Final Fantasy XIV - The Currently Unofficial Tenacious Guild Chapter: A New Beginning

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    What started out as a few people wanting to see what the current state of the game is, has quickly turned into a group of people enjoying the game, some for the first time, some coming back after years, and others that never really left.

    Somehow this game has missed becoming an active chapter and many Tenacious members got spread out over several servers. I'm hoping we can bring many of us together again to enjoy all this game has to offer...if not in game, then at least in the forums and in Mumble. While some of us may be adventuring in faraway lands (servers), that doesn't mean we can't still help each other or talk about the good times we are having.

    So, it is my sincere pleasure to announce that Final Fantasy XIV Online is getting organized and coming together as it should have been...Tenacious members enjoying the game and each other's company as one big family.

    But, to be organized as a group means we need to have some rules, so here they are:

    Rule #1: Have Fun.
    This will be a drama free guild that places fun over nailing your rotations. Hardcore players are more than welcome to join us but please realize that not everyone will be hardcore. Some of my favorite memories were when someone accidentally ran off the side of a cliff in combat or accidentally hit their big AOE instead of their single target skill and wiped the party.

    Rule #2: Know Your Limits
    While having fun is literally Rule #1, some people have fun by being the best and some have fun just grouped up running around killing boar...and that's great. If a dungeon is too difficult for you due to gear and/or skills, please don't get frustrated when the hardcore players don't invite you to every dungeon run. However, if you want to run the difficult content but are having difficulties learning how to get the most out of your character or how to handle the mechanics of a dungeon, reach out to others. I'm sure there will be plenty of people willing to help. Also, realize that there's no shame in not being the best. If you are having fun doing the best you can, then that's all that matters. I have to tell myself that quite often! :)

    Rule #3: Level at Your Own Pace
    Whether you want to race to get to end content as fast as possible or if you want to do every single quest available, that is completely up to you. This game has a pretty good system so that if you are only level 16 while everyone else is 70, they can still help you run your dungeons and they will be scaled down to match your level so everyone will still have a fun and challenging run. There's also a mentor system in place that they get some additional perks for helping others. (but we are Tenacious and we help others regardless)

    What is Final Fantasy? - my honest comments (from a level 21 character):
    First, for those that don't know what Final Fantasy is, you can download and check it out for free. You can level up to 35 before having to decide if you like the game or not. After that, it is a subscription based game (available direct or through Steam).

    FF14 is your typical tab-target based mmorpg...but on steroids. The graphics are incredible (close to BDO level), The storyline is great, the questing system is good and has meaning, and the just ok at lower levels but after you hit level 30 is supposed to get much better. The only thing I truly find frustrating is the map. It takes a bit to get used to in order to figure out where you are supposed to be going. One of the unique features is their class system. They are called jobs and your same character can have one job or every job. You start with one job (Archer in my case) and at level 15 or so, can take on other jobs which include other classes, crafting, and gathering. You switch to the job by equipping the weapon or tool associated with that job and all your skills change. Each job you accept, you start at level 1 again just as it were a new character and do quests to level that job. This game truly has no need for alts (other than as storage mules...or role playing different people). At level 30, you can then chose an advanced job. Archer becomes Bard, Rogue becomes Ninja, etc... The UI is also very well thought out and very customizable. I didn't think I'd ever be playing this game and now that I've given it a try, I'm really looking forward to seeing how this unfolds.

    Where You Can Find Us:
    Mumble: In the Final Fantasy Channel.
    In Game: The Tenacious free company has been established on the Behemoth Server on the Primal Data Center.

    If you are on another server and want to switch, you may be able to do a server transfer for free. On April 23, they will be creating a new data center (Crystal) and those affected by this change will get a free world transfer.


    For more info:

    So, If you are looking for a new game to play or wanting to get back into one that had a slow start but is now shaping up to be something great, you are more than welcome to join us.
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