Integrator Raid Tonight at 8:00-8:15 start

Discussion in 'Skyforge' started by Zorph, Nov 23, 2015.

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    Change the start time to 8:30 PM EST Tuesday.

    I am going to organize an integrator raid tonight and probably Tuesday. This has been a challenging battle, but I truly believe we can win.

    Start time – 8:30 PM getting the group together and going over strategy.

    Starts the raid – 8:15-8:30

    Completion – 9:30-10 PM - The goal is to complete in an hour but we may need to use pop another resist. If we fail we take what we learn and apply it to the next attempt. I believe we can do this.

    Requirement to join:
    • Must be willing to follow the plan and play one of the classes in the plan (Kinetic, alchemist, light binder). Since we have not completed this yet, we need to go with the highest odds. We won’t be able to go with gunners, slayers, monks, etc…. If someone comes up with a plan using other classes, I am more than willing to help test/try it out.
    • Please review plan before we start. I will go over details but if this is your first time please do some research.
    • Kinetics - 100-120% bonus on god atlas.
    • Alchemist – distortion weapon lowering stims time.
    • Light binder - needs to be max class. The ult is huge in this fight.

    Priority of who will join:
    • People who have been working on it in the past and have run the instance with the pantheon
    • Highest prestige that mains a required class and meets requirements. We will be scaling the content so it is not required to be 130+k. Playing your class well and working as a team will pull us through this fight. I am sure a 100k person would do very well.
    • We can bring in PUG if needed, but ideally we can do this with our pantheon
    • I know this is a holiday week, so if we don’t have enough people join I will find another group we can join.

    Here is the basic plan I want to try:

    If your interested please post here or PM me please. I don't want to miss someone that wants to go.
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    Count me in. I can run Kin/Alch/LB as needed, with 120% god damage, 2x determination, and distortion weapons for all 3 classes =)

    Depending on who goes, we may want to zone into another scaled content first to determine best scaled stats, and prioritize those with the requirements, knowledge of the class, and god damage to be the DPSers.

    I would add that if someone is planning on going as DPS for the final boss that they get familiar with the god abilities (ultimate, etc.) in the training hall. I know getting godform can be confusing if you aren't typically one of the people who gets it in raids.

    On that note, the classes are (in godform) Kinetic: Alt+3, Alt+4, Alchemist: Alt+4, Alt+2, Lightbinder: Alt+4, Alt+1. I know the guide doesn't call for godform class changes, but sometimes things happen, and it's good to know how to change if needed.
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    I will go to sleep when I get home from work so i can stay up late if you need me. can alchemist or lightbinder
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