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    ArcheAge is a PvP-foused MMO with some rather unique mechanics. To ensure our community guidelines are followed by the guild, we've clarified in this post when it's okay to attack another player.

    Green Guilds and Players

    This includes all western guilds. We consider ourselves “green-friendly”. We do not go out of our way to attack/engage them unless provoked. If there is an incident that requires retaliation, it will be a one-time thing with no follow up. If issues persist, the guild or individual will be added to our “hostiles” list. If you personally have an issue with another player or guild, please bring it to the attention of an officer. If possible, provide any helpful information, including screenshots, stream clips, player/guild names, etc. You may also start a forum thread if needed to open discussion.

    We have a mutual agreement with these guilds to cooperate when necessary and not engage each other. If incidents occur between guild members (i.e. one guild’s member kills and steal packs from the other guild’s member), the situation will be dealt with in a way that satisfies both guilds in order to keep the alliance (i.e. the packs or their worth in gold are given back and the offending player is reprimanded).

    Hostile Guilds and Players
    These are guilds or players have shown unnecessary aggression towards Tenacious members or our allies, and are on their way to being added to our KOS List. You may treat them as KOS or ignore them, but be leery of their presence and aware of their history.

    “Red is Dead.”
    We consider all eastern guilds and pirates “kill on sight.” This means if at any time you encounter a red faction member, you are free to engage in PvP. With that being said, our code of conduct and ethics still applies. Griefing, camping, etc. is still not allowed.

    Kill on Sight (KoS) List
    This list will consist of players that have been repeatedly hostile to us and are free for members to attack at will.

    Trade Packs
    Trade packs are fair game when encountering eastern faction, pirates, or KoS players. RoE still apply.

    Naval Combat
    If engaged in combat with eastern faction, pirates, or KoS players/guilds, destruction of their ships is allowed. RoE still apply.
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