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    This profession will eventually be sought out to a great extent for not only daily missions, but also for various animal products that are required for some specialties. Some of the specialties you will need help with, such as bees nest which is crafted in handicraft, or the net for the queen bee to make your bee nests fuction with higher output (gained from leatherworking). Other things, such as ground grain (which comes from farming profession after converting grains via a crafting knife) will be used to feed livestock to keep them in a thriving manner before you either sheer them for their wool, or kill them for their meat and skin.

    Eggs, milk, meat, and honey - All of these are used in Cooking
    Honey - Alchemy
    Pelts - Essential for any and all leatherworking
    Wool - Essential for Tailors
    Manure which can be processed to Bio Fuel that will make ships and vehicles go faster. (this is produced out of the animal pens that are crafted at higher proficiencies)
    Experience Pens - 24hr plots that will grant a great deal of experience upon harvest.

    If you are going to level this profession and you will be online and able to tend to them often, then you definately want to think of chickens on your own personal farm, so that you can feed them and kill them over and over to gain meat to sell or just collect their eggs every hour.

    If you want to get the most you can done on public farms, my suggestion is that you drop turkeys in the third zone, and chickens in the first, this will give you 15 animals that are growing off of your plots of land and not able to be harvested by anyone.

    If you are wanting to not tend to your things often the best thing to do is to tend to yatas and bears for their sheer proc, or if you have a lot of space for it to just get beehives and wait days at a time.

    This profession also allows you to raise Bear and Yata mounts and even Bear Battle Pets

    Supportive Professions
    Farming ***
    Logging/Carpentry *

    Supports Professions
    Leatherworking *****
    Cooking ***
    Tailoring **
    Handicraft *
    Alchemy *

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