 Fam = 311
    900 Fam = 319 (bonus became A-)

    So with maximum familiarity giving an apparent damage bonus, as well as increasing the actual 'attack' of the weapon itself, we see that it hardly did anything at all to increase our damage. Analysis, Familiarity damage bonus is trash.

    Damage bonus enemies defeated (C) Test: (dual swords, 2 damage numbers)
    Base: 205 - 220
    1 kill: 209 - 224
    2 kills: 209 - 225
    3 kills: 210 - 225
    4 kills: 210 - 225
    5 kills: 210 - 225

    While this test being done with such a small bonus limits its validity, a trend we can determine is that this bonus has diminishing returns, and that it is almost definitely not as valuable as an attack bonus.

    Damage bonus equipment lightness (A) Test:

    Base damage no bonus: 298
    Bonus with weight of 15.2% = 316
    Bonus with weight of 25.2% = 309
    weight 49% = 303

    Analysis: Again, we can see that the damage bonuses are not giving the same oomf that an attack bonus can give. I didn't put much effort into these once I could see a clear trend.

    This next test was of the item Siasetsu-shin sake. I wanted to get an idea how much more amrita this was going to earn me. I did this test by running through 'Refined man of the underworld' once with it, and once without.

    Total gain without sake = 1,642,728
    Total gain WITH sake = 3,908,865

    Analysis: Again, this trial was very limited, but by removing the question of number of enemies defeated and types of enemies, I can keep the point pretty valid. In this mission you fight 1 geki, 1 Enki, 1 Mezuki, and 1 Gozuki. At the end of the mission, there was still a bit of duration left in the buff. We can see that I more than doubled my amrita gain with this item which is far more than I expected. This item is useful for getting that amrita up quickly when needed. If you haven't made notice of this item, do so now. You probably have a couple dozen lying around.

    Next I tested some damage buffs, as well as damage TAKEN. We'll start here with the damage buffs.

    Base damage without buff = 771
    With Soul purge buff + 999 familiarity = 928
    Damage after familiarity drops to 0 = 751
    With power pill 0 familiarity = 903

    Next for carnage

    Base damage = 750
    With carnage = 1022
    With power pill = 903

    Analysis: Soul purge is a decent damage buff, but not a ton better than the power pill, if at all. Dropping your familiarity to 0 kinda sucks for the cost. This one is up to you. As for carnage buff, we see a very significant damage increase, more so than power pill or soul purge, but next we will go to damage taken tests to show you why this is so risky.

    Damage taken tests: )this test is done by letting the skeleton warrior smack me once with the first hit of his wide sweep attack with a spear. In this test I will reference 2 defense buffs. 1 is gained through the steel talisman, the other through 'defense with amrita absorption'. These defensive buffs DO stack, and I heartily recommend using them.

    Base damage taken = 737
    With carnage def debuff = 1320
    With carnage debuff + STEEL BUFF = 1056
    With carnage debuff + Double defense buff = 1051
    No debuff + steel buff = 590
    Amrita defense buff = 559
    Double defense buff = 447
    No buffs, enemy debuff with Devigorate talisman = 275

    Analysis: This was a good one to test. We see that the carnage defense debuff is freakin huge. That sh*t hurts. Even with a defense buff, You cannot totally mitigate the amount of damage you are taking. We can also see that without the debuff, defense bonuses are actually rather useful, significantly reducing incoming damage. Above all we see that the devigorate talisman absolutely crushed the enemies damage output, almost cutting it to 1/3 of its original damage.

    That is the end of this test post. I hope people find this useful. I will try to keep an eye on this for feedback. I'd like to hear feedback, suggestions, and hopefully some knowledge from others willing to share here.

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