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    Lineage II Classic: The Fun, The Grind, The PvP, and the Teamwork. We will work as a guild, and progress while having fun at the same time. The guild roster limits are very strict in L2 Classic, with our current roster being capped at 30 for the main clan, and another 30 in our 2nd clan if we should need it. We will be sticking to the "Hardcore at heart. Casual by nature." feel with L2 Classic. We know life happens, new games come out, work makes you go on business trips, you have a kid(s), ect... We do not require certain levels by a certain time, or hours per week you “have” to put in actively playing. We will work to keep an active roster, so if you can't be around at all for an extended period of time (7days+) and don’t inform us, then we might remove you temporarily from the roster. True to Tenacious, you are always welcome to come back whenever you are ready to start playing again.

    L2 Classic launched October 2018. We have been playing, however anyone wanting to join now really won't be too far behind, and with the amount of players having alt characters we will be able to help in partying. We are looking forward to taking part on various game content as levels allow. Currently we have many players nearing the level 45+ range, while also having alts ranging from the 20’s upward. We are always welcoming new players, and veteran L2 players. We encourage all members to use mumble, while in game. (As many are on alts, which are not in the main clan.) The most important thing is, have fun, and don’t burn yourself out.

    @Mishi (Mishi in game also Mishii/Sparkie)


    -Get into the game, create a character, visit the clan entry function and pop a message to the clan "Tenacious".
    -PM me in game. (Mishi) Or any L2 officer
    -Join into mumble, and yell at (I am normally in the L2 classic channel)
    -Shoot a DM on Discord to Mishi#0309

    Lineage 2 - Classic: It’s a free to play version of L2 which will be adding patches in no specific order or time frame. The game has many different classes branching off of your choice of becoming a warrior or a mystic at the start. There are full DPS classes, and Full healing, Tanking classes. There are also many classes which are hybrids of buffers, tankers, DPS, and healer. If looking to spoil mobs, or craft, please note only Dwarves are the race able to do such. The race you choose for classes changes what type of class, and skills they have. (some classes get different buffs if a buffer/healer based off of race, other classes get higher passives for defense and attack.) At least Pre-Awakening. Once Awakening hits, class race differences become passive racials. The different racial classes become 1 awakened class. (Example: Archers all become Yul during awakening, but Dark elf, Elf, and Human have different racial passives.)
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