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Our next goal!


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Jul 11, 2010
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We have done some awesome things over the first week we have been a family. We sent a rocking donation to Genesis and even got Raine's house up thanks to more generous donations from everyone in the family.

Now, it's time to build the family house! I think we have decided to build the family house in Solzreed. Does anyone have any objections to this location? This will be a prime location for trade pack runs. The family can all scribe to the location and we can use it for general use and debauchery. @Rainedance, can you throw up some numbers of our current needs to acquire the house? How many more of each pack do we need? If all family members can contribute to the cause, we would greatly appreciate it.

After the family house is up, I was thinking about our future. Our goal is to become a self sufficient family and not have to beg Genesis for anything. They don't wanna thank us for our donations? That's fine, let's build up our own stock pile of goods and take care of ourselves! This means we will likely need to sponsor multiple crafters for multiple tasks. I would like everyone to take some time to consider this and decide the type of things you would like to contribute to the family long term. Take some time to think and I will create a thread later on for that discussion. For now, we focus on the family house. Let's do this!


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Jul 12, 2010
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Here is a copy and paste of another post I had made...regarding what is needed for Genesis:

Now as far as what is needed, husbandry could use gold, they have to purchase the animals to butcher, such as turkeys, cows and such. They could also use grains to feed some of their animals. They are also the ones that can make the pens and coops, which take 10 bamboo and 5 chicks per coop. Leather crafters can use pelts, so those in husbandry can pass the pelts they get from the animals that are purchased from donations to our leather crafters. Alchemy, Lavender, roses and such are helpful. Cooks grains and barley are in big demand. Our armor, mining, masonry, tailoring, carpentry could really put the LP pots to use. Farmers and Gatherers, gold and or seeds for planting. As the sponsored Farmer and Gatherer, with donations (which I have received VERY little of from the Guild) I plant things that our alchemist and cooks can use, as well as cotton for our tailors. It is becoming more vital as we are moving forward to have minimum 15k in both farming and gathering in order to make bundles, these in turn will get some items off of them that are needed for other crafters as well was the worms for our family's fishermen. So this is an updated list of items needed. Ping me if you need more info.

As far as how often we send these donations out, I do believe that every couple of weeks is a good plan. Every week, well then I think that others would say, Well they are doing it, so we don't need to provided Genesis with donations too" Which as we all know is very much not the case! Okay..coming off my soapbox now! Pumpkin Hugs!
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