Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tenacious?

Tenacious is a multi-platform, multi-core gaming community founded back in August of 2009 during the closed beta testing of Aion. We started as a guild of two friends from North Carolina, and have grown into a community of thousands. Highly active and constantly managed, Tenacious provides the resources, the history and a membership of incredible people to help you have the best gaming experience possible.

How do I join Tenacious?

Painfully simple really. You see, we don't have any long applications of a laundry list of requirements ... we're far too busy gaming to read them all. And besides, we never really did understand why some places want you to fill out an application just to game with friends.

Whether or not we're compatible with each other is something we'll figure out along the way. We don't need an application to do that.

Joining is pretty simple ... just click on CHARTER at the top of this page, and read through our code of conduct and ethics. At the end of the charter, there will be simple instructions on how to post your introduction thread. Once you do that, other members will say hello and comment in your thread, and you'll be good to go.

Feel free to browse all of our forums and join us for any of the games that we are actively playing!

Does Tenacious have a minimum age to join?

Actually, we don't. And while we don't enforce an age minimum, we don't ask or require our members to cater to younger ears. Gaming is a social and passionate endeavor, and many times our VOIP conversations and tomfoolery can be PG-13 at best. To accommodate our younger players and those of our members that game with their children, most sections of our VOIP have 'Family' channels that are language moderated.

What is Tenacious' peak gaming time?

The answer to this question has actually evolved over time. Early in our history, our prime gaming time was always the US evening hours. And generally still today, you'll find our VOIP and games heavily populated from 6pm EST to about 1am EST.

However, with the extraordinary longevity and success of our Black Desert Online and Revelation chapters, we've welcomed new members from all over the world, making Tenacious a truly multi-national community. Many of our international players game during the US daytime hours, as it would also be evening overseas.

We're confident that you can find friends and peer groups here at Tenacious, no matter what time of the day you game.

What does 'Multi-Core' mean?

Good question. As gaming has evolved over the years, Tenacious has adapted to the technology and the gaming demands of the individual games and publishers.

While we were founded on our long time motto "Hardcore at heart, Casual by nature", we've come to understand that not all games these days lend themselves to completely casual gameplay.

Multi-core refers to our ability to adapt our playstyle to the dynamics of the game. Our players run the spectrum from completely casual to completely hardcore, from PvE centric to PvP centric to everything else in between.

We're confident that no matter what your 'core', you'll find a peer group here at Tenacious that plays just the way you play

How does Tenacious play the games?

We play the games to have fun! Tenacious is a gaming community, and as such, we encourage and promote playing the games together. While solo and single player members are welcome as well, Tenacious was founded on the principles of cooperative and social gaming.

However, we don't impose upon or require our members to play a certain way. Your playstyle is yours to freely express. However, remember that you are in a cooperative gaming community, and while we encourage all gamers to play to have the most amount of enjoyment, we do not accept play styles or gaming actions that violate our charter or that are detrimental to the nature and the progress of our gaming chapters.

It is important for all of our members to remember also that many of today's modern games and MMO's have gaming dynamics that limit the ability of a large gaming community to meet the needs of all of it's members. It is up to the chapter leaders to operate and run their guilds however they deem best for all of their players, and in games with guild caps and member limits, we'll work diligently to accommodate all of our members and all of their playstyles, knowing that we may not always be successful in doing so.

At the end of the day, we want you to play the games to have fun. No matter how serious or how casual you take your gaming, just have fun doing it. We already have jobs, we don't need another one when we turn on our PC to play some games.

Can any member of Tenacious join a gaming chapter?

Of course! We encourage all of our members to play games, to play them together, and to have fun!

While console games and solo games are fun, Tenacious was founded as a cooperative and social gaming community. Tenacious has active chapters in multiple MMO's and cooperative games, and there are always members online playing something.

The best way to join up is to read the game specific forums on our website, or to just jump into Mumble and meet some new friends.

We try not to limit the number or playstyles of our members in any game we play together. However, we accept that there are games in the modern age that have limitations that hinder our ability to accommodate all players. In large MMO's where publishers have imposed guild caps, or in games that are heavily PvP centric, we may be unsuccessful in pleasing everyone. However, chapter leaders in those games will do everything possible to include as many of our members as possible. It's rare that a game imposes these limitations, but we deal with them as they come.

Does Tenacious prefer to PvE or PvP?

That's a great question! The simple answer is that we do it all!

Like most larger gaming communities, we have players that enjoy one style over the other, players that enjoy both equally, and still those harder core players that go to extremes of the style of their choice.

Most large scale MMO's have a wide variety of PvE and PvP options, and Tenacious generally likes to participate in everything, expanding the gameplay experience of all of our members. Chapter leaders are adept and talented at creating and coordinating in-game guild events that keep players of all styles interested and entertained.

From hardcore raiding to hardcore PvP to casual exploration and crafting, you'll certainly find a peer group in Tenacious ... we'll even help you step out of your comfort zone and experience game dynamics that you might not endeavor to enjoy otherwise.

If it's in the game ... we're gonna try it

What is your VOIP?

Tenacious uses Mumble for VOIP

Discord is used for text chat, but VOIP is done exclusively through Mumble

How do I download Mumble?

The best way to download the client is to visit and click on the download icon appropriate for your operating system.

Once downloaded and installed on your PC, open Mumble and CONNECT to our server:

Port: 63593
Password: no password

Mumble is a 'set it and forget it' open source software, meaning that you just have to set it up once and then you're on autopilot the rest of the time. No need to spend hours adjusting volumes and voices.

Check out the Mumble Configuration FAQ for more information on how to set up

How do I configure Mumble?

Easy enough. Mumble is pretty much a set it and forget it type of program, so let's get it set up the first time, then you won't have to worry about it again.

After downloading the client from, open your Mumble program and click on the CONNECT button up top and then choose NEW. Input our server information:

Port: 63593
Password: no password (leave it blank)

Once you've connected to our server, let's get you up and running ...

1. Click on CONFIGURE at the top of your mumble screen, then choose SETTINGS
2. On the menu to the left, choose AUDIO IN
3. Pull down the drop down menu on the right and choose your installed audio device. If you use an audio
device through an USB port, then your option will be "C-Type USB Audio Device" for example. You'll also
see options for your other audio devices. Choose the one you are currently using.
4. On the menu to the left, click on AUDIO OUT and repeat step #3
5. Mumble allows you to use Push-to-Talk or Voice Activation mode to speak
6. If you prefer Push to Talk (PTT), click on SHORTCUTS on the left side menu and then you'll see your push
to talk bar. Click on the middle of that bar to set your PTT button. It will default as the CTRL key
7. If you prefer Voice Activation, just click on CONFIGURE at the top and then choose AUDIO WIZARD. Follow
the prompts and it will walk you through setting your thresholds.

Welcome to Mumble!

Mumble?! Seriously ... Why don't you join the 21st century and use Discord like everyone else?

Okay, fair enough question. The answer is that we do use Discord, to limited degrees, and for game specific purposes. We allow the creation and use of Discord for specific games and for the chat/notifications functionality, but we do not permit the use of Discord for VOIP. Mumble remains our primary and exclusive VOIP.

Don't get us wrong, we are not Discord haters. In fact, we are fans. We want nothing more than for Discord to evolve and develop into a more useful tool. We keep a close eye on it's continued development, as it has some incredible features and functions.

However, it lacks deal-killer functions that are required by large, multi-platform gaming communities, especially those communities like Tenacious that play a lot of different games and have multiple large chapters running simultaneously.

Without sub-channels, channel linking and command channel functions, Discord does not currently fill the needs of a larger culture. It was originally designed for small groups of players to stay connected. However, we are to understand that the Discord development team is working on programming to fix the issues mentioned above.

Should they develop a more useful version of their technology, then Tenacious would certainly entertain the notion of change. Until then, Mumble remains the lowest latency VOIP program on the market ... not to mention it's open source, self normalizing and has no audio feedback.

We'll always keep an eye on progress. Stay tuned!

I'm having some issues with the website, how can I contact?

@Paradigm is our website administrator. You can PM him on the site and he'll assist you. Just place his name in the search box and then click on his profile in the results page to start a new conversation (private message)

I'm having some issues with another member, what do I do?

Just find an officer and they will be more than happy to discuss and help you resolve your issues. Our officers are active managers of our community and being properly managed is how we've survived for so many years.

Go to the forums section of our website and near the top you'll see the OFFICERS LIST category. All of the officers are listed there. You can also find officers in Mumble by locating the (Epic) (Legendary) or (Mythic) tags by their names.

If you fail to contact an officer, simply PM @Averie here on the site and she'll help you.

How can I find an officer?

Well, depends on where you are. If you are the website, just to go the forums and near the top, you'll see the category for OFFICERS LIST. You can PM any one of those active officers.

If you are in Mumble, just look for those names with the
(Epic) (Legendary) or (Mythic) tags after their names.

You may also PM @Averie on this site if you are having troubles locating someone to help you.

What is Gamer Night?

Great question! Only the greatest night in the history of gaming! Well, maybe that's a little bias, but it's a fun night nonetheless.

Gamer Night is a bi-annual community-wide Tenacious gaming event that we hold twice a year ... in the summer time and during the winter holiday season. Gamer Night is a time where we invite all of our members, no matter how active in gaming they have been, to join us in Mumble for a night of gaming ... one night to leave the world behind and get back to doing what brought us here in the first place - GAMING!

It doesn't matter what games you are playing or what you want to play ... Gamer Night is a celebration of gaming, so play whatever you'd like. During Gamer Night, we'll have a community meeting to keep everyone updated on Tenacious and the world of gaming, we'll update everyone on upcoming game releases and games under development, we'll raffle off cool prizes and we'll have some fun events like Karaoke, Team Fortress II PvP matches, and many other activities.

Gamer Night is a night for gamers to be gamers, for friends to reconnect and for the stresses of the real world to fade into the background ... if only for a few hours.
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