Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Sep 25, 2019

    100th Like - Serial Post Liker

    You sure like a lot of the things people are sayin' and doin' around here - I guess you fit in!

  2. Awarded: Aug 17, 2019

    Your 25th Thread

    You've started 25 threads on our forums. Thanks for that! .. Try to lay off the crazy dinosaur theories every once in awhile though..

  3. Awarded: Aug 7, 2019

    Your 100th Post

    Apparently you've said 100 things in 100 different posts. We're hoping it was something different each time and not spam.

  4. Awarded: May 4, 2019

    Your 25th Post

    You've said 25 things in 25 different posts on our forums and we haven't banned you yet, you must be good people.

  5. Awarded: May 4, 2019

    Your Very 1st Like

    Aw, isn't that sweet - someone likes you and is letting the world know!

  6. Awarded: May 4, 2019

    You've Been Liked 25 Times!

    Hey .. Uhhhm, we think we like you .. D-Do you like us back? Please check one: yes [ ] no [ ]

  7. Awarded: Dec 19, 2018

    Food Bank Donor

    Our 2018 Charity Drive was to Food Bank LAX and we raised $1,050!!! Thank you for participating!