ArcheAge: Unchained - Stream Highlights 9/27/19

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    Stream Highlight Recap 9/27/19


    Shadow's Revealed trailer was played
    • Confirmed we will get new car on Legacy servers
    • Skills: Stealth, Rider's Launch, Rocket Boost, etc..
    • Can be obtained via achievements - Obtain all cars.
    • Will NOT be in Unchained at launch.
    Graphic Improvements
    • Went over grpahic improvements that the game is getting again with the 6.0 update.
    • No new information released on graphic changes other than what we have already received.
    System Requirements
    • There may be a slight increase in system requirements with the new client, but it's not expected to be a large change, if any. Will publish this information if there is a change.
    • Editor Note: We experience the 64-bit client in KR being less taxing on the system.
    PTS Marketplace
    • The PTS Marketplace with be the live marketplace.
    • Everything should be bound that is in the marketplace. This is directly from community feedback.
    Launch Information
    • Launch Time
      ** Server launch will be morning or afternoon for the region.
      ** EU and NA will be launching at different times.
      ** Times are not confirmed yet, but more information will be posted as we get closer.
    • Launch Servers
      ** They have added an additional server on release for all regions.
      ** Grace period to reserve name on a 4th server if one is opened for founders.
    • Queue Times
      They addressed issues with additional servers to mitigate launch queue time issues and why some of these wouldn't be possible (additional servers at launch, land locks).
    • Faction Balance
      They will be monitoring faction balances and character reservations before launch and will disable character creation for these as needed.
    • Character Slots
      Two character slots confirmed.
      ** Up to six slots will be available.
    • Preload
      Client will be available 12-24 hours before character creation.
    • Labor Regen
      Offline labor will not be removed. This will be the same system as legacy.
    • 3rd Launch Server Names
      EU - Belstrom
      ** NA - Denistrius
    • Character Creation
      You will be able to create your character between Oct 1st and launch.
      ** Midnight PST for launch of character creation.
    PTS Fluffy
    • Fluffy may not be live at the launch of the PTS but they will be adding it in as soon as possible.
    Multiple Accounts
    • 3 accounts per person this is not per house.
    • They are creating a multi-account policy that will be posted for everyone to read and analyze on their own.
    Diligence Shop
    • All items will be visible on PTS and will be open for feedback.
    VPN's/Ping Reducers
    • VPN's and ping reducers are not officially supported and they can result in issues.
    SEA Servers
    • SEA servers are not something Gamigo has contracts with XL to setup.
    Easy Anti-Cheat
    • Confirmed to be the anti-cheat for Unchained.
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    Ty for the update.

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