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    Everyone needs lumber, and you get the raw material. There arent many huge tricks to this trade, its all a matter of how much time you will have devoted to be on so you can cycle the trees through your land, as well as knowing what trees do what for you.

    The most economical quick flip tree (grind tree) is the Yew
    The most profitable medium life tree is the Aspen (as the hardwood sells for a descent price as its needed in Beehives)
    Cedar and Pine Trees have the best yeild of Thunderstruck(huge highend material)
    Log pens - greater yeild of logs from land by bundling saplings like seeds bundle for worms
    Experience Pens - 48hr plots that will grant a great deal of experience upon harvest.

    There is a public tree farm that you can go to in White Arden to plant 5 trees if you are short on land and don't want to place in the wild. Hornbeams are the best to plant there for log yield.

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