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New World Expeditions / Dungeons


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May 26, 2018
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Very Limited Information out there on New World Dungeons / Expeditions (to date). Will Update this as I'm Able


LVL 25 – Amrine Excavation - N of Windsward
- Follow Main Story Quest, after t1 staff, 1 Free Orb
- William Heron in Everfall questline gives 1 Free Orb

LVL 35 – Shattered Obelisk - E of Everfall
- William Heron
, guy in Everfall tavern that gives you the quests for the Amrine Expedition, He'll give you the required Side Quests to access the Starstone Barrows, too, as well as a Tuning Orb that lets you access the Expedition. You need to be level 33 at least.
- Barkimedes! The dog outside the Amrine Expedition also gives you a quest to collect bones in the Starstone Barrows. Just make sure to pick up the bones from the various mini-bosses in the dungeon.
- Reaper's Locus, a quest from Herbalist Lau in Brightwood. A level 33 quest you get after "Lost and Returned." You will need to collect the Reaper's Locus from the dungeon. You actually get a free Starstone Tuning Orb when you start this quest.

LVL 45 – The Depths - N of Restless Shore
- Follow Main Story Quest, after getting t3 staff, 1 Free Orb.
- ** Before you enter the Depths**
Make sure to talk to the baby alligator outside named Nekumanesh. He will give you a quest to collect meat to help him grow. Also make sure three people in your group have an Azoth Staff.

LVL 55 – Dynasty Shipyard - SW of Ebonscale

LVL 60 – Lazarus Instrumentality - N of Reekwater

LVL 60 – Garden of Genesis - N of Valor Hold

Tuning Orbs can be crafted at the Stonecutting Table or obtained from certain quests. The Correct Orb is needed by one party member in order for a party to enter an Expedition


Deadman’s Cove is an outdoor open dungeon with Elites that is located in the southwest of Monarch’s Bluff. Level 25-35 Appropriate.
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