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    3MLE, the program everyone has and still uses for converting music into midi/MLL for games, no longer specifically supports ArcheAge, nor can I find a download of the Original 3MLE that works. I can get a copy from someone through google drive I'm sure but for now, this will show you how to convert Mabinogi music into AA music.
    Also this wouldn't be possible without Naria! The person who so kindly created the converter and made it open to the public!

    NOTE: This is someone's personal program. When it downloads your PC will flag it as "possibly unsafe". I am using it and I have no issues or viruses but please weigh the decision for yourself before downloading! Also I have not found any complaints from anyone else.

    For this specific example, we will not have any use for 3MLE as the music is already converted for Mabinogi, we are only converting it to AA.
    Second Process: Using 3MLE to convert Mabi songs with multiple tracks.
    If you find Mabinogi songs that include separate tracks, for example "Melody, Harmony1/2" like seen here, then you will need 3MLE!


    Things to Consider:
    1. Both Mabi and AA have many different instruments, if you copy a Harp piece and play it on a guitar, it might sound strange.
    2. Some notes are too high or too low, you can always edit in 3MLE!

    If you need any help please let me know! I'm still learning myself but if I can help I would be happy to!
    Also for anyone interested in AA music, there is a small Discord of AA Musicians, please feel free to join and ask questions or share your creations!
    AA Music Discord
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