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    Sup nerds and cupcakes. We're gonna have class leadership now. This will include: Class Leaders (like you may have expected) and Discord channels for tanking, melee DPS, ranged DPS and healing. The purpose of these channels will be to allow people to discuss, coordinate, recommend and ask questions about a particular role/class/spec as well as general raiding things such as 'healing roles', who's the Winter's Chill mage, consumable usage etc. If you're new to a role or class or just want to ask a question or discuss these will be our class leads:

    Druid - Me because I want another discord role
    Hunter - Elevaded
    Mage - Isy
    Priest - Stafoo
    Rogue - Overzealous even though he hasn't made a full raid in a month
    Shaman - Jomadu
    Warlock - Nyssa
    Warrior - Angryfoo

    As far as I know we have contacted approximately zero of you about this so if you don't want to be a class lead or if there are any other concerns please message stafoo about it, or me if you want. Additionally if you have any ideas of things that you think should be pinned to these channels, whether they be frequently used tools or useful information feel free to recommend.

    Anyway keep being cute and doing your best at raid.
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