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    Origin Story Contest
    We're all impressed with the immersive qualities of BDO. The character creator let's us be who we want to be, and the game provides a seemingly endless amount of professions and activities so we can do what we want to do. WHO IS your BDO character? Tell us your origin. Or tell us a story, it can even be something that happened in the beta. Feel free to roleplay a little. Be creative. Do your own thing in your own style, so long as it gives us a glimpse as to who your character is in BDO it will be accepted as an entry.

    • One Entry for your character, does not need to include a screenshot but can.
    • Must be submitted in this thread.
    • This contest will run until MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH
    • Entry must include some sort of story telling.
    • Entry must make sense in the BDO universe (not in an overly strict way, but we want it to feel like this is your character's story so keep it in line with what the game is.)
    • There will be 2 winners.
    • Winners will be decided by Community Vote (please see below for details on how that works)
    • In the event of a tie, Paradigm will choose the winner.
    • Paradigm has generously offered to purchase (2) Conquerer's Packs for the Top Two Winners. That includes a copy of the game and other goodies with the pre-order, check it out HERE!
    • Forum Flare
    NOTE: You may still enter the contest even if you already have pre-ordered if you wish to give the pack to a friend/family member or fellow Tenacious Member.

    You guys, the community, will be the decision makers as to who wins. Each 'like' on a post will count as 1 vote. You can vote for multiple entries but keep in mind your 'likes' are valuable, vote sparingly and give people a chance to enter before you start voting. Votes are allowed to be changed, obviously, as you can 'like' and 'unlike' but try to hold off voting at all until you're sure. This system allows the entire community to participate. It's in testing stages and may be used for future contests, be good! Santa's still watching after all (or worse, Paradigm :eek:) ... ;P

    Have fun, you guys! My entry will come in the next few days!
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    Here is my submission. :)

    Character: Sakia Sun'raheal
    Age: (Last known age) 22
    Nationality: Valencia/Calpheon

    The Story of the Champion in White

    I was there... I was in the middle of the great tragedy that engulfed the world, the Black Death. Though my heart was forged in the crucible that lead to the darkness, I had failed--failed to stop doom...

    Year 224 of the Elion Calendar

    With haze, I remember the vagrant child, myself, alone in the world. Valencia was a massive city, ancient and boundless. I was an orphan of the streets; a child thief. I survived as best I could on the scraps of others. This was my reality until he found me and thus my life would change forever. He was a merchant noble from Calpheon, though of much lesser station. I could see it in his eyes, what was quite visibly--humility. I was surprised as he looked up at me, poised to knock him down with a round rock--fully cocked. He smiled and waved. I glared and motioned my hand, ready to release my shot. Shaking his head, he motioned me down. He said the red hue in my eyes echoed the sorrow of a lonely, unimaginable power writhing in the dark. He took my hand and never let go.

    I was a scrawny girl at the age of ten. Suffering of malnutrition and unmistakably weak, I had only the energy to scrape by like the dogs in the streets of Valencia. He adopted me and gave me his name. I took the name of the humble noble from Calpheon and embraced it with every fiber of my being. I etched it deeply into my soul and clutched it tightly for dear life. I lived to honor his lineage and to bring him honor as the only child in his house. He spoke of an ancient lineage--to the Elves. He did not resemble an elf and he made great care to explain that this ancient blood had nearly completely vanished. No, Marco de Sun'raheal was an elf in name only. He was human and everything he did was human. Only the ancient name remained, of a lineage that had seen brighter days long, long ago. Truthfully, I did not know my real parents. I rarely gave it thought. I didn't care about anything but him.
    Many Years Later

    Over the years, I grew as a noble young lady. I had a great curiosity for everything that caught my eye. I was also quite determined and to the dismay of most of the eligible bachelors, a tomboy. Though it stood to reason, I exhibited very few lady-like qualities. My household consisted of two lives, my adoptive father's and my own. It was not too great a leap when I started developing my skills with the sword. Back then, I only believed in two things: My father and the cold steel in my hands. Years later, I entered the Holy College in Calpheon to train as a Valkyrie. Valkyries were holy warriors, the hand of Elion on the battlefield. I was neither of these things but I feigned that my devotion was absolute to the Light. In principle, I was devoted to virtues of honor and goodness but I did not believe in Elion. I was from Valencia, where science was God. Though I cannot say I was unwilling, I simply had little energy to believe in the unseen; not when you are a life forged from the unloving.

    In the "Holy College", I learned to hone my skills with the sword. I sharpened my mind with the massive library at my disposal, second only to Valencia's. The book was my shield and my sword was the script inside of it. Ensla was the youngest to become a captain of the Trina Knights but I was not far behind. Where she devoted her heart to the Light without question, I devoted my heart to the echoes of men and steel. Without question, Ensla was a leader, where I was an artist--a painter with bodies as my canvas. I graduated, formally becoming a Valkyrie under the banner of Calpheon. I was christened under the star of the Black Dragon, prestigious and sensitive of heart. Though unintended, my family's station steadily rose. Without hesitation, I become a Trina Knight, of which banner I would soon spill blood for.
    Year 235-236 of the Elion Calendar

    The Black Death arose like wildfire. It quickly engulfed the world in its darkness like a sinister plague across the sky. Nothing could stand in its way, not even the light of Elion. In short order, the Calpheon alliance declared Valencia the harbinger of this great curse. My family, like few, managed to sustain its place--albeit precariously. We were of hearty stock and not seemingly susceptible to the plague. However, my father grew wary like everyone else in Calpheon. The flow of his trading slowed; meanwhile I polished my regalia for war. I embraced my father tightly for the last time, promising that I would return with victory, crushing the evil underfoot. I could not be more wrongheaded and arrogant.

    With much haste, after gaining passage through Media to the great desert beyond, towards Valencia, we engaged in war with our new mortal enemy. I carved through the body and steel of my Valencian brothers and sisters, showing little hesitation of will. I fully believed with our victory that the plague would end. Though the enemy was able to repel us time after time lead by the hero-King Narses of Valencia, I gained infamy as the butcher of Valencians. One fateful night, this all changed and my fate would be sealed.

    The Valencian war machine caught us off guard one night, engaging in a rare night-engagement. Our numbers vastly outmatched the enemy but the element in their favor allowed them to cleave swaths of alliance's soldiers into dust. Near the end stages of the battle, before a horn of retreat, I caught myself over-matched as my cohort fell apart. The enemy had surrounded me. With bloodlust and fury, I cleaved through body after body until my energy depleted. The enemy felled me with cold steel through my shoulder from behind, knocking me down face-first, the blood streaming down my back. I growled only in anger, outstretching my hand as I crawled through the bloody sand, a trail of crimson behind me. Arrows and bullets pierced my flesh until the bestial roar from within my lungs erupted, summoning a being of pure darkness.

    He engulfed my mind and promised me victory over absolutely all and I accepted without hesitation, blinded by the endless darkness before my eyes. The very darkness I was fighting against had bested me and wrested control over my soul. The sky crackled with lightning as a sudden gust of wind blew throughout the battlefield. Sky above, I saw the waves of darkness pouring over the world below. Before my eyes closed shut, I beheld the darkness encompassing my body and soul completely. In the blink of an eye, my body roared into the dark ether, the wailing in the sky silencing all man, before vanishing from this world; for forty-seven eternal years. The cost I would come to pay would be far too great to measure in words. I had failed...

    And in this vast darkness, my soul wept unceasingly. The notes radiated from me like an invisible dark candle in the void, chiming through the barren world surrounding me. With each resonance, my soul calmly fell into silent melancholy...

    No me de dio,
    No de meyo,
    Seyah noeh.
    No mo deyo,
    Ova mieh,
    Seyah noeh...
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    I feel heat. Sunshine?

    I can taste dirt, sharp wet rocks in my mouth. I must be alive.
    My eyes are kept closed as I take inventory. I can feel my legs, the sun on my back, my chest filled with breath.. I don't feel injured or like I'm in danger..
    What happened?

    My stomach's empty. My head is clouded. I go to sit up and am overcome with dizzyness, but manage to pull myself into a cross-legged position. There's a sharp branch poking into my side and the more I wake up the more discomfort I feel. I go to knock it away and realize it's a flute, unsheathed? It only appears to be a flute. It's a concealed short sword.
    Who am I?
    Panic sets in.

    A swirling black circle appears at my feet. My eyes are lying to me. I'm insane.
    The black mass forms into a small blob with a face, it giggles as it looks at me.

    "You're awake now?"

    Its voice is inside my head. The panic and anxiety vanishes. I think this creature is my friend.

    "You're hungry, Darling. There's two comrades by the shore. Go fish with them."

    Not knowing what else to do I stand and do as suggested. I see them in the distance, a Wizard and a woman. Am I under this things influence? Am I really crazy? More panic, but what else would I do? These are the only two people around... Where else would I go?

    The pair on the beach are loud and seem to be arguing with each other.

    "We only have 1 hour left. This is impossible."

    "I caught like 10 of these fishes yesterday and now nothing. Fuck this quest."

    I approach them as casually as possible. Just a normal girl. Nothing weird. Not a black spirit possessed weirdo that just woke up on the beach - nothing out of the ordinary here. I spot an unused fishing rod between the two.

    "Can I help?" My eyes fall on the bucket full of all the writhing fish they've caught. From the looks of it they've been here all day... I'm starving.

    The Wizard looks back,
    "Yes! We're trying to help our guild. We need to catch 2 Legendary Grunt Fish from these waters within the hour and I'm the worst fisherman ever."

    The ocean calls to me, every creature a different distinct voice. I suddenly become aware of every bird near us. I can feel them. I pick up the rod and find myself face to face with the Wizard's horse, pulling his carriage. We make eye contact... He's hungry too, and tired. He doesn't like walking on the sand. The beach is too hot. I can read him like an open book. He looks at a fresh water bucket that's a little out of his reach. I pull it over to him so he can have a drink without the fishing maniacs noticing. They're obviously just way too into this.. Contest or quest, whatever it is they're trying to accomplish. I pat his mane as he drinks.

    The world is full of song. Each creature a different tune.. I start to lose myself in it when I realize that there are plenty of Grunt Fish slightly over from where they're fishing. I'm positive I can catch however many Grunt fish these two want.

    I turn to the Valkyrie,
    "If I catch the two Grunts for you, can I have the rest of your catch?"

    The Wizard scoffs loudly, "If you catch our Legendary Grunts I will give you ALL of those fish, I will personally cook them for you, AND make you the leader of my Unicorns."

    I smile the sweetest smile I can muster as I cast my line.

    Within seconds the first fish is on my line.

    - Obtained (1) Grunt Fish.

    I cast again...

    - Obtained (2) Grunt Fish.

    The Valkyrie and Wizard are besides themselves at my fishing prowess. Literal jaws hanging open in disbelief. I hand both of them over smiling as big as I can.

    "You're welcome?"

    No response.

    A few hours later...
    After a feast of fish and after the saltiness of how outclassed they were by my fishing skills wore off we actually became fast friends. The Valkyrie, @Kinson gave me a new tunic and shoes - they are a little big but way better than the rags I was wearing. And the Wizard, @CranberryJeus, shared with me some of his fruit wine. I've decided that I like them. They're funny together and my meal was so good... I feel very comfortable.

    "How did you catch those fish so fast, anyway? What's your fishing skill level at? I know every one of the names in the top 30 of the leadership board and you are not one of them." Asks the Wizard, the outcome of the fishing quest still obviously irking him.

    "To be honest I'm not sure if I can explain. I think I can hear the animals, or communicate with them.. or control them."

    Kinson, the Valkyrie, knowingly chimes in, "Ohhh, so you're like a tamer?"

    "What's a tamer?"

    The Black Spirit's giggle lights up in the back of my mind...

    --- --- --- ---
    I am in no way the skilled word artist that @CenSaki is, but here is my attempt! lol. Fishing Guild Quest outcome based on real life events. :p :p :p If I were to win, since I have already pre-purchased, my Explorer Pack Prize would be gifted to one of my dearest friends, @Minerve :)
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    The Story of Randy, The Savage
    Being a giant is a tough life. Growing up the son of the legendary Nature Boy, a lot was expected of me. My father always had such a flaire to him when it came to the great wrestlemania games. I remember always watching my father oil up and head down to the Heidel arenas to perform for hundreds of spectators. This was the life of the Macho Man family. I was never into the wrestling games as much, I would just like to sit in the garden and make friends with the animals. I had a pet snake I named Jake, there was a junkyard dog across the ways that I would always go see, but my favorite was this little british bulldog that would come to see me every morning. I was very imaginative as a kid, I even had a pet rock that I would talk to. I was such a little jabroni.

    Today, everything changed. It was my brother Terry's day to be introduced into the arena. He was a hulking beast compared to me. There was no doubt he would become a legend in the ring in no time. As Terry started to get ready I could see he was nervous. He asked me, "Randy do you think I have a chance to win today?" "OOOO YEAAHH!" I replied, hyping him up. The man he was to fight was from a few villages over, he was known as an ultimate warrior. They got into the ring together, and started to wrastle. The warrior was not meant to be in the ring. He was hooping and hollering so Terry starts doing the same mocking him. Wrastling was a gentlemans sport, but somebody did not tell the warrior. The warrior got a few good shots in on my brother, and before long he was on the ground choking the life out of Terry. I could see that he was about to pass out, and I could see the life draining from his eyes. My father starts to try and tell the ref to end the fight, but when his back is turned I see the warrior grab a chair from the crowd. Our family has always had a weakness toward chairs and the warrior must have known that. Terry looks at me and says "Help me bruther!" I stand on top of the wall, and leap as high into the air as possible. I hit the warrior with a flying elbow drop that smashes the warriors face right into the ground. He was dead, in that instant. There hasn't been a death in the wrastlemania events since Owen had that heartattack. But this wasn't an accident, this was murder. Somebody yelled to go get the undertaker to perform his last rights. The ref turns to me and says, "What did you do! You are a savage!!" I replied, "No. . . I am Randy"


    Entry is for shits and/or giggles. No prize wanted as I already have a pack :joy:.
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    My submission—enjoy.

    Black Desert.jpg

    (Twenty-five years after it all began—the untold story of what caused the Black Death)


    cave intrance.jpg

    I stood at the edge of the cave entrance, located on the highest mountaintop of Mediah. The never-ending sleet and hail seemed to echo the bitter-cold darkness of my soul. I had no more control over my emotions―then I could control the weather outside the cave. A distant howl let me know that he was safe and moving fast. A moment later, Loanwolf entered the mouth of the cave and immediately shook off the iced-over layer of snow from his thick, ebony black coat. He was a shadow guardian and the subzero temperature outside was of no concern to him. This morning, he had disappeared into the nearby city and from the darkest of shadows; he listened to every human conversation in every alley, in every shop, around every stable and throughout every forest. I had demanded an explanation as to why the Great Bells of the Median Cathedral would ring again after a half-century of silence. Loanwolf bowed his head before me and a deep rumble developed in his chest as his glistening white fangs parted to speak his news...

    "Siafu, King Paradigm has ordered the High Priests to ring the bells and begin the prayers to bring the Black Stones back to life." Loanwolf drew a deep breath and hot vapor poured from his mouth when he spoke again. "If the Black Stones awaken once more, the second Tower of Will prophecy will come to pass. The first prophecy happened with your birth. And what of your mate, Siafu, how do we protect Averie?" Loanwolf's leathery black lips rolled back a menacing snarl of war. "I will defend you and Averie to the death—death is all these humans deserve." His tongue rolled over glistening white fangs. "I will feel the last beat of their hearts upon my tongue before the sun rises tomorrow." Loanwolf's fiery red eyes glowed when his black mane bristled and then he turned to leave the cave.

    I laughed, "Stand loyally by my side my friend, as you always have." Loanwolf quickly returned to sit by my leg, though not happily. We both looked at the dark snowy blizzard raging outside of the cave, and then I crossed my arms over my chest. "There is time enough for you to sharpen your fangs on their bones. Listen to me carefully my friend and do as I say without hesitation, you must traverse the Magma Caves of northern Valencia and find the Omega Key.
    You must find it and bring it to me at once."
    Loanwolf launched from where he sat to the mouth of the cave; he only turned to see if there was more.
    "Let nothing stand in your way, Loanwolf," my eyes narrowed into Hell's blizzard outside, "let nothing human or ungodly prevent you from getting that key, to this end you must prevail." Loanwolf understood the perilous task I commanded of him. He disappeared into the darkness of the storm.


    My forehead furrowed with more than concern troubling my soul, as I turned away from the mouth of the cave. Suddenly, the air split and from it, a light grew as bright as any star in the heavens. Though its beauty unimaginable and I want to look at it, I shield my eyes. Within moments, the light melted away and a White Wizard stood where the light was born.

    "Your timely visit is suspect, Father," I said, lowering my arm.

    The corner of his mouth formed a small smile. "It's good to see you again my son. It has been too long, has it not?"

    "Then you felt it?" I asked, with little concern for my forthrightness.

    He sighed, "I did. We are linked in spirit by your mother's spell; I can always feel the rage burning in your heart." There was a long moment of silence between us and then he looked at me with a growing sadness in his eyes. "You have sent your guardian shadow wolf after the Omega key, have you not?"

    "Yes, I did. What happened to mother, will not happen again. When the bells stop ringing, they will try to kill Averie, my mate."

    This time, his sigh was deep and haggard. "My son, is there no remorse for the thousands of lives already taken, is there no end to your hatred for the humans?"

    "Remorse is a human fallibility, Father. I only look human because of your Veil spell, but I am not. It is not hatred that consumes my heart—it's fear. A half-century ago, the priests rang the bells and chanted the prayers that cursed mother to death. Only because of your orb, and the spells you possess, were you able to escape to the Netherworld. And as far as hatred is concerned, the humans and the Celestial Priests have already paid a very high price for their cursed religious beliefs―Mother saw to that."

    "Indeed she did, and it is true enough," he said tugging on his beard, "they believe a Dark Sorceress and a Light Wizard should never conceive a child, as the product of our union would bring forth an abomination they would not be able to control." When he looked at me, his eyes welled up with tears. "They do not see you as the beautiful creation of our union—as she did and I do."

    "Yes, Father, I am the abomination, they can't control. Mother did not have your spells and she was away from you when they killed her, so she is lost to us, forever. If she had not cut me from her womb and hid me in the shadows with Loanwolf to guard me, I would be dead as well. Please Father; dispel this Veil, if only for a moment. I do not wish to appear human in your presence any longer." My father waved his staff, and then I was as I was born, a Siafu warrior ant. I marched to the nearest bolder, at one hundred times my size and one thousand times my weight and with pincer jaws that cut into it, I lifted it with ease and placed it nearer the fire. "Sit, Father, and we will speak of events yet to unfold." He sat and lowered his hand. I could feel his light as I crawled onto his palm; it was a painful reminder that pure light did exist in my soul—however shrouded in darkness it might be. He placed me on his knee and gazed into my eyes for a moment.

    "I'd almost forgotten how uniquely beautiful your eyes are my son, black pearls was what your mother called them. And in them, shown a light that she felt was far brighter than anything I possess."

    "The priests are ringing the bells and chanting prayers once again. If they intend to kill Averie, as they did my mother, I will rein down upon them a disease far worse than the Black Death she infected them with before she took her last breath." I had never seen my Father afraid of anything, until now.

    "Son, the Tome of Kartian not only contains the ashes of your mother, but every Dark Sorceress before her for three hundred years. Unimaginable horrors will fall upon these humans, if you use the Omega Key to open that tome. What will come from this will be unstoppable. The Black Death alone devastated Calpheon, Keflan, Hidel and Olvia and now the Black Death is ravaging Valencia as well. The public criticized the Priests of Elion for murdering your mother and causing her vengeance in the first place. However, the Priests are under Paradigm's rule. He loved your mother with a great passion, as I did, but she loved me. His jealousy when he found out that she was with child drove him to insanity. He wanted her death to be a swift one and he wants your mate dead before you can create a colony of army ants. Only the hottest of lava from the Magma Caves can stop a colony of your offspring, and the Magma Caves are something the humans cannot control or use to their advantage."

    I looked at my father and flexed my pincers. "I love Averie as much as you loved my mother. If they try to kill her, I will open that tome. And this time, none of these barbaric humans will survive what happens to them. Not one of them!"

    He gravely looked into my eyes and saw the truth of my conviction. "Your size casts a very small shadow, my son. How could one so small win a war when there are giants among men who would protect them?"

    I stood confidently if not defiantly on his knee and without hesitation I said, "You have no shadow because you are made of pure light and Mother's shadow only killed flowers. My shadow has very long fangs, Father."


    Guardian of the Key.jpg
    The Magma Caves flowed with molten lava and with unbearable temperatures. Loanwolf breathed in the fiery heat. He inhaled and exhaled in short coughing gasps. As best he could, he stuck to moving through the shadows but on occasion, there were none. His black coat full of ash and singed on the ends, he raised and lowered his burnt paws carefully and made his way to the deepest of the cave's chambers. The Keeper of the Key rose up from his stone throne. "I smell ye dog. Come forth from the shadows, lest I take my blades and make a new rug for my―"

    Loanwolf forthrightly stepped from the shadows. "Mind ye words, Keeper, lest I have another neck-bone to bury in my backyard. I only come for the Omega Key. If you give me this for which I have come, I will spare your miserable life."

    The ogre giant in full warriors armor laughed, "Tis brave words for a scrawny creature who slinks back into the shadows at the first sign of—" There was no time for the giant to unsheathe his axes. Loanwolf had been studying his foe from the first. The weak spot in the armor was just behind his knees. Loanwolf disappeared into the shadows and reappeared behind the giant. One long fang found its mark and lay open a tendon―and then the other. The Giant swayed for a moment and then fell to his knees. Loanwolf sat on his haunches and yawned, "I expected more from you. Perhaps you will give me the Omega Key now?"

    A guttural sound escaped the giants lips, "I can't give it to you DOG; I swallowed it when I learned you were coming for it."

    "I can take care of that," said Loanwolf, then he rose up and curled back his frothing black lips. Moments later, a lava lizard suddenly froze when the giant's blood-curdling screams echoed throughout the caves.


    The silence of the bells seemed deafening; nor was there sound from the wind or from the birds. It appeared that Mother Nature knew that war was on the horizon and she had taken her leave of this place. The Median Celestial Priests were now in black gowns and preparing for the ritual. One after the other, each of them would throw a Black Stone into a forge of living tar and then begin their prayers. Once all twelve of the Black Stones fused together, a single huge Black Stone would come to life in the tar and float to the surface. If the twelve priests did not time and say the last of their prayers as one body, then all of them would die. However, if they were successful, King Paradigm would then possess a cursed Black Stone to do his bidding, hunt down, and kill any human or creature. Unbeknownst to me, my Father appeared in the secret and well-guarded forging chamber. The twelfth priest raised his arm to cast the last of the Black Stones into the forge.

    "PRIEST!" he shouted. "Hold this final stone! Do not bow to Paradigm's will; he's a man beside himself with rage and jealously, hold fast your last prayer least ye all should perish! My son, Siafu has secreted away the Tome of Katrian, and as I speak, his guardian shadow wolf makes haste with the Omega Key. You foolish humans, if you are not succumbing to one man's insanity, then you are succumbing to your fears. My son, though not of human likeness in his birth form, is nothing for you to fear." My father tightened his grip on his star-infused staff. "Unless ye are foolish enough to try and kill his mate and test his resolve―and my resolve to protect him. I will not allow—"

    "You will not allow what, exactly?" asked King Paradigm, now making his way into the forge chamber. "The abomination you and Ilezra created; he will die by time the third moon rises." The priest holding the twelfth stone froze where he stood, as did the rest of the priests.

    My father raised his staff and the white pearl orb spun until a ray of immense light struck King Paradigm's body. For a long moment, King Paradigm stood locked in the emersion of pure light. And when finally the light faded, he simply turned to the priests and said, "Let us not be too hasty in our desire to rid ourselves of this creature Siafu and his mate." Unmistakably, fear appeared in his eyes. "I don't see any harm in leaving them be―for now." My father smiled, though not overly, and with another wave of his staff, the forge chamber became full of light once again and then he was gone. The last of the priests who would have cast the last Black Stone moved to speak, "What did the White Wizard show you, my Lord, what did you see?"

    King Paradigm's teeth ground together; his sanity barely controlled. "The White Veil Prophecy," was all he said before he exited the chamber.



    "I shall take my leave of you now," my father said to me. "Love Averie as I did your mother and do not venture too far from her." With Averie by my side, we bid him farewell. She turned to me now.

    "What did your father show him that calms your heart, Siafu?"

    "I know what The White Veil Prophecy is because I know my father. He showed King Paradigm what he needed to see—and nothing more."

    "Do you think we are safe, to love and live our lives in peace?" she asked.

    I tugged on my chin. "Of that, it is uncertain. Humans are fickle and prone to pointing fingers and waging wars with each other, and everything else. But have no fear my queen, no harm shall come to you or our offspring, not this day or any other day."

    She pinched my butt; her eyes ablaze with desire. "I laid one-hundred and fifty eggs this morning, are you ready to make more."

    I gasped, "By all the Holy Unicorns, we will have an army soon!"

    She forced me to the ground and pinned my body beneath hers. "Sooner than you think my love―much sooner."

    Loanwolf's leathery lips rolled back in disgust, and then he made his way out of our nesting chamber.


    I now hold the Omega Key, and there is little to fear with Loanwolf guarding the cave entrance. We are safe for the moment. Father prevented the second Tower of Will prophecy from coming to pass. However, should King Paradigm change his mind and attempt to kill my queen; there is always The Tome of Kartian and my ability to turn the tides of war that way. But I would much rather kill King Paradigm by way of THE WHITE VEIL PROPHECY...


    The End
    (Or maybe it isn't. Prophecies have a way of coming to pass.)
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    Greece, Athens
    Inochi is the name that my mother gave to me when she died bringing me into this world. Isn't it ironic to name your child "life" while yours is fading away? At least that is what my Sensei told me when I turned 13 years old. It was heavily snowing and we had to clear the brick path of the Dojo entrance. It was so cold that day that my tear froze on my small girly cheek and my blue eyes became dark as a thunderstorm. He was very protective, strict and at the same time gentle with me. He always used to tell me I have very special powers within me. I remember I was getting mad when we used to do our normal 12 hour training with our bokkens, when asking him what these powers were, and with this smooth and calm look he would always answer me "you will find them on your own one day"I was grumpy for the rest of the day each time.
    I had very difficult young years. Everybody at my village used to look at me strange, as if I was a kind of a monster. You see, no other girl really had red hair with blue eyes. Where I was born everyone looked the same even if they were not the same. They were all doing the same things, going to the same places, talking the same, eating the same and following the same routine and route. To me that felt boring and without any life in it. I was very spontaneous, playful, wanted to learn everything about the world, inpatient.
    One thing I found out the hard way after almost 10 years, is that patience is very damn hard to master. Even more difficult than wielding my first kodachi. Oh boy the times I almost cut my red cheeks, were too many to count. I made it though, through thick and thin fighting myself to become stronger and to find my own way. My way of the Kunoichi.
    The only thing that is it carved in my heart is my Sensei. What he has taught me... to always look for answers on my own, to trust my instinct, to see the good in all people, to make peace in my way. These two last things is what my body, heart and soul is struggling with. How can I make peace? How can I forgive the person that killed my Sensei and see the "good" within him? That is one of the reasons I came to this City. This quest I have is my own to accomplish and may the sea, the trees and the mountains be my witnesses, I WILL find this man. I WILL talk to each merchant, each stranger to find more information and I WILL kill every one that will stand in my way! I have already seen a lot of strange faces around while riding my black stallion and we are almost approaching the entrance of the city. There is a lot of magic, power and darkness behind these walls, I can sense it. I will try not to be lost in this city because it looks SO large. I imagine every little or big man has passed through here. Everyone on their way to do something, to find something, just like me.

    As I stable my horse I get this bad feeling, there is an unwelcome presence very close to me. I walk carefully and am ready to draw my kodachi at any given point of time. The ground feels warm over my traditional outfit. The sun hits my face and the wind plays with my hair. The intense smell of rain sneaks under my mask and the first drop lands on my bottom lip. Suddenly I see a shadow moving at the far back between some old houses, there is so much people around here. I follow it quickly and i see it again at the next turn I make. I decide not to jump on the rooftops for too many reasons. I move faster following it and it leads me to an empty and narrow alley. At this point I know it is a trap and I draw my weapon slowly out of its sheath. The shadow stands still in front of me... I stand still holding my kodachi over my face with both hands which means I am in a very aggressive stance. The shadow starts to transform into something, something that in the beginning I do not understand but after a few moments I begin to see this large mass of mussels that turns into a creature I have never seen before in my life!
    I hold the handle of my weapon tighter and flip back once. I preform "sting shuriken" on its head but it seems to do nothing to it. I am left with frowning eyebrows and I decide to strike this thing real good now.
    While preforming "haunted walking" i see a black orbit ball landing on its belly and knocks it down. I sense that I do not only have enemies but friends. My eyes quickly trying to find from where this attack came from while i successfully finish my move and i do "wind sword" followed by a numerous attacks. This person that came threw that black orbit was keep hitting with me and we both kicked it back to the shadows. I stay at easy cleaning and sheathing my sword.
    The few drops of rain that gently kissed my lips are now landing hard on everything including me. I take a step back under a broken roof of an abandoned house. My eyes still trying to find this person that helped me, I cannot longer sense them....As I remain under the roof everything feels pleasant around me. Knowing that my journey will be very interesting, knowing that I will meet that person again somewhere and hopefully many more down the road I can call "nakama"...

    Sensei,watashi ga zettai akirmenai!

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    State of Constant Arousal
    Baptism by Black Ice
    "How long have I been here?"
    Minutes, hours, maybe days.

    Another wave of ecstasy and terror wash through me. It seemed as only moments had passed since my father, his soft brown eyes and scruffy face, had sent me off to fetch supplies from the market.

    " Don't forget the sugar this time Eva", he says teasingly, "You know how much the horses like it." He smells of leather, sweat, and lilac. The scents of a ranch in spring. I can see my mother, her gentle face framed in the window, laughing to herself as she prepares the days meal.

    My back arches violently this time. Tearing this memory into the abyss. How many memories have been ripped from me this way?
    The body that used to be solely mine seems as if on fire. I can feel everything. Nipples on taut breasts, aching, trying to push through a torn blouse. Blood rushing to throbbing loins. A hot wetness cooling on bare thighs. Limbs, shaking, as wave upon wave of unbearable pleasure and stinging pain course through me.
    And I can feel "Her", always. Her presence suffocating me with delicate madness and lustful rage. "Her", inside me, violating me with whispers of joy and lashes of sorrow.

    Minutes, hours, maybe days.....
    Unaware of my surroundings I strain to recall where I met her. A clearing next to the brook, yes, I was on my way to the market. Pollen catching light in the air, the scent of freshness and flowers all about. There's a dark spot in the corner of my vision. I turn to look and she appears. A goddess, a demon. She is beautiful and terrifying, alluring and horrific, like a violent ocean storm at the break of dawn dressed in gossamer black. I try to scream but can make no sound. I try to run but cannot move. I am a fly in trapped in a spiders web.
    "I have been waiting for you Eva" her voice, sultry and mean. Her perfect red lips never move, locked in a smirk on a porcelain face.
    "Why?" I whimper, tears streaming down my cheeks.
    "Why... because I have chosen you sweet Eva to carry my gift into the world". Her hand as cold as death caresses my face much like a mother would touch her child, " Do not cry young one, for tonight you will be reborn and the stars will weep your birth." Her touch freezes my tears into crystal. Then she is upon me and I'm engulfed in her dark embrace.
    Another wave crashes through me....

    Minutes, hours, maybe days....
    A moan of desire forces it way from my throat. A scream of agony follows shortly. Neither are in my voice. Another wave of orgasmic pain and another memory thrown to the void. Again and again and again I endure this until finally there is nothing but oblivion. Eva is no more.

    "How long have I been here?"
    My eyes open slowly, I peer through blades of grass at the world around me. Shafts of warm light filter through bright green leaves. Cascading water and the sounds of a forest fill my ears. My body, beaten and torn from my baptismal, aches as I push my self up. My hands smolder with dark power, black wisps rise from them like murky tendrils of night.
    I am not alone.
    I feel an ancient presence within me, cold, dark and angry. It is weak but voracious, its appetite urging me to unleash it upon the world so it may feed and grow.
    I no longer know where I am from or who I was but I know what I have become. I am the hunger that can not be quelled. I am the fever that cannot be broken. I am seduction unbound.
    I am
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    Blood splashed across his face as he cleaved the bandit through his abdomen with his two hand axes. Before the bandit could collapse, Grimm front kicked the body away, clearing some more room for him to swing his axes around him in a whirlwind, felling a few more bandits that moved to surround him. "BLOOD FOR KZARKA!", he yelled before barreling into another group of bandits, moving so fast he appeared to be ablaze. Rolling to the right of a swinging attacker and hamstringing him with a slash of an axe and then slashing the side of the same bandit's neck on the reverse swing as he stood, he smiled. A sword swung and made contact with his right arm, making a clean cut that revealed bone beneath the butchered flesh. Grimm grabbed the offending bandit's head with both hands and slammed his head forward, caving in the man's head with a savage headbutt. Throwing the body aside, Grimm turned his head to the sky and let out a loud roar that turned into maniacal laughter, covered in so much blood it appeared he was a being made completely of blood wielding two axes the size of a normal man's torso.

    A loud roar returned his laughter and his view snapped to the right, where a large Troll was trudging through the treeline with dozens of smaller goblins in tow, apparently hearing the battle between the merchant caravan Grimm was hired to protect and the raiding bandits who thought it would be a quick payday. Upon seeing the Troll with his goblin escorts, the bandits decided it was a better idea to cut their losses and flee back to the city, no doubt switching out of their clothing and resuming their facade as normal civilians. Grimm turned his gaze to the merchants, who were just now realizing a Troll was heading towards them. "Giant! DO SOMETHING!" they yelled, shouting out how much silver they would shower him with if they escaped with their lives. Grimm smirked, knowing full well that their lives hung in his hands.

    Hefting his axes to his shoulders he began running towards the Troll - the goblins had already been engaged by the other guards that the merchants hired for this trade run and they were no challenge. Once he got 20 feet away he held his axes out wide and leapt high into the air, landing in front of the Troll, who was already swinging a giant two handed club down on Grimm's head. Sidestepping the blow, Grimm brought one of his axes down on the Troll's club wielding arms, cutting through half of it before getting his axe stuck in between the Troll's crude armor plates and bone. The Troll roared and flailed wildly with his one good arm, desperate to get the Berserker away from him. Grunting with effort, Grimm ducked under one of the wild swings and got in close to the Troll, disabling the use of his weapon as Grimm was too close in his personal space for it to even be effective. Smashing the handle of his axe into the Troll's face repeatedly to stun him, Grimm quick stepped 180 degrees and brought his remaining axe down into the Troll's already wounded arm, completing the cut through the arm and freeing his other axe for use again.

    Roaring in agony the Troll drops his club and clutches at his bloody stump of an arm, one eye closed shut from being smashed in the face with Grimm's axe handle. Grimm yanked the axe out of the arm and sheathed both of them on his back, walking towards the Troll - now on his knees still clutching at his stump. Picking up the big two handed club in his hands he hefted it a few times to test the weight as he walked around behind the Troll. Spitting on the ground, Grimm hefts the massive club above his head and screams incoherently as he brings it down and slams it into the Troll's head. The exploding mess of blood and skull fragments shower over him as he drops the club on the ground, breathing heavily.

    Looking over to the road which had recently become a battlefield he notices the last of the goblins being cleaned up by the other caravan guards. He nods to the number of merchants staring in his direction with mouths agape, "Caravan secured".
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    Ballarat, Australia
    Family name: Elder

    My name: Lari

    Year 266 Elion Calendar
    We lived on the northern media plateau. My parents were farmers, although my father often worked as a logger to make ends meet. We were quiet folk, working to make the best of our lives. I was an infant when the 30-year war was finished off by those sandstorms.

    But our world was still unstable. Something had been unleashed. The ground would often shake, just a little. Travelers started to increase as people started migrating to Altinova. The fishing villages along the coast had lost all their boats to unseasonal weather. Medians to the east were relocating to avoid the threat of Savages.

    My parents were not shaken by these developments. They continued to farm as they always had. I grew up chasing butterflies and grasshoppers in the fields.

    Years passed. I learnt the intricacies of running a farm. My favorite part was harvesting, with a scythe. I loved how one could slice through everything. Once harvested and packed, my father would take the grain to Altinova to sell. I’ve been with him a few times and met the business associates. He often brought home a present for us and the latest news. I learnt how to read on newspapers and bulletin reports. I often dreamt of becoming a shop assistant in Altinova, but as their only child, I couldn’t abandon my parents and their farm.

    Year 281 Elion Calendar
    One day my father did not return from a grain delivery. We waited, a day, a week, a month and still, nothing. My mother was a strong woman, but knew her limits. We could not stay out here, not on our own. We patched up the old rickety cart and then we packed last of the grain and our meager possessions. Mother counted out the silver we had and split it between us to carry. Try as I might, I could not sleep that night.

    Early the next morning, we dressed and started our long journey to Altinova.

    We camped on the side of the road the first night. A donkey is not the swiftest of haulers. We arrived at Elric temple the following evening.

    Things must have changed, more quickly than we realized. The temple was no longer a place of worship. The temple was severely damaged and the courtyards were filled with savages.

    You can imagine how they reacted when a tired donkey pulling a grain filled cart and two tired women walk into their midst.

    The donkey was relieved of his burden. Mother and I were taken into the center courtyard. It was not a pretty sight. Big fires and pots, creepy looking skulls, and the smell I will never forget. A brutish looking savage came over to us and went to pick me up. My mother lashed out at him and wrapped herself around me to protect me from them. By now, a few more had gathered around. They dragged us apart and as my mother continued to fight, I guess they decided she was too much trouble. They hit her over the head.

    I watched my beautiful, kind, adoring mother fall limp and lifeless to the ground. The pool of blood spreading out around her and staining her well starched and bleached shirt.

    I felt my whole body start shaking with rage and black spots danced before my eyes. And in my hands?

    I’m not exactly sure what happened next, but when I came to, all the savages in the courtyard were dead. I went over to my mother, she was cold. I was devoid of emotion, shocked at all that had happened. Slumped next to her, I don't know how much time had passed.

    Eventually, a little voice in my head shook me back to consciousness, alert to possible discovery. But I couldn't leave my mother as she was. I closed her eyes and searched for something to cover her with. In the end I settled on an empty grain sack. I remembered to retrieve the silver from her, she’d have wanted me to have it.

    I wanted to bury her properly, but I didn’t know how long I was going to be left alone. Sneaking out of the courtyard, I keept to the night's shadows. My hope was to find the donkey and ride off into the night.

    As I crept around the corner of the wall, I saw our cart with all our belonging spread out on the ground. I caught my breath as I saw another wagon, the one my father left on, parked behind it. No longer caring if I was seen, I dashed across the yard to the wagon. It was empty. I searched around the area, and came found behind a building what I could only assume was the corpse of my father. The only thing I could recognize was his hat. What’s left of it. The one I helped mother to make.

    Then I hear a roar of rage.
    Feet running.
    A drumbeat starts.


    I guess they found their dead fellows.

    I wonder if that was because of me? Was I the cause of that destruction?

    "Either way, it’s time to get out!" the little voice cries.

    Returning to father’s wagon, I check the secret compartment we put underneath. If he did make it to town, the silver he made will be in there. Yup, there it is. Also, some paper. I grab it all and stuff it in my pockets.

    Savages are starting to come near; I can hear their footsteps. “Forget the donkey, focus on escape!” the little voice screams. In the shadows, I move as close to the outer-wall of the temple area as possible. Making my way round to the front gate, somehow I manage to avoid detection. The front gate however is heavily guarded. I need other options.

    Looking around, some handily stacked crates look like they could provide a steady passage up over one of the smaller roofs. Slowly, carefully, creeping round to the crates I hear the increasing noise of savages tearing the place apart, looking for the me. Quickly and carefully, I start climbing the crates. As I near the top, a yell from underneath startles me. I have been discovered! Jumping for the roof, I dislodge the crate I was standing on as I scramble up. I look behind, the savage that saw me is hanging onto the edge of the roof, pulling himself up.

    I feel the something inside of me. Swirling and rising, up through my body, a tingling sensation and confidence. Suddenly, I know how to react. My hand swipes at him, as if clawing, and the darkness that comes from my hand tears across his face. His hands release and he falls, howling.

    This destruction, I can command it? Mixed feelings of elation and terror course through my body.

    “Time to go!” The little voice inside my head shrieks.

    Quickly, carefully making my way to the other side of the roof, I find myself looking down a rolling hill to the valley. The large forest northeast looks promising. Slowly, carefully, I find the smallest drop, lower myself over the edge, and remembering to bend and flex when I land, drop.

    No bones broken? Check. Muscles functioning? Check? Time to run!

    Reaching the forest without pursuit, (I can only assume the savage that saw me was unable to tell the others of my whereabouts) I move further in and find a place to hide. And then sleep.

    When I awaken, it is broad daylight. I examine the papers I found in Father’s wagon. Warnings, all of them. About the savages. If only we had taken the warnings more seriously when we first heard the rumors!

    I’m not going back to farming. I’m going to learn about this power and how to use it. I will avenge my parents. I will forge my own path. Onwards to Altinova!

    Year 283 Elion Calendar
    I’ve spent the last 18 months in Tarif Town learning how to be a sorceress. Because that’s apparently what we are called, the people who wield the darkness the way I do. It took a while to get here, but I’ve learnt so much. It will be a while before I can repay the sorcerers here for the opportunities they have given me. I’ve been given the opportunity now to roam the world and make what I can from it. Be a force for good. I think I’ll head for Veila. I’ve heard there are some interesting things going on over there.
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    (It's a bit long so if you want to read it in a document, I have a Google Doc here.)

    The Child

    A small elven family lived on their farm east of Velia, closer to the forest than the other nearby farms. This put them at a greater risk from the various goblin camps that were along the forest’s edge. However, they were not worried because it was only a small farm where they only grew what they needed. There would be little gain for the goblins to attack them.

    It was still a risk nonetheless. In the dead of night, while everyone was fast asleep, a small band of goblins made their way to the farm. A young girl, Tenara was woken abruptly as goblins made their attack on her home. Her father and older brother rushed outside, swords in hand, prepared to hold them off; allowing Tenara and her mother to escape along with the baby. Confused and frightened, she's rushed out of the home and into the night air. The trio makes their way towards a nearby farm where it would be safe

    They didn’t make it far before Tenara heard a loud scream coming from beside her, and then behind her as she kept running. She stopped and turned around to a horrible sight, a thrown spear had impaled her mother’s lower back. Tears brimmed in her bright green eyes she slowly realized what had happened. She wanted to scream, but no sound came, only tears. Tenara noticed that her baby brother was still in her mother’s arms, crying and yelling, and she started to run towards them when a fireball engulfed them. She froze, watching the fire in horror.

    “Run! Tenara, run!”

    Tenara barely heard her father yelling at her. A moment later, she finally forced her gaze away from the fire and looked over at the farm where her father and brother were fighting the goblins. Still, no movement from her. She could only watch as the last of her family was cut down among the fire that was once her home. The goblins noticed her standing there, and she finally snapped out of it enough to turn and run. Tears now poured down her cheeks as she ran as fast as her legs could manage, leaving behind a trail of despair. She no longer knew where she was going, she just knew she needed to get as far away as possible.

    Her whole body ached as she slowed down to a stop when she reached the edge of the forest. She turned her head back, tearful eyes reflecting the fire that was her life. A couple goblins were starting to get close, so she could no longer gaze at the fire. Tenara entered the forest and continued for about an hour before finally stopping. Even if the goblins chased her into the forest, they wouldn’t have been able to find her, she didn’t even know where she was. She leaned against a nearby tree, trying to rest a bit. However, her body could no longer support her and she slid down the tree until she was laying on the cold ground. The tears had finally dried up, she just couldn’t cry anymore. Tenara just laid there, brilliant, green eyes just staring ahead at nothing. Her mind did not want to rest, knowing what would come to haunt her dreams, but her body did not care. Exhaustion soon took over and she fell into a deep sleep.

    The Survivor

    Hours later, she awoke to sounds of the animals stirring as they awakened. It did not take long for her to remember what had just happened the night before and tears started to flow once again. The tears did not last long though, when she was interrupted by the emptiness of her stomach and her ever growing thirst. With a quick look around, she realized that she truly was lost and it would be too much of a risk to hope that she could leave and find another farm before dehydration took her. Tenara wasn’t sure what to do, she didn’t learn much about surviving on her own while on the farm. However, she knew she wanted to survive. Her family would still be alive in her as long as she lived.

    She looked around, trying to find any food or water but to no avail. While she was looking though, she noticed the animals going about, looking for food themselves. The young girl decided to observe the animals, to learn what they ate and where they got water. It was a slow process and it wasn’t easy on her body or mind, but she soon had plants and berries that seemed edible, at least to the rabbits she watched. Soon, a deer had led her to a source of water.

    Days had passed and Tenara knew that she couldn’t live on the plants and berries forever. She needed real sustenance. She found a sharp rock, a strong branch, and plant fibers and made herself a bow. It was barely functional, but it was good enough for now. She had only seen her father and brother use one before and that was what she had to go by. After searching for more materials, she was able to make a few arrows with sharpened stone arrowheads. Now she just needed to practice, still only having her memories to go by.

    More days passed before she was able to finally hit a rabbit, and finally have a real meal. Making a fire came easily enough, it was skinning the rabbit that was difficult. With only a sharp rock to use, it was extremely messy and she lost more of the meat than she would have liked but it was all worth it when she finally had something to eat other than plants or berries. Survival was now more than within her reach.

    Now it was weeks that she was alone, surviving, in that forest and it was time to make a better plan than to just survive. Tenara decided that she would find her way out of the forest and go from there. It wouldn’t be easy, it was expansive and confusing, but she had all the time in the world for this. No one knew she was even still alive.

    For the first time in months, she walked outside the forest, her new home. However, she still did not feel happiness or even satisfaction because the only thing she could see were goblin camps all along the edge of the forest. And as she stared, anger started building up inside her, remembering what they had done to her and her family. Brilliant green eyes darkening with rage. However, the anger was soon replaced by resolve. Tenara knew what she wanted to do now. The goblins would not be able harm more innocent farmers, not when she could stop it. She turned around and went back into the forest, it was not time for her to leave yet. Now, it was time for her to grow stronger.

    The Huntress

    A couple years later, Tenara was now a young teenager and more than capable of handling her own. Training almost nonstop until she couldn’t miss a bird while running through the forest herself. The only times she didn’t train were during winter. Winter was harsh. She had to go back into full survival mode to make it through but she was stronger for it. Using the skills she had learned from her mother, she made herself blankets and clothes from the furs of deer and rabbits. She had a new, much better, bow that she made herself during the latest winter and a quiver with arrows that she slowly made a collection of. She was ready.

    She started to scout the area outside the forest, finding the best ways in and out without getting noticed. Within a week, she noticed the goblins preparing for an attack and she started her own preparations, trying to figure out where the attack was going to happen. The goblins made their move that night, but Tenara was waiting for them and ready.

    As soon as they started charging out to their target, a small farm, she came out of hiding spot. It wasn’t a large group of them, they didn’t stand a chance. When she set her first arrow, she hesitated, just for a moment, before she remembered why she was doing this and her resolve took over. The first arrow found a goblin’s throat, killing him almost instantly. The second found another, and then another. The goblins were surprised and didn’t react quickly enough, their numbers were dwindling. They yelled out in rage at this young elf girl, and their focus was no longer the farm behind her. But Tenara was ready and she was already moving when the first spear came flying at her. Minutes later, the goblins all lay dead, with the exception of the one or two who fled back to camp.

    The farmers came out to see what had happened, shocked at the scene that they came upon. One young elf standing in front of multitudes of goblin bodies. One started to thank her, but she had already started running back to the forest. She didn’t want their thanks, she just wanted to see the creatures dead.

    This continued for years, each goblin attack being thwarted by her easily, while she never missed, they never seemed to be able to hit her. Spear, axe, spell, nothing came close. Soon, the farmers started to just leave gifts for her, small things like blankets, clothes, and food. Occasionally, they left notes. She accepted them, she could not deny how much she needed them. Luckily, she still remembered a bit of what she was taught about reading, to get a basic understanding of the notes left behind. Some were personal thanks, some were just news about what was going in the world.

    Once, while helping a larger, more profit based farm against a very large invasion of goblins, the owner had noticed that she had ran out of arrows during the encounter. She had to pull what she could from the corpses to use, occasionally using a knife she had received once before. The owner was wealthy and had left a new, well-crafted bow, and a quiver with arrows that returned to the quiver after a short time.

    At one point, Tenara had received news about the war starting between the larger nations. This worried her, while she had little concern about the goings on those in cities, soldiers were well known to occupy farms and they weren’t always the kindest of guests. She didn’t want to start fights with humans but she would if they tried anything near her area. And, unfortunately for them, a group of soldiers decided they wanted to stay in a nearby farm. Now well into her teen years, Tenara noticed the situation while she scouting the nearby goblins.

    She ran up behind them, making sure one of them noticed her and pointed her out to their leader. Bow drawn and arrow set, she waited for them turn to her. The captain turned to face her and scoffed at the sight of this elf girl, looking like she was ready for a fight.

    “What do you want?” he said, impatiently.

    Tenara started to talk, but found that no words came forth. Being in isolation for so long had made her forget how to speak. Instead, she pointed at them with her bow and then pointed away, indicating she wanted them to leave.

    “You want us to leave?” Trying to suppress laughter.

    She nodded firmly, this time, to make sure he knew she was serious, she pulled the arrow back and aimed it straight at him. The captain just shook his head and indicated to one of the archers to fire at her. The archer never got the chance, and arrow was in his throat before he could even pull out his crossbow. The other archers didn’t have a chance either, and they all fell to the ground. She indicated for them to leave once again, giving the rest a chance to leave with their lives.

    “How dare you?! You are going to die for that!” The captain wasn’t laughing anymore. He signaled for the attack and the soldiers charged at her, weapons ready. Tenara started to run right away, firing arrows as she did, trying to keep her distance. The fight did not last long, and once again she was gone, unharmed.

    Soon, she was no longer a girl. Tenara was now a young woman. She felt increasingly stronger, and defense was no longer enough for her. She wanted to go on the offense. So, while defending a farm again from a goblin raid, she let one of them run off. This time, she followed him all the back to their camp and took him out right before he could warn the others. It was a massacre, she was relentless as she killed all who lived there. The goblin women would just breed more goblins, and the children would just grow up to kill. And as they had done to her own home, she burned it all down to the ground. Fire reflecting in her hardened eyes, she could only think of one thing, Mercy is for the weak.

    She got the news one day, the people living in the cities had heard of her and were appalled at her actions. Tenara didn’t care, they didn’t have to worry about losing everything to these creatures, safe behind their guards and their walls. She knew she was doing the right thing, even though it didn’t make her feel any better. She could not bring herself to smile, not since that night years ago.

    The Hero

    Months later, she was caught by surprise. A goblin raid on a farm that she wasn’t expecting. She arrived too late to save the farm, but the family staying there was still safe. As she ran up to the farm, she saw a familiar sight, a young girl running with her mother away from the attack. She wasn’t far from them when she noticed the axe flying through the air, right for the girl. Tenara tried to shoot it out of the air but she missed and panic started to set in. So she did the only thing she could, she run in front of the girl, back to the axe.

    A soft thud, followed by searing pain, reverberated through her body and she let out a painful scream as the axe went through her leather and into her back. She watched as the girl froze at the sound and sight, as Tenara fell to one knee. Pain was not something she was used to, it had been years since she had felt it and it was dizzying. She shook herself out of it as much as she could and mouthed to the girl to run. Tenara watched the little girl run to safety for a moment, and in that moment her lipped formed into a small smile and tears brimmed in her eyes.

    Her thoughts were interrupted with loud roar of the goblins as they realized what had happened and who they had hit. She turned herself around as fast as she could let out an arrow, aimed for the nearest goblin’s throat. She missed. The pain was too much. She let out another arrow, this time just aiming for the chest. She hit that time. She couldn’t go for precise shots anymore. She knew she wasn’t going to make it out of this but she was going to take as many as she could with her. Unfortunately, there were too many and she couldn’t focus like normal, nor could she move. Soon a spear found her abdomen, and she screamed in agony. This was followed by an arrow to the leg that was holding her up, causing her to fall to both her knees, sitting back on her legs.

    She tried to take more out but to no avail as a fireball erupted right next to her, burning her side and causing her to drop her bow. The pain was too much, she didn’t have the strength to even reach for her bow anymore. She could only watch as a goblin came up to her, ready to end it. He stopped abruptly when he got thrown aside by a much bigger goblin. It looked to be their leader. The leader chuckled, happy about his upcoming kill.

    Even in the face of death, blood running down her face and body, burns along her side, Tenara never lost her resolve. She would die with dignity as she stared at the goblin, her eyes unwavering emeralds, the fire reflecting in them, her anger. The last thing she remembered was the goblin raising his sword for the killing blow, triumphant grin on his face, then darkness...
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    *** IMPORTANT***
    The contest has ended!

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    Thankyou everyone for participating!
    It was really interesting to see everyone's ideas and creativity

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