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Nov 29, 2018
    1. Hellis
      as long as he puts aside enough money to pay for all the games ill sleep well knowing that lol
    2. Nizroc
      PS WOW~~ now we know why you do Slot Machines..... SOOOO pretty... I might venture a guess that even para might put a dollar in the Tenacious SLOT! lolz
    3. Hellis
      Sure thing, thank you i just couldnt wait til tomorrow lol
    4. Zawr
      dude you're amazing! thanks man! I will get it up soon and we shall give you props and praise for all eternity. ;)
    5. Hellis
    6. Hellis
      ok its been redone let me link you in a few
    7. Zawr
      whatever yo uthink will look best in the space above =) i added that phoenix and faded the rest out behind him to give it a faded look on both ends but im not very artistic minded so ill let you decide
    8. Hellis
      do you want one of both sides un even fade out looking or just one?
    9. Zawr
      Ya I just got home myself bro have a good night and take care thanks again!
    10. Hellis
      Sure thing ill correct it, should be done tomorrow after 2pm est if you dont mind i just came home from work very tired :/
      And thank you :)
    11. Zawr
      995pixels is the max width I can use with this current theme. Also, the right side fading so if possible can you try it as a .png?
    12. Zawr
      Dude that is amazing! Only problem with this theme I can't use anything any wider then the current image above. Any way you could make the width the same as the above? Also any way you could fade out the right side of the image? The image is going to be left aligned like the above and I wanna see how it looks with the image fading out into transparency if possible.
    13. Hellis
    14. Hellis
      Give me freedom let me try and blow your mind away on a small scale, ill come up with something soon :)
      I'm probably thinking red fire fire red red red red well see
    15. Zawr
      I'd also like to add the guild moto to the banner; "Hardcore at heart. Casual by nature" in a different font. As far as art work and colors, I'll leave that up to the talented people like you. =)

      Think you can do anything with that?
    16. Zawr
      Just some general things really. I'm at work right now and can't look up the font but I want the font that is used in the above banner. I'll get you the font name tonight unles you know it already. I'd like to also implement that phoenix that's in the above banner. The banner needs to be a .png with a transparent bg like the above and also needs to be the same width. The length can be a little shorter or longer but I'd like to see the right side fade out similar to the above banner. Also if you notice we have 3 different color schemes and you can pick between red, blue and green by going to the bottom of the page. Each banner on each theme matches the color so I'd like to see that if possible [3 banners to match each theme]. They don't have to be different, just different font colors like we currently have.
    17. Hellis
      Sure I'd love to help. Give me some ideas: colors, fonts, what you'd like to see etc etc. Detail it.
    18. Zawr
      Hey bro! Was wondering if you would be interested in helping me out with a project for Tenacious? I maintain the website but I am pretty horrible with photoshop. The current banner is my work and about as far as my skills go. With not much free time, I can't really sit down and practice or get much better and maintaining the site takes enough of my time as is. Was looking for some expertise in making a new banner for our site. Would you be interested in collaborating and helping me out? Just let me know. If you can't or don't have the time no worries and don't feel obligated to help. =)
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