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    Families are essentially a "mini guild" of up to 10 players that can group together. Doing so provides a few benefits that are nice, especially for life-skillers.

    Family members may share property rights, giving members full access to houses and farms. While this is optional, it is an interesting mechanic that could allow friends, or guildmates working together in complimentary proficiencies, easier access to shared items. Players in a family can use other family member's property only if is set to family.

    Inviting or kicking someone from family requires a certificate that can be purchased from the general merchant for one gold. By default, the family limit size is 10 members.

    Family members have access to a separate chat channel.

    Families gain a buff depending on their level.
    • Level 1 buff: increases vocation XP earned by 20%.
    • Level 2 buff: increases vocation XP earned by 20%, increases move speed while carrying a pack.
    • Level 3 buff: increases vocation XP earned by 20%, increases move speed while carrying a pack, extends the duration of fore-wind for fishing boats and merchant schooners.

    Family members can participate in 3 family quests every day to earn vocation badges and family XP. (I will gather more info on the specific quests for each when I am able to.)
    • Quest 1 is typically a supply delivery of materials. You must be a resident in the zone you are doing the quest in to complete it.
    • Quest 2 is typically a quest requiring two or three members to perform a task.
    • Quest 3 is a cargo delivery quest.
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