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    The Heidel Chronicles

    Chapter 7

    "Twelve Bells"

    As I sit on the docks of Heidel, a strange weariness is upon me.
    T'is not the view that disturbs me, for the sun has set beautifully across the rushing waters.
    The fish flash as they leap and soar at a thousand tiny gnats.
    I watch as Angel wades in daintily, to sip her fill among the low, sweeping grasses.

    Finally I smile as I hurl a stick out beyond her reach. "Fetch". I holler in mirth.
    Her ears perked with the command and she simply tracked the stick as it floated away downstream, and then she turned to meet my eyes.
    After so many years, I knew her well.
    Her look had said "get a dog ".

    My smile faded a bit as I surveyed her. She was no longer the speedster of old. The slanting sun showed her all in grey. She seemed more scar than shiny coat.
    A tinge of guilt found me, for I had been there for each wound, for each arrow, each slash that had but hurt us both.
    And yet her heart was still willing,... for she knew nothing but combat.
    Nor did I.

    Tomorrow we would ride to war again. Twelve of us, under the banner of Tenacious.
    Twelve of us.

    I thought back to the days when we were a hundred strong and Tenacious was the growing force that turned the heads of even the strongest warriors.
    We seemed invincible. Though we might lose now and again, we could not be broken. Not from the outside.

    But that was then.
    And this is now.

    I think of the fine warriors that have passed through our ranks. Some simply had their fill of war and left for other things.

    To them, I wish them well and hope they know that they are welcome back.
    The members that remain have, by now, certainly been forged in patience to help any that return.

    Others went to the siege wars. Perhaps there are siege warriors out there that may return to us. Perhaps siege war is not for everyone.
    Oh how we would welcome some veteran warriors to our fold.

    Perhaps too, we may train and grow young warriors that are loyal to Tenacious.
    There may those out there whom are ready to try.
    Though we are small in number, we have the best that a guild can offer.

    I sit and wonder if I picked wrong. Perhaps I should be in a different army. One with no conscience, one that plows ahead with no dignity, amity.
    I smile now because I realize there are hundreds of those. But there is only one Tenacious. And it is my home.

    I stand and whistle softly. Angel starts back out of the flowing river.
    I wait until she is close and then start up the cobblestone street.
    The tavern is loud and beckons to me. But I pass it.
    I turn instead into the church and leave Angel behind as I climb the stairs.
    Round and round I go, ever higher until I reach the tower.

    I grab the worn rope in both hands. I pull hard.
    The great bell of Heidel sounds it's rich, deep boom into the night.

    One bell.
    I pull again.
    Two bells, this one even louder into the night.
    Again and again I pull ever harder, until I have finished twelve bells.

    One for each of the last Tenacious fighters that will ride out with waning hopes of victory.

    As I climb back down, I gaze at the foyer, at the figure of the goddess .
    And I pray a simple prayer.

    "Please do not let us go whimpering into the long sleep, for we are Tenacious. We deserve better."

    Angel is waiting when I return to the street. I pat her and turn for home.

    "Come. There is armor to wax and steel to hone.
    For we are warriors of Tenacious."


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    So sad yet inspiring, and so beautiful :heart:
    Thank you for your story, Andra.
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    Beautiful, Andra! Deep feelings swim in those waters full of shiny fish.. patience, loyalty, optimism, and tenacity.

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