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    With the release of ArcheAge Unchained, Tenacious has come to enjoy the game! While some members returned to ArcheAge, others have joined for their 1st time in Unchained. We are achieving new goals, and we are still finding new things to do as time goes on.

    Our pledge is to provide a fun gaming experience for all members. Tenacious is a casual-friendly PvX community, with no gear or in game time requirements. We do have a few requirements; uphold the Tenacious Charter, Rules of Engagement, and have fun.

    Our goal is to provide the best gaming experience we can for our community, and for everyone to enjoy their time in ArcheAge Unchained. If you want to min/max and focus on competitive PvP, set sail in search of treasure and naval warfare, or dedicate hours to tending your farms and running trade packs, or even complete all achievements… We hope to encourage and support all play-styles and experience levels!
    We all know activity did drop recently in Tenacious. We want to let everyone know, we are working on increasing activity again. We have opened recruitment, we are planning events, and have appointed new officers. All officers stated they will be active, and look forward to growing Tenacious in AAU with each and every one of you!


    Server: Wynn
    Faction: West

    Focus: Casual-friendly, PvE/PvP

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