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    Developer: Amazon Game Studios Orange County (Previously Double Helix Games)
    Publisher: Amazon
    Release date: TBA
    Pricepoint: TBA

    What is New World?
    Enter a lost chapter in history, in a sandbox MMO that begins with the discovery of a new world. Carve your destiny alongside hundreds of other players in a savage and arcane 17th century world. Survive murderous player bandits, band together to build fortified strongholds, or strike out to claim a piece of the haunted frontier. Source: Amazon

    New World is an ambitious project that's been in development by Amazon Game Studios, previously Double Helix Games, for over five years. The game was announced to the public in August of 2018, and has been in closed Alpha since September 2018. The game is a sandbox MMO, set in a fictionalized interpretation of the European "discovery" of the Americas. The game mixes an early colonial environment with the supernatural - involving magic, monsters, and more fantasy elements. The game combines the survival and base-building aspects of games along the lines of ARK: Survival Evolved and Rust with traditional MMO mechanics such as extensive progression, skill trees, guilds, massive servers, and more. The game has a strong emphasis on PvP and a player-driven world, with players able to have a strong impact on the environment and direction of the game.

    How can I play?
    Currently Amazon is opening New World during timed periods for closed alpha/beta testing. To get your name on the list for a potential invite, register for email alerts on this page.

    Where to find more info:
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