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Reading Together: The Tenacious Book Club


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Aug 5, 2016
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Hello everyone.

We all read- it's not exactly a complicated thing to do, we do it every day. Not all of us enjoy reading though, and I'm sure more than a handful of us trudge through our letters like an unwanted chore. I'd like to think that this doesn't apply to many of us. I know for a fact many people in Tenacious love books. We're gamers; many among us love a good story. This doesn't change the fact that it can get difficult. There are many times I've found myself grasping for something new to read, or shying away from novels that could be very informative- but just weren't my cup of tea. Then, for better or for worse, I joined Tenacious (still sorry about that) and became acquainted with other, just as enthusiastic, readers. I learned that reading together can be invorating. It adds to the story, it gives you a place to vent, and you have someone there suggesting (sometimes demanding) you try something new. I want to help bring that experience to more people, perhaps for somewhat selfish reasons- I'd like to be able to read with more of you. If we pick up a few stragglers along the way, then all the better.


My primary objective with this book club is to set a goal that will not interfere with everyone's existing reading habits, preferably with a selection of monthly readings that are applicable to a variety of interests and reading levels.

At the moment, the plan is to offer three reading options a month: A work of fiction, a work of non-fiction, and a choice selected by lot from a member of the club.

The first two reading options will be selected from a list of suggested reads from all members; if no suggestions are available- I will select something from amazons most-read chart here: https://www.amazon.com/charts .

The third will be a choice selected by a single member, decided at random, every month.

As this is a book club, controversial reading choices may be unavoidable. I feel that this is just a part and parcel of the reading experience; you don't always read things that agree with you. That said, outright political works are forbidden from entering this list. You are free to read them- I would even encourage it, but this is not the place for political literature. I'd like to think that we came here to learn, and to enjoy a good story- without ulterior motives.

Having written this, bear in mind that these are options. You do not have to read all of them. I would recommend you do, but the expectation is that you commit yourself to a minimum of one.

Bi-weekly meetings will take place in discord to discuss what we have read. This will on the second and last Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm EST (Subject to Change).

Additionally, space will be made in a separate thread to collect reviews of books that we have read- such that we may express our thoughts, and also create a friendlier environment for individuals who join the club at a later point in time.

Any reading suggestions can be forwarded to me through private message in discord, on the forums, or posted in this thread.

Discussion Format

Each discussion will be held for half an hour. Further discussion is encouraged- but not necessary. Our scheduled discussions should be approached as a way to keep us up-to-date, and enthusiastic about our reading. They are a way for us to touch-base, and stay focused on our reading goals.

Further discussion will be made available through end of the month reviews. At the end of the month, I strongly encourage all of you to put your thoughts to words in the form of a brief review of what you've read. Another thread will be set aside for this purpose. I sincerly hope that these reviews will serve as milestones for your time in club, as well as ways to fuel discussions, and welcome newer members into the fold.

Current Readings for December 2020:

Fiction: House of Suns
Non-Fiction: Humans
Tenacious Choice- Kintsurugi:
The Alchemist

Current Members:

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