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Bearded Pirate Instructor, Male, from Austin, TX, USA

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Oct 18, 2020 at 5:11 PM
    1. Amarai
      Hiya Para. Tartflavor forgot to put his defense in for our season long league. I sent him a message through our forums, but he hasn't updated his team yet. I was hoping you might have a better way to contact him. Hate to see him pull double zeros this early in the year. Thanks.
    2. Paradigm
      @Sagenas ... your room will have a Queen sized bed for you and your wife, and we'll have an air mattress for your son and your own bathroom
    3. Sagenas
      my assigned room, does it include a regular bed?
    4. SaberYagami
      hi para sorry to bother you but where i post photos on the forum ? still cant find it para it just dont show
      1. Paradigm
        On the bottom right of each post there is a button to 'Upload File'
        Oct 18, 2017
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    5. lauren
      Hi para, my name ingame revelation is hennesy, wanna ask, where i can find the schedule weekly for mc3 n so on? Thank you
      1. VēlōxDracōnis
        I would like to know that as well. I'm a lil lost and couldnt find where to register for said mc runs.
        Aug 9, 2017
    6. Kivex
      Hey Para. We had a death in the family, and have been out of town for a while. Life is backed up a little now, so may be a bit before I hop back in game. Thanks, and keep up your good work.
    7. Tainted
      1. Paradigm
        Heya, thanks for the heads up. I had seen it ... and actually, it's a shame they missed my comment as I left the server 3 nights ago. There were groups getting impatient and other groups trying to take over, so I left, wished everyone well and told them all that I would make decisions with Tenacious and we would do what's best for our community. We'll discuss more in the meeting
        Feb 24, 2017
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      2. Tainted
        I found this vid on RO forum, you want to post something in there to clear it up?
        Feb 24, 2017
      3. Paradigm
        Not really ... we don't get involved in drama like that stuff. There's actually probably a dozen discord servers like that set up of everyone watching everyone to see where everyone is going. That's why I left. I thought it would be a cool way to meet other communities, but ended up being toxic. The forums community at RO can have that kind of stuff. ... we'll do our own thing and be Tenacious
        Feb 24, 2017
    8. John Hopkins
      John Hopkins
      I am new to the guild. Looking forward to play revelation online with the tenacious community.
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    9. Shankatron
      Also nice to meet you I'm crazy i mean a geek i mean Shankatron...ya that's it now to erase my mistakes so i don't look like an AW MAN I ACCIDENiTLY HIT SEND
    10. Shankatron
      Hey Para elephants aren't allowed outside of the real world how did you escape again? Well doesn't matter well get Carrot Top to bring you back to the Zoo where you can play all the Smash you could ever want.
    11. Worldender
      Hey Paradigm its Worldender. I won an entry level founders pack with the dragon naming contest....thanks for that by the way...I had alot of fun with it !!! I would like the value of the entry level pack to be sent on a pre-paid visa card. My information is as follows:

      Jamison Caccamise
      8 Blossomdale Circle
      Hamlin, NY 14464

      My actual email address is :
    12. Gloth_Tolf
      Hey Para, just giving you an update on my situation. They scheduled my surgery for 01/08/16. I will be around til then but not sure about how much. They have taken me off the meds so I will better be able to respond to my meds at surgery time. Gonna try to still be there for pay it forward Mondays, I have been working with a few of our academy members to get them on their way to god form.
    13. Gloth_Tolf
      Hey Para, just wanted to let you know I posted about my upcoming surgery. I tried waiting for you on Skyforge but I had to log off. I'm not sure when it is going to happen but probably within the next 30 days. I'll be back with a vengeance once I am back on my feet.
    14. Dracos Darkstar
      Dracos Darkstar
      Hey , Para just wanted to check . Last time we talked yuou said you were in the middle of cleaning house in the pathion. I was just wondering how far down the list I am to join. I am just kind of sick of playing with the pugs. And it's kind of hard to hok up easily with members. I have moved up about 6k in prestige since I applied and am on mumble all the time under my email witch is warhawley.
    15. mohabbat
      hello mate, i am Kai Biral. i am online now for 7-8 hours. i am waiting for inv for 2-3 weeks now really appreciate the inv :3 i am also in mumble , also called Kai Biral
    16. Seatrance
      Hello, Sorry I didn't manage to accept the pantheon invite the other night I have been having weird technical issues, the latest of which is that I can't get into the game when I'm in mumble, so I wasn't really expecting the invite and was in the middle of a fight. I am still playing catch up , but hopefully I have the problem fixed and will be able to be in mumble when playing. So glad things seem to be going well .
    17. Sarah
      Just replying to the email....been doing the Mission. Just finished a class so I have three weeks break before I start again. But I do make sure to do the guild Missions :) Did know if there was a private message to post to. Havent figured out the website yet :)
    18. LordLoki
      What is the fastest and best way to contact you or katmondi?
    19. Tempkitty
      Para I will let to talk to you please.
    20. Kicks
      For your consideration,
      Is it possible to give Glity the ability to move people in mumble. We are recruiting new members and they usually end up in the wrong channel and need to be moved. Glity is usually the one recruiting them in. I trust him and feel he's been doing a good job representing our legion in Aion, and has put a lot of effort into recruiting some quality people to fill our ranks.
    21. CenSaki
    22. Abbazaad
      *whisper* H.B. Para..we share a B.D.
    23. Inochi
      [TABLE="width: 100%"]
      [TD][TABLE="width: 100%"]
      [TD="class: midtext"]Today i decited I wanted to watch the video clip of my favorite song of this season. Paradise by Coldplay. Once I saw the elephant guy I was like...."wait, what the... I think I have seen that thing before...hmmm" Then I forgot about it and once I saw your avi on here I realized where i had seen it.. and thought, hey that's pretty cool what he did =) Just wanted to share the thought lol ^__^[/TD]
    24. Nizroc
      now Im gonna run and Hide........
    25. Nizroc
    26. Paradigm
      I had to drive to Austin last night :( I'll be playing today :)
    27. auroran
      wtf you're not in game? WHERE ARE YOU!!!??
    28. Paradigm
      Pm'd ya! Forgive typos ... trying to do on my phone
    29. ShadowMistress
      We need to talk!
    30. Paradigm
      Looks great! Let's insert the bleeding cowboys font and see what it looks like
    31. ShadowMistress
      finally it uploaded
    32. ShadowMistress
      havin troubles uploadin to photobucket
    33. Paradigm
      Where it be?
    34. ShadowMistress
      I finished the banner
    35. Paradigm
      no worries ... we'll get er done on Monday or Tuesday
    36. ShadowMistress
      Sorry i missed yah lastnight was watchin a movie....When i came on u had just left
    37. Herta
      Oh hey i loved you in your latest movie the Fast Five.
    38. Paradigm
      Hell Yaz! So starts the greatest season of the year
    39. Zawr
      College mother fucking game day!
    40. Zawr
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