Getting Your Divine Epherium Guild Cloak (~45 mins)

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    Step 1: Buying your cloak (requires guild level 3)
    Once the guild reaches level 3, you're able to buy cloaks from the prestige shop. To do this, go to your "Guild > Manage" tab and select Prestige Shop.

    In the prestige shop, you'll see five Epherium cloaks on sale for 150 prestige each. Each one of these cloaks types corresponds to one of the five basic stats (STR/AGI/SPI/INT/STA). Select the cloak with the best stat type for your class and buy it!

    Step 2: Farming Synthesis Stones
    There's a few different spots in Auroria you can farm these, but Diamond Shores is my personal favorite. The best time to grind is when Diamond Shores goes into war, as you get a higher drop-rate during war time. If you've got Bound Elixirs of the Hunt from quests, now is a good time to use them. The item you're farming is called "Unidentified Auroran Synthesis Stone".

    Mobs with orange names are the ones that drop the upgrade. This means that both turtles and crabs will drop the item, but Abyssal Legion mobs won't.
    upload_2019-11-4_13-0-9.png upload_2019-11-4_13-1-33.png

    The best mobs in Diamond Shores for synthesis drops are the 1-star elites, Draugorcs. These have a much higher drop percentage than other mobs in the area.

    Step 3: Upgrading your cloak
    Once you've farmed around 50 synthesis stones (which will take about 30-45 minutes depending on your luck) you'll have enough to fully upgrade your cloak to divine. You do this the same way as applying infusions to your armor.

    First, right click on the stones to identify them. Usually they'll be "Grand" rarity, though there is a chance (like with infusions) you'll get a higher rarity of shard from them - or even two shards!

    Next, go to your synthesis tab in gear upgrade and apply the infusions until you get your cloak to Divine
    upload_2019-11-4_13-11-8.png upload_2019-11-4_13-12-45.png

    While upgrading your cloak it'll gain effects like any other piece of gear. All of these will be main stats (STR/AGI/etc). The first stat on your cloak, the one you got on it when you bought it, will always be the strongest.

    At the moment, you're not going to want to worry about upgrading your cloak past this. Going higher isn't a particularly
    efficient use of your labor/gold for what you get out of it - it's better to spend it on other armor pieces.
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