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      Boanz come play archeage
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    Hello I'm Boanz. I like long walks on the beach (to look for enemies and kill them), curling up with a good book (about how to kill enemies better) and watching the sunrise over a field (littered with dead bodies of my enemies).

    Ok really I do like PVP if you didn't figure that out. I've been getting into PVE more and more as I game though, but I would still say my end-game tends to be PVP.

    In real life I am a 40 year old husband and father. I am in the Army (prefer not to discuss work in game much).

    I've been playing MMOs for about ten years now to include the following:
    Star Wars Galexies
    EVE (Twice)
    Ever Quest II
    Star Wars The Old Republic
    and now Archeage

    I've been in all different sizes of guilds, held a few different officer spots in different guilds, and have been a Guild Leader of a fairly successful guild in SWTOR (Event Horizon). I look for active guilds with a good group of people who like to help each other improve themselves. I like helping others "Learn how to fish" (You can give a man a fish and he will eat well for one meal, or you can teach a man to fish and he will eat well for a lifetime) as well as learning new ways to fish, myself.

    I look forward to getting to know the guild and hopefully adding to the good core of members.

    My Alt: Hurrikain

    See you all on the battlefield (or at my farm)



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