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    Sorry for the late notice, at least in terms of the Kickstarter, which only has 6hrs to run at the time of writing.

    (But don't panic... the game has been underway for years at a studio that has already released mulitple games... so its Kickstarter is more of a cash injection for the next 12 months till release, not something you won't be able to buy into for years if you come across this thread in the future and feel ripped off that you missed the crowd funding...!)

    So... Book of Travels.

    This is a quiet, really odd in some ways, kind of game. It's an MMO yes... but will be on tiny servers so that seeing other people is notable.

    It's also done in a really painterly style, which will either fascinate you or perhaps put you off.

    Action MMO fans might not be into this (conversely, I know some people who like a broad cross selection of games!); it seems more of a quiet, RP-friendly introvert's type game... but again, I know people are capable of being more than one way when it comes to their gaming and I don't seek to pigeonhole.

    Watch the video... seek out some news stories on it. This is a smart bunch of Swedes with gaming credentials already established. It's a bizarre kind of game, yes. It's niche, yes. But I want more people to know about it. Thank you.

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    Ohh! Okay! They made Meadow and the other animal games. Now I know why the art looked a bit familiar. :)

    This looks really interesting, and will definitely keep an eye on it.

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